Terra Corpus

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Nef Anyo's terraforming operations on Venus are overseen by his elite Terra forces. Most of the Terra Corpus are simply versions of the Corpus units found all over the Origin System, but there are a few unique units not found elsewhere, and these have new text in their Codex entries.

Terra Crewman

A seasoned combatant specialising in sub-zero warfare. (Takes reduced damage from Cold, Blast, Magnetic, and Viral damage)

Terra Overtaker

Quick-moving heavy unit, armed with an energy bolt weapon.

Terra Trencher

Dual ice picks and a flying charge attack make a deadly, capable foe.

Terra Provisor

Hybrid air-ground unit, armed with a Tetra rifle and a devastating visor-mounted beam weapon.

Terra Jailer

Guards Solaris who have been detained for repossession.

Terra Manker

Heavy, energy shotgun wielding combat unit.

Terra Embattor Moa

Lays bounce mines and launches artillery barrages.

Terra Raptor SX

Deploys a Rabbleback Hyena and then pummels targets from range with energy shells.

Icemire Hyena

Usually found in the Orb Vallis, this Hyena model lobs ice grenades and fires electric bolts.

Cinderthresh Hyena

This ruthless Hyena variant pounds foes with its mortar attack and then finishes them off with flaming rounds.

Gyre Hyena

Scatters tether mines with its spin attack, or lays down automatic fire with its cannon.

Rabbleback Hyena

This Hyena has been heavily modified to fire its spines as guided projectiles.

Corpus Sniper Target

A Taxman VIP marked for assassination, armed with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Corpus Cestra Target

This high-profile unit is armed with Dual Cestras.

Corpus Supra Target

A modified Supra makes this high-value target highly dangerous.

Corpus Trencher Target

With brutal melee attacks, this target does not back down.

Armaments Director

Enrichment Labs director of weapons research. Responsible for advanced weapons prototypes and refinement.

Vivisect Director

Enrichment Labs director of animal dissection and experimentation. Works closely with the Feed and Research Division.

Sentient Research Director

Director of Sentient studies at Enrichment Labs. The man Nef Anyo has entrusted to reverse-engineer recovered Sentient technology.

Scyto Raknoid

This mid-sized Raknoid is highly mobile and attacks by latching onto prey with a grappling hook or spitting deadly fluid from its sac.

Kyta Raknoid

A large Raknoid, with multiple attack vectors that is most frequently deployed during high alert levels.

Coolant Raknoid

Often found near the Exploiter Orb, these Raknoids carry deep-ice coolant that they use to protect themselves while harvesting Thermia fractures.

Exploiter Orb

Exploiter harvests energy from the landscape and uses storms of ice and snow to safeguard the Temple of Profit from trespassers.

Profit-Taker Orb

Monster of the Vallis and protector of Enrichment Labs, this massive Orb appears to be invulnerable.

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