Raptors Dialogue

The Raptors are a set of upgraded Osprey proxies encountered at Naamah on Europa, on the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.

Target background

Lotus: "I thought we had seen the last of this dreaded Raptor project, but now the Corpus have escalated their interest and investments. We need to shut them down for good."

Lotus: "The new Raptor production facility appears to be entirely underground. A crashed freighter under the surface has been masking its location. I fear they have developed even more deadly Raptor prototypes here."

Lotus: "This may be difficult – the production facility is entirely automated. There is no way in without your warframe being torn up in the assembly line. You'll have to figure out how to destroy it from the planet surface."

Lotus: "We cannot risk the Corpus developing more advanced robotics. If the Corpus are building newer Raptors, it's imperative we destroy the prototypes and their means of production."

Lotus: "The Corpus are using a gravity conveyor system to move product up to the surface. These will be heavily shielded."


The boss arena has three large chutes that come up from the ground and open upwards. These are the gravity conveyors. The openings of the chutes are covered by a blue shield which prevents anything from passing through it except the Raptors themselves. When the Tenno arrives, the first gravity conveyor will deploy a Raptor NS, which will immediately begin attacking the Tenno. There will also be Corpus troops in and around the arena as well. If the Raptor NS is killed, it will drop a power cell, which will detonate 10 seconds after being dropped. After the power cell detonates, another Raptor NS will emerge from the grav conveyor. Raptors will spawn indefinitely this way, though only one at a time.

Lotus: "You need to drop some kind of explosive charge down the gravity conveyor."

If the power cell from a destroyed Raptor NS is picked up and dropped into a gravity conveyor before it detonates, it will destroy the conveyor upon detonation, preventing any more Raptor NS models from being deployed.

(after destroying the first conveyor, variant) Lotus: "Well done, Tenno! But you have to completely cripple this facility to halt Raptor production. Keep at it."

(after destroying the first conveyor, variant) Lotus: "We're almost done. Stay alive and finish the mission. Take out the rest of the conveyors."

After the first conveyor is destroyed, the next conveyor will deploy a Raptor MT. This must be dealt with in the same way. If the Tenno is nearby or in possession of a power cell when it explodes, it will damage the warframe.

(after destroying the second conveyor, variant) Lotus: "I'm seeing massive internal damage to their facility. Keep it up!"

(after destroying the second conveyor, variant) Lotus: "A devastating hit! Now finish the job!"

The last conveyor will deploy a Raptor RV.

(after destroying the last conveyor, variant) Lotus: "I'm picking up huge subterranean implosions belowground. Well done, Tenno. Exfiltrate immediately."

(after destroying the last conveyor, variant) Lotus: "The factory is in ruins. You've dealt a critical blow to the Corpus war machine today. Your Landing Craft is in position."

(after destroying the last conveyor, variant) Lotus: "The entire factory has gone critical! Great work, Tenno. The Corpus financiers will regret their investments today. Now get out of there."

Battle taunts

During the fight, the Raptors will vocalise in the Corpus language, with subtitles conveying the meaning. The Raptor NS model is the one that delivers the transmissions.

"Analysing Threat Weaknesses: Numerous"

"Analysing Threat Vitality: Target death imminent."

"Analysing Threat Tactics: Unsurprising."

"Analysing Threat Weaponry: Unimpressive."

"Synthesising Attack Patterns: Tactics generated."

"Cycling power. Offensive systems engaged."

"Analysing previous encounters: [warframe] weaknesses identified."

"Analysing Threat Intelligence: Underdeveloped."

There are two additional Raptor variants encountered elsewhere in the Origin System. The Raptor RX is a broker in the Index and has the ability to deploy mines. The Terra Raptor SX (and its Elite version) can be seen on the Orb Vallis, usually appearing at very high alert levels. In addition to its advanced weaponry, the Terra Raptor SX will also deploy a Rabbleback Hyena.

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