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Quinn is one of the Holdfasts on the Zariman 10-0 colony ship. During its fateful voyage, he held a high-ranking position in the Zariman command. Now, in his post-death existence, he leads the other Holdfasts as they seek to reclaim their ship from invaders both supernatural and mundane.

Syndicate information

There are four remaining crewmembers of the Zariman who have survived with their souls intact, but as their leader, Quinn represents the Holdfasts faction as a whole. The Holdfasts are described thusly:

Granted a second existence through the mysterious power of the Void, the four Holdfasts struggle to keep their sanity and their vessel intact. The return of the Tenno may turn the tide.

Quinn assigns various bounties for Tenno to complete on the Zariman, rewarding both exclusive items and Voidplume Quills. Quills and other grades of Voidplume can also be gained by completing certain tasks during Zariman missions, or simply found as loot objects in hidden areas. Voidplumes can then be redeemed with Archimedian Yonta for Holdfasts Standing, which can be spent at Holdfasts merchants. The Holdfasts syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Fallen: The Holdfasts are now more than strangers to you… and to themselves.
  • Watcher: With memory comes remorse… but also responsibility.
  • Guardian: Trust has taken root and begun to grow, even in this desolate place.
  • Seraph: You have undone the worse that the Void could do, and humanity is within reach.
  • Angel: You have become the saviour both of the Zariman and of her last remaining crew.

When it comes time for a Tenno to rank up, they must talk to Quinn, who will request a sacrifice of Voidplumes and Zariman resources, and reward them with an item from any Holdfasts vendor, befitting their new status.

The four Holdfasts live in a central concourse area known as the Chrysalith. The Chrysalith has a docking bay for Tenno Landing Craft and elevators to the Dormizones and other parts of the Zariman. The message that greets visitors who arrive in the Chrysalith is as follows:

The Tenno remember the Chrysalith as a concourse where colonists could meet and relax. Now it serves as a much-needed sanctuary from the nightmares of the Zariman.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Quinn says when he is not interacting with anyone.

"The Zariman is holding steady."

"Let's make this place work."

"We need all the hands we can get."

"Shine that light of yours over here for a second."

"Come on. Plenty needs seeing to."

"Everyone pulling together."

"Let all the System see that the Zariman is defended."

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Angels of the Zariman quest) "Glad you decided to stick around. This place, the Chrysalith, was meant to be a sanctuary. Now it's a war room. We're fending off Grineer raiders, Corpus salvage hunters, and of course, the Void Angels. Taking our home back is going to be a long, hard fight. I mean to make use of your exceptional talents wherever I can. Come and see me whenever you're ready for a bounty assignment."

"This ship is now a fortress on the threshold, and we are her defenders."

"The Grineer keep throwing troops at the Zariman. Whatever the Worm's finding here, she wants more of it."

"Parvos Granum wants this ship for himself. We need to show him that she's taken."

"Void Cascades on multiple decks. We've got our work cut out for us."

"The Albrecht Membrane is shot to hell. We're getting Void Flood alerts almost constantly."

"Void Angels still trying to feed on the Reliquary Drive. How do we keep them out?"

"Ready to deploy you wherever you can do the most good."

"While we sit here straddling the Rift, all possibilities are real."

"This place is one bad decision away from heading straight back into hell."

"Please remember that your presence is enough to revive us. We won't ever leave you drained."

"The song tears at us slowly like hooks dragging through flesh. Every time you silence one of them, it gets a little easier."

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Angel) "Long before the Orokin, people believed in other gods. Invisible, often incomprehensible. But worthy of devotion. Because they invested life with meaning beyond a mortal lifespan. You and I walk in godless lands, my friend. We skirt the borders of a terror with no limit to its depth. And yet, I find I need no gods to bring meaning to my existence. You have done that. And if there were any gods to thank, I would thank them for you."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "The struggle goes on, and we'll be the ones to finish it."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "The tide is turning. I can feel it. We will reclaim this place."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I share this eternity with every person I ever sentenced to be glassed. I can only hope theirs is a happier one."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I lost her twice. First to her gallant suitor, then to her father's ghost. By now she is surely dust with the rest of them. At least I can still listen to her voice."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "All my days our Orokin overlords towered over us, and I woke to find their intended saviours had cut them down like overgrown weeds."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "You will be tempted to look for familiar faces among the Angels. I beg you not to give in to it."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "We have both been gifted a second chance. I perceive two Void silhouettes within you. Do you wonder which is the real one?"

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "There are debts other than ours still to be paid. This is a place where great and terrible bargains were struck."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "When the time comes to confront what waits beyond, we will stand with you just as you stood with us."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "We are not altogether damned; we loyal few."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "There's my sturdy crewmate! Still ready to do what needs doing, even after doing so much."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Ah. My favourite neighbour!"

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Come, old friend. Let's get to it."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Look at us. A living dead man talking to a Void-born paradox! Heh. This Universe surely is full of wonders."

