Lotus Dialogue

The Lotus is the leader of the Tenno faction and mission handler for the Tenno themselves. She guides them on their quest to bring balance to the Origin System. As the Tenno progress on their journey, they will learn more about the Lotus' mysterious beginnings.

In the Orbiter

While the Tenno is idling in their Orbiter, the Lotus will occasionally contact them to draw their attention to time-sensitive missions. With the removal of Alerts from the game, the associated dialogue lines no longer trigger except in rare circumstances (Gift of the Lotus Alerts, etc).

(Quest) "Tenno, your Codex has been updated with a new quest."

(Quest) "You have new quests in your Codex."

(Quest) "A new quest is available in your Codex."

(Alert) "New Alert marked on Navigation, Tenno."

(Alert) "Tenno, a new Alert has begun. It will be marked on Navigation."

(Alert) "Tenno, there is a time-limited mission alert available. Check Navigation."

(Invasion) "The System continues to fall into chaos. Check Navigation for active invasions."

(Invasion) "Tenno, the balance of power continues to shift. Navigation is marked with new invasions."

(Invasion) "Navigation has been updated with new invasions. Chaos is spreading."

Mission dialogue

The Lotus operates as the Tenno's mission handler for most missions they will complete. She gives instructions and designates targets. The following is a list of the mission types that the Lotus supervises.

Generic mission dialogueExcavationPursuit
Location-specific dialogueExterminateRescue
Archon HuntsHijackRush
AssassinationInfested SalvageSabotage
CaptureKuva SiphonsVoid Fissures
DefectionMastery Rank tests
DefenceMobile Defence

There are a small number of mission types that the Lotus does not oversee: Bounties from Fortuna and the Necralisk, Disruption missions, Gas City Sabotage missions, Empyrean missions, and Zariman missions. Notably, these mission types all were released after the Apostasy Prologue.

Daily Tribute milestones

The Lotus rewards the Tenno with milestone rewards every 50 days of login.

"Make your choice, Tenno."

"You have fought and hard, Tenno. I want you to have this."

"Take this, as recognition for all you have done."

The Lotus guides and watches over all Tenno. She first awakens the Tenno during Vor's Prize and helps them overcome Vor and take their rightful place as a guardian of the System. She continues to help the Tenno on their journey, playing a large role in all story quests, as well as the side quests Howl of the Kubrow, The Archwing, Saya's Vigil, Hidden Messages, Patient Zero, and The Glast Gambit. She is also the mission handler for most Operations, most Tactical Alerts, and the vast majority of the standard missions the Tenno will run. In this capacity, she identifies targets, gives instructions on how they should be handled, and provides status updates that are pushed directly to the Tenno in the field.

The Lotus sits at the nexus of an immense intelligence-gathering apparatus, consisting of the Tenno as well as Tenno-aligned civilians and other assets such as Cephalon Cordylon. The Lotus is capable of synthesising data on a massive scale, allowing her to assign objectives and missions with unparalleled precision. The information obtained by one Tenno operative can be used by another to strike a blow where it will be felt the hardest. This coordination is vital to the efforts of the Tenno in preventing the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested – factions that outnumber the Tenno by many orders of magnitude – from dominating the System entirely.

As the Tenno progress through their journey, many revelations about the Lotus come to light, especially from the Natah quest onward. During the Apostasy Prologue, the Lotus is kidnapped by Ballas, a rogue Orokin. In her absence, several entities try to fill the gap, most notably Ordis. The Tenno begin to take a more direct role in choosing their actions, coordinating with the leaders of other factions to maintain the balance in an Origin System without the Lotus. At the same time, they dedicate their efforts to finding and recovering her. Over the course of many quests and events, her realignment with the Sentient faction and the nature of her relationship with Ballas are revealed. After the climactic events of the New War, the Lotus once again returns to guide the Tenno, after making a final decision on who she really is: Natah, Lotus, or Margulis.

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