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Kuva Lich introduction cinematic

The Worm Queen is the smaller and younger of the Twin Queens. Although the Queens are frequently mentioned by the Grineer, they were not encountered until The War Within. After the events of that quest, the Worm Queen is the only remaining leader of the Grineer. She frequently communicates with her subjects in the Kuva Fortress via facility-wide video broadcasts, and she can also be heard when the Tenno is engaging a kuva siphon.

Kuva Fortress broadcasts

“My dopey little Doompa Groompas! I love watching you work! Remember, maggots – kuva is the fuel of Continuity. So we have to keep working! You don’t want to see me unhappy, do you? [laugh]

“Attention: There are only three valid reasons to cease working on the kuva supply. One: A Dreamer has arrived with a hideous metal puppet. You may pause your work to kill it. Two: You have died from exhaustion. Please remain dead until your body has been collected by Food Services. Three: Uh… Three… hmm… I guess that only makes two reasons! [laugh]

“We need more of the red stuff. If I could bleed it out of you, I would! Get to work, meat sacks, before I purge this entire work detail into space!”

“Hmmm! Let’s see these new kuva production charts! [giggle] (unhappily) Oh. I see [clears throat]. On a completely unrelated note: all shift supervisors are to report immediately to Food Services. Time to see how your rations are made, from the inside!”

“The abysmal kuva production was puzzling me until I realised: maybe it’s a lack of positive reinforcement? No problem, maggots! We’ve reversed the battery packs in our reinforcement prods, effective immediately! [snicker]

“‘I am doing a great job! I am a valued member of this functional and productive kuva team.’ Does this describe you? If so, I’d love to have some [giggle] ‘face-time’ with you! I’d love to have some [giggle] ‘face-time’ with you. Just pull out the synergy pin of your service collar and count to four!”

“Pardon the interruption, but unfortunately we are declaring several [giggle] redundancies today, across all departments. Say goodbye to scheduled breaks, compensation, and regular meals. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours [laugh].”

“You lazy leeches! If I don’t see drastic improvements in your work output, I’ll be forced to do some restructuring! [giggle] How’d you like… a spine for eyes?”

[clears throat] Let’s see, a few announcements. All dogs found taking more than their allotted breaks will be integrated into this evening’s protein slurry! Ha!”

“Okay, you bottom-feeding gravel eels, listen up! I’m introducing a new incentive program. Those Grineer turning in warframe carcasses will be generously compensated. Those failing to do so will be [giggle] generously… disemboweled. Got it?”

“It’s the simple things in life I’ve come to cherish. A high-protein meal. A shimmering vial of kuva. A warframe bursting like a pustule as it’s shot into space. Oh, yum! Who’s hungry? [giggle]

“Curious Worker K97 writes, ‘Your Majesty, what are some delicious ways to make protein slurry?’ Oh, well, I’m so glad you took time out of your work detail to ask this! You’ve inspired a whole new line of meat pies! Mmm, mmm, gamey!”

“Pardon the interruption. Due to difficult work conditions we’ve added a suggestion box to the distillery. To receive a suggestion on how to serve me better, simply open the box and stare directly into the plasma emitter. Workplace enlightenment will be yours! [laughs] That is all, maggots!”

“Recently, poor working conditions have been brought to my attention! I completely agree with you mangy filth-bags. Your work is very poor. Step it up or you’ll be stepping into space!”

“Continuity is fuelled by the kuva. It’s so very crucial— oh, why do I bother? Whippings will be increased until further notice!”

“Get to work, you rotten beasts! You flea-flocking meat sacks! This kuva is garbage! We need more or you’re all going to the meat grinders for tomorrow’s meal. [laughs]

“My sister is sick, you gray maggots! From now on, work details are doubled! Half rations until kuva distillation is meeting production targets!”

“I like to cook. Are you surprised? I’m working on a few new recipes, appetisers mainly. Soups and the like. And you uglies are going to be the broth if you don’t make enough kuva for us!”

When the Tenno approaches a kuva siphon

“Look at this. A Dreamer’s sleep-stumbling onto my kuva siphon?”

“Listen. The machines are coming to life. There’s kuva in the air!”

“Guardians, distract the child.”

“Relax, child, you won’t feel a thing. [giggles] Promise.”

