Executor Tuvul fragments

Statue of Executor Tuvul seen in the Zariman Hall of Legems

Tuvul was one of the seven Executors of the Orokin Empire, and the patron of the Zariman 10-0 colony ship. Audio logs of his broadcasts to the Zariman colonists can be found hidden throughout the derelict colony ship. Unlike other fragments, these lore snippets are not found in the Codex, and must be discovered and experienced during active missions.

Zariman broadcast logs

"Citizens. Colonists. In our name, you venture forth. In our honour, you will build. By our will, you are chosen. Our love is absolute."

"The future of the Origin System is… uncertain. Some think it is destined to burn. I still have faith, and you fortunate colonists are the reason. With your help, we will outgrow this crowded nest, spread our wings to the cosmos, and take flight."

"We are deathless, above you citizens as the mountain is above the ant, and yet we envy you, little people. How marvellous a thing it will be to dwell under an alien sun."

"Those citizens who follow after you, secure in the comfort of an extrasolar Rail, will wish they had shared in your hardship. How reverently they will speak of those who blazed the trail! How prized your simple genetic stock will be!"

"On the eve of this great adventure, the first Void jump beyond the cradle of the Origin System, we – the Orokin Seven – salute you, our brave citizen colonists."

"We do not gamble with the lives of our beloved citizens. The jump will be over in a mere moment. Within this mighty metal heart, all of you are as safe as babes in arms."

"I, Executor Tuvul, would never condemn a mere citizen for being afraid. You stand upon the precipice. It is natural to tremble. But see that you set your jaws and hold your tongues. Do not infect others with your shameful misgivings."

"Whispers are the currency of the petty mind. Citizens who walk upright have no time for them. Root out treachery as you would root out a malignancy in your child."

"We have learned that some of you consider the jump too dangerous. Remember, citizens. The air you breathe aboard the Zariman is not free. It is a luxury you are permitted to indulge in, and like any privilege, it can be revoked. Be aware of this danger, too."

"We can see you, citizens. That is our burden. Our constant duty. We deserve to see your gratitude. Write it in smiles upon your upturned faces. Leave us in no doubt of your loyalty."

"Citizens, be aware. You will never be out of our reach. If you squander this venture, you will know no forgiveness. We have your names; our loyal servants stand ready to punish your families at our word."

"Since you citizens cannot be brave, since you refuse to stifle your infantile urges, howling and whining like ungrateful children, you shall be punished. Food is hereby restricted to one meal per day."

"How dare you fear? What do you imagine you have to lose? You citizens are born to die; such is your lot! But even such a death as yours may be meaningful if it serves Us. In this alone is your salvation."

"We stretched forth our Great Hands, shaped to match our generosity, and we gave. Such abundance! You citizens were to be the first to settle a new system! And now your bestial defiance has cast you into the pit. Come to those hands again, and you will find them closed to you."

"Hear me, if you still can. Microscopic creatures live upon your skin, and yet you are oblivious to their existence. So it shall be with the Seven and yourselves. We wash our hands of you. The Zariman Project is no more."

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