Lotus Dialogue: Interception

A screenshot of the Interception mission type splash screen, showing an Oberon, Trinity, Hydroid, and Nyx defending a Grineer radio tower from unseen enemies. Screenshot by GrayArchon.
Interception splash screen

Use enemy relay stations to intercept and decode important enemy transmissions.

Interception missions have 4 relay points. Standing beside these relay stations will begin to capture the point. The enemy will spawn endlessly and attempt to take and hold their own points.

When you capture a point, it will start decoding a message. The more points you hold, the faster the decoding will occur. When you fully decode a message, you will have the option of leaving or staying to decode another. The more messages you decode, the tougher the enemies will become.

Interception missions see the Tenno capture communication relays in order to decode incoming messages. The Tenno must hold the towers and prevent the enemy from recapturing them, staying as long as necessary to decode the message.

In Interception missions, the Tenno will find four floating communication towers in a single, large tile. The towers initially begin under enemy control, and are captured by standing near them for a period of time. If any enemy enters the capture radius, the capture process will halt and not proceed until the radius is clear of enemies. Each tower has two control consoles; if an enemy reaches the console and hacks it long enough, the tower will instantly revert to 100% enemy control, even if the Tenno is within the control radius. The tower must then be recaptured completely, starting by clearing the control radius of enemies.

Both the Tenno and the enemy will begin decoding the message at a rate proportional to the number of towers controlled; once a message is decoded, the round ends. If the Tenno decode the message, they have a choice of extracting or remaining for another round. If the enemy decode the message, the mission ends in failure. To ensure success, the Tenno must hold a plurality of the towers for most of the time.

Once the Tenno successfully end a round, they must kill all active enemies before either proceeding to the next round, or extracting. Interception is an endless game mode, and the Tenno may stay as many rounds as they want, with enemy level increasing over time.

Mission start

"We have located the enemy's planetary communication towers. Capture the towers and remain in control long enough to decode incoming messages."

"Nearby communications towers are broadcasting crucial enemy intelligence. Capture the towers and decode any incoming messages."

"These radio towers carry top secret interplanetary communications. You are going to capture the towers and decode incoming messages."

Capturing a tower

"Tower captured. Beginning stream decode now."

"This tower is ours now."

"You have captured a radio tower."

"Tower online."

Capturing all towers

"We have control of all four towers."

"We are in total control. Keep fighting."

"We are dominating; keep it up."

Losing a tower

"The enemy have taken a tower; you must recapture it."

"We have lost control of a tower."

"The enemy have captured a tower."

"Tower lost."

Losing all towers

"The enemy has all four towers. You must stop them."

"The enemy is dominating. You must capture a tower, and quickly."

Successfully decoding a message

"We have decoded the message. The remaining enemies must not report back to their command. Eliminate everyone."

"We cannot allow the enemy to learn of our espionage. Eliminate the remaining enemy personnel."

"Message decoded. Leave none alive. Clear out the remaining enemy forces."

"We have successfully decoded the message. Clear the area."

Waiting for the next round

"Extraction is available, but there are more messages to be decoded. Will you stay or go?"

"The enemy have deployed fierce reinforcements. Are you willing to stay and decode more messages?"

"Still more data is being broadcasted. Are you willing to risk going back into the field?"

Starting another round

"I have detected another incoming message. Capture and decode the signal."

"Try and capture another signal. Be careful, though; the enemy has surely rallied stronger reinforcements."

"They are broadcasting another message. Make sure the enemy never receives it."

Mission success

"Good work today. Not only have we decoded the enemy transmissions, we have also disrupted their communications."

"The data you have collected here today will go a long way in supporting our cause."

Mission failure

"The enemy have decoded the message. You have failed in your mission."

"The enemy have captured the message. We have failed today."

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