(if the Tenno has Gyre equipped) "Every ship needs a figurehead. Executor Ballas presented us with sweet Gyra on the day of our departure. She spoke with her movement. Her dancing was meant to bring joy. But when we entered the Void… [sigh]. Such madness, in one so gentle. The way you move now reminds me of her…."

Accepting a bounty

"Strike hard. No quarter."

"Go and visit Hell upon them."

"Trusting you'll get it done."

"Remind them who the Zariman belongs to."


Declining a bounty

"Save your strength for when it's needed."

"Roger that."

"Okay, I'll call on some of the others."

"Pick your fights carefully."

"No problem."

When viewing syndicate ranks for the first time

"We can remember much of what happened. But the time of the… accident… is clouded for us, like cryo fog. It is as if the Void had to erase in order to create. There's… material… the Angels secrete that functions like Aya. Yonta believes our lost memories are in there."

Requesting sacrifice

"We should be doing more to recognise your work."

"Let's go forward in mutual trust."

Browsing offerings

"Here's what we've got, such as it is."

"No point saving this stuff for Tau."

"Our stores aren't what they were, but this may be useful."

Bidding farewell

"Travel well."

"One hand for yourself, and one for the ship."

"We stand or fall together."

"Til you next return."

"We're all trusting in you."

"Clear skies and steady Rails to you."

When the Tenno ranks up with the Holdfasts, a short cutscene will play, showing the four Holdfasts gathered at Kira's memorial, remembering the events prior to and during the Void-jump accident, as the Voidplumes from the Tenno restore their lost memories. Below are listed all of these rank-up cutscenes.

'Fallen' cutscene

Hombask: "They didn't go quietly, did they?"

Archimedian Yonta: "They all knew a big jump was coming. Not a safe, controlled sequence of bursts, but a single mad leap."

Hombask: "So the people found a thousand ways to say no."

Archimedian Yonta: "And I denounced them as filthy traitors."

Hombask: "You had no choice."

Archimedian Yonta: "Eternalism dictates that we ALWAYS have choices. They believed me and now they're dead."

'Watcher' cutscene

Hombask: "The closer we came to the jump, the crazier it got."

Quinn: "I remember how everything changed when the agricultural biomes were hit."

Hombask: "And the people celebrated. Everyone thought we'd be going back home."

Quinn: "But it just made the Orokin more determined."

Hombask: "I thought I was saving us all, when I sabotaged the biomes. But then… the children began to starve."

Quinn: "You don't blame the animal for gnawing its own leg off. You blame whoever set the trap."

'Guardian' cutscene

Cavalero: "I rounded the dissenters up. Made an example of the ringleaders."

Quinn: "You went about it like you were herding animals."

Cavalero: "I had my orders. YOUR orders. You may not have been Orokin, you pious bastard, but you were damn close. Liaison to the Expeditionary Command! Bearer of the Crystal Index!"

Quinn: "My tablet. A swipe of my finger across a name… and the ship gained a new cephalon."

'Seraph' cutscene

Archimedian Yonta: "The children barricaded themselves in. The parents were insane. Feral."

Quinn: "But not us. And we couldn't forget our guilt."

Hombask: "So we tried to save the children."

Cavalero: "I watched the parents tear you to pieces, Hombask."

Archimedian Yonta: "Then, when they threw themselves on you, you blew yourself up. And Quinn… the children didn't understand he was a friend. They blasted him to ash."

Quinn: "And you?"

Archimedian Yonta: "An honour I did not deserve. I awarded myself the Jade Light."

'Angel' cutscene

Quinn: "Quinn is dead. Whatever guilt he bore should have died with him. So why does it still burn?"

Archimedian Yonta: "Because we're not finished here. None of us."

Hombask: "If we're talking redemption? Seems to me the dying's the easy part."

Quinn: "So this is our fate? Living out every day in a pantomime of contrition?"

Cavalero: "What, like you got something better to do? Quinn, wake up. Look at us. We're back to how we were! This ain't just a second chance, it's an eternity of second chances!"

Quinn: "Perhaps… yes. Blame lingers… but so does duty. And who is to say that is not why we were recreated? The Indifference has awoken, and all of the Void's creations must find a light. Even ones we thought lost… in another time. Let eternity be our horizon. Until then: we shall Hold Fast."

Mission control

Quinn acts as mission control for the following mission types:

Although he issues bounties, there is no bounty-specific dialogue as with bounty-givers on other planets, and the mission simply proceeds as usual, albeit with an extra objective that must be fulfilled. Therefore, Quinn does not provide mission control for Zariman bounties (except for Void Cascade bounties).

Quinn is mentioned in the Zariman ARG, in a message from Brack. He is introduced during the Angels of the Zariman quest. Quinn is mentioned by Cavalero in his dialogue.

Quinn is voiced by Darrell Brown.

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