Lotus Dialogue: Infested Salvage

Infested Corpus console room. Captura by GrayArchon.

The Corpus ships studying the Infestation near Eris have instead been consumed by it, but their resources are still there for the taking. During the Infested Salvage mission type, the Lotus instructs the Tenno to help her decrypt the ship's cargo manifests so that she may locate and extract goods for the Tenno cause, while fighting off the Infested and the hostile environment itself. On the standard Starchart, this mission type appears only at Oestrus, Eris.

Infested Salvage requires the Tenno to enter an Infested Corpus ship and find the central console room. This room has a large holographic display, as well as three consoles located around the periphery of the room. The consoles are overgrown with Infestation and thus unusable, but each has a Vaporiser air purification unit nearby that can be used to purify the consoles. The Tenno will be assaulted by a horde of Infested enemies, who will drop serum when killed. Serum can be used to fuel the Vaporisers and project a bubble of purification that undoes the effects of the Infestation. Each Vaporiser can accept up to 3 units of serum at a time, with the size of the bubble increasing based on the amount of serum; if the Vaporiser has more than 1 unit of serum, the bubble will encompass the nearby console and clear it from Infestation. Each unit of serum lasts for 20 seconds, at which point the Vaporiser bubble will shrink or, if no more serum remains, disappear, so the Tenno must continually collect serum and bring it to the Vaporisers.

The Lotus will decrypt the ship's manifests, with a meter on the HUD showing progress from 0% to 100%. At least one of the three consoles must be active in order for decryption to progress, with the speed of decryption increasing with the number of active consoles. Once decryption reaches 100%, the Tenno are tasked with killing any remaining Infested, and the rotation reward is granted. However, Infested Salvage is an endless game mode, so the Tenno are given a prompt to extract or remain for subsequent rounds.

The entire central console room contains corrosive elements in the air that continually degrade the armour integrity of the Tenno's warframe, and deplete the health of the consoles. Degradation is halted inside an active Vaporiser bubble, and consoles will even heal inside a bubble. Warframe armour integrity can be restored to 100% by interacting with the med-station at the base of the hologram projector or by using the Antiserum Injector gear item, although this consumes a unit of serum.

Mission start

"The crew of this ship fell victim to the very Infestation they were researching. We're here to recover their extensive supplies. Find the consoles that contain the shipping manifests."

"This desolate Corpus research vessel conceals a rich cache of supplies. To locate them, I will reconstruct the ship's corrupted shipping manifests."

Approaching central console

"These consoles have been compromised by a fast-growing Infested pox. Use the Vaporisers to kill the pox and I will access the consoles."

"There's pox everywhere on these consoles and it's corrupted the manifests. Do you see any Vaporiser units nearby? Use those to temporarily kill off the pox."

Corrosion warning

"Something in the air is corroding your warframe. Limit your exposure!"

When an Infested enemy drops serum

"Tenno, these Infested hold the serum we need."

"The Infested, they're dropping the serum we need for the Vaporisers."

"Those Infested must have taken that serum from the researchers on this ship."

Upon collecting serum

"You picked up serum, now put it in a Vaporiser."

"Put that serum in a Vaporiser."

During first round

(25% progress) "Keep fighting. I'm still working on this manifest."

(50% progress) "I've reconstructed half the manifest."

(75% progress) "I have almost finished reconstructing the manifest."

When decryption is complete

"I'm finished. You must clear the area of Infested before we can continue."

"I have the manifest. Wipe out the remaining Infested."

Rotation reward granted

"This is what was in the manifest. There's more where that came from, do you want to keep fighting?"

"Success. Do you want to attempt to reconstruct another manifest?"

Starting new round

"Let's reconstruct the next manifest."

"Get ready. We're going to reconstruct another manifest."

"Here we go again. Get those Vaporisers working."

When armour integrity drops to 25%

"Your armour is degrading. Put serum in that med-station to cleanse yourself."

"Filling that med-station with serum will halt your health and armour from degrading."

When console health is low

"Without help from the Vaporisers, the pox will continue to erode these consoles."

"I will not be able to access these systems if the consoles degrade much further."

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