If the Tenno attacks the kuva siphon directly

“Boom, boom, BOOM! Look at those fireworks. But it’s all for show. My kuva siphon is warframe-proof.”

“You’re snoring, Dreamer. My machines are tougher than that. [laughs]

“Distract the puppet. Make it dance and flail.”

When the siphon collects a cloud of kuva

“Listen to the chamber simmer. The longer that Dreamer thrashes about, the more kuva essence we collect.”

“What lovely energy. Every particle counts when we’re making kuva.”

“Double, double, toil and trouble, the puppets dance while the chamber bubbles. [cackles]

(if the Siphon is almost full) “More! I want more!”

(if the Siphon is almost full) “Can you hear me, sister? It won’t be long now.”

(if the Siphon is almost full) “The chamber is almost full. How exciting!”

(if the Siphon is almost full)[cackles] Yes!”

When the Operator activates Transference

“Wait, what is it doing?”

“Ick! I don’t like it when the meatbag squirms out of its shell like that. Put it back.”

“What an ugly child.”

“Ugh. Look at that scrawny creature. Where’s the meat?”

“Disgusting flesh-thing. Thoroughly unappetising.”

When a braid is destroyed

[gasp] Don’t let them do that!”

“No. Protect the siphon.”

“What a waste.”

“My kuva! Do not let them do that again.”

“The child’s hurting my siphon! Queen’s Immortal Guard… pfft… you’re just a waste of food.”

“My little rumple-dimples, why must you let them hurt my siphon? Do you want me to get mean?”

“I said stop them!”

“Another failure! If you don’t want to serve your Queen, you can always be served to her, on a platter!”

“No! Listen, if you let the kuva siphon get damaged again, I’ll grind the lot of you into miniature dumplings.”

“What was I thinking?!? I never should have put my food in charge of something this important.”

“I give you maggots the honour of eating from my scrap trough and this is how you repay me? Unacceptable!”

“What are you overfed swine doing? Protect the siphon!”

“You’re not guards. You’re compost heaps with legs. Useless.”



When the kuva siphon is destroyed

“You useless balls of festering flesh. You let them destroy my kuva siphon.”

“My siphon! My kuva! You’re messing up all my plans. I don’t like it. Not one bit.”

“My siphon! I can’t believe how useless you all are. Report for execution at once!”

If the Tenno fails to destroy the kuva siphon

“And with that, I say goodbye.”

“Groompas, you’ve served me well. I shall enjoy a feast in your honour.”

“And done. Another batch of kuva particles for my Sister. Every bit counts, you know.”

“Sweet kuva! Sister, it won’t be long before I see your beautifully grotesque face again.”

“Siphoning complete. Guards, show the Tenno how much we appreciate their help. [laughs]

Kuva Lich cutscene

With the release of The Old Blood, a cutscene was shown to all players upon logging in. This cutscene can be replayed in the Kuva Lich section of the Codex. Although the Worm Queen has no dialogue during this cutscene, she features prominently in it, and the cutscene is listed on this page in order to parallel the Sisters of Parvos cutscene with Parvos Granum.

[In the Kuva throne room, two Kuva Guardians drag a tubeman – an unarmoured Grineer clone – between them. The tubeman is barely conscious, able to raise his head slightly, but his legs and feet drag across the floor as the Kuva Guardians pull him inexorably towards the throne.]

[unnamed Kuva Larvling]: “We maggots live – not long…. We hope. More life. Work. Kill….”

[On the dais, the Worm Queen sits in her throne, with a globule of kuva hovering over her outstretched left hand. Tendrils emanate from the kuva, seeking a target. The Kuva Guardians stop and, together, throw the tubeman onto the base of the throne, where he lies motionless.]

[unnamed Kuva Larvling]: “Maybe Queens notice. Maybe they share… the Old Blood.”

[The kuva in the queen’s hand begins glowing as the tendrils begin to spin in the air, like ribbons attached to a drill bit. Red energy begins flowing from the kuva like mist as the Worm Queen smiles and holds the kuva out in the direction of her prone subject.]

[unnamed Kuva Larvling]: “We are maggots. But… eventually… even maggots… can fly.”

[The Grineer tubeman weakly flops over onto his back and is suffused with the kuva’s red energy. His eyes glow with a crimson light and his face contorts into a vicious look of aggression as he roars.]

[unnamed Kuva Larvling]: “YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!”

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