Lotus Dialogue: Kuva Siphons

A Kuva Siphon. Screenshot by GrayArchon.

Kuva siphons are Grineer devices that are deployed to standard locations across the System to harvest kuva essence. When the Tenno approaches them, they will activate, detecting and gathering kuva clouds while Kuva troops arrive to protect it.

The siphon itself cannot be damaged by any means. The Tenno must sabotage the machine by destroying a kuva cloud that is being actively siphoned by one of the machine's four kuva braids. Doing so will destroy the braid, and thus the Tenno must destroy four kuva clouds to cripple the machine. If, however, the siphon manages to gather eight kuva clouds, it will teleport away. The kuva clouds can only be destroyed by a Tenno Operator: either by Void Dashing through the cloud or shooting it with an Amp. Successfully engaging with a kuva siphon will reward the Tenno with kuva. Note that kuva siphons are secondary objectives of other missions, and the primary objectives must be completed in order to receive the siphon's kuva.

While in the vicinity of a kuva siphon, the Tenno will hear transmissions from both the Lotus and the Worm Queen.

When the Tenno approaches the kuva siphon

Lotus: "What is that thing?"

Lotus: "Those are the Queens' braids. What are they up to?"

Worm Queen: "Look at this. A Dreamer's sleep-stumbling onto my kuva siphon?"

Worm Queen: "Listen. The machines are coming to life. There's kuva in the air!"

Worm Queen: "Guardians, distract the child."

Worm Queen: "Relax, child, you won't feel a thing. [giggles] Promise."

If the Tenno attacks the kuva siphon or kuva cloud directly

Lotus: "Your weapons aren't working. Try something else."

Lotus: "You need a new approach. You're not making a dent."

Worm Queen: "Boom, boom, BOOM! Look at those fireworks. But it's all for show. My kuva siphon is warframe-proof."

Worm Queen: "You're snoring, Dreamer. My machines are tougher than that." [laughs]

Worm Queen: "Distract the puppet. Make it dance and flail."

If the siphon collects a cloud of kuva

Lotus: "That machine, it's using your energy to…. This is bad. Destroy it."

Lotus: "No time to ask questions. Destroy that thing."

If the siphon collects another cloud of kuva

Worm Queen: "Listen to the chamber simmer. The longer that Dreamer thrashes about, the more kuva essence we collect."

Worm Queen: "What lovely energy. Every particle counts when we're making kuva."

Worm Queen: "Double, double, toil and trouble, the puppets dance while the chamber bubbles." [cackles]

If the siphon collects a seventh cloud of kuva

Worm Queen: "More, I want more!"

Worm Queen: "Can you hear me, sister? It won't be long now."

Worm Queen: "The chamber is almost full. How exciting."

Worm Queen: [cackles] "Yes!"

When the Operator activates Transference

Lotus: "The resonance frequency has changed. You're onto something, Tenno."

Worm Queen: "Wait, what is it doing?"

Worm Queen: "Ick! I don't like it when the meatbag squirms out of its shell like that. Put it back."

Worm Queen: "What an ugly child."

Worm Queen: "Ugh. Look at that scrawny creature. Where's the meat?"

Worm Queen: "Disgusting flesh-thing. Thoroughly unappetising."

When a braid is destroyed

Lotus: "Hurry. Use your Operator form to strike those kuva clouds."

Lotus: "That worked. Your Operator form is key. Target the other kuva clouds."

Worm Queen: [gasp] "Don't let them do that!"

Worm Queen: "No. Protect the siphon."

Worm Queen: "What a waste."

Worm Queen: "My kuva! Do not let them do that again."

Worm Queen: "The child's hurting my kuva siphon! Queen's Immortal Guard… pfft… you're just a waste of food."

Worm Queen: "My little rumple-dimples, why must you let them hurt my siphon? Do you want me to get mean?"

Worm Queen: "I said stop them!"

Worm Queen: "Another failure! If you don't want to serve your Queen, you can always be served to her, on a platter!"

Worm Queen: "No! Listen, if you let the kuva siphon get damaged again, I'll grind the lot of you into miniature dumplings."

Worm Queen: "What was I thinking?!? I never should have put my food in charge of something this important."

Worm Queen: "I give you maggots the honour of eating from my scrap trough and this is how you repay me? Unacceptable!"

Worm Queen: "What are you overfed swine doing? Protect the siphon!"

Worm Queen: "You're not guards. You're compost heaps with legs. Useless."

Worm Queen: "Arrg!"

Worm Queen: "No!"

When the kuva siphon is destroyed

Worm Queen: "You useless balls of festering flesh. You let them destroy my kuva siphon."

Worm Queen: "My siphon! My kuva! You're messing up all my plans. I don't like it. Not one bit."

Worm Queen: "My siphon! I can't believe how useless you all are. Report for execution at once!"

Lotus: "You've destroyed the Queens' kuva siphon. We can't allow any of these to survive."

Lotus: "Good work, Tenno. We need to do everything we can to stop the Queens from gathering any more kuva."

If the Tenno fails to destroy the kuva siphon

Worm Queen: "And with that, I say goodbye."

Worm Queen: "Groompas, you've served me well. I shall enjoy a feast in your honour."

Worm Queen: "And done. Another batch of kuva particles for my Sister. Every bit counts, you know."

Worm Queen: "Sweet kuva. Sister, it won't be long before I see your beautifully grotesque face again."

Worm Queen: "Siphoning complete. Guards, show the Tenno how much we appreciate their help." [laughs]

Lotus: "You let them fill the siphon! Tenno, we cannot allow the Queens to get enough kuva to regain their power."

Lotus: "Tenno, that can't happen again. The next time you see one of those things, destroy it."

Lotus: "The siphon is full. I cannot understate how much of a setback this is."

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