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The Archimedians1 were a sect of scholars and scientists during the Orokin Empire. They were often seen in the service of the Orokin Executors, though individual Archimedians could be quite independent at times, and some were known to serve other masters besides the Golden Lords. Through their work in science and technology, the Archimedians had a marked influence on the state of the System, easily overlooked by those seeking a more dramatic impetus to events.

History of the Archimedians

Many facets of the Archimedian class are unknown to current records, but the details we have allow us to reconstruct an idea of how they existed in the old Orokin Empire. The Archimedians were among the oldest elements of Orokin society, their existence predating the discovery of the Void2. Nonetheless, they are not mentioned by Albrecht Entrati as being involved in his fateful initial voyage across the fold of reality3 – one of the few pivotal developments in Orokin civilisation absent their contribution. However, in the scientific revolution that followed, they likely worked closely with the Entrati family to further explore the Void4 and build upon Albrecht's work. By the time of the Zariman Project, some Archimedians had specialised in Void technology, and several5 of them, under the leadership of Archimedian Yonta, were assigned to the Zariman to conduct its great Void jump to the Tau System.

Tragically, the Zariman's Reliquary Drive failed during the jump, and the ship was presumed lost with all hands. In the wake of this failed colonisation project, an Archimedian named Perintol developed a race of intelligent, adaptable, self-replicating robots6. These robots were intended to travel to the Tau System and terraform it for human habitation, in yet another bid for the Empire's expansion7. Although these creations violated the Orokin prohibition against artificial intelligence, he colluded with Executor Ballas to gain approval from the Seven for his project. These robots, of course, would eventually come to be the Sentients.

When the Sentients returned from Tau to visit their wrath upon their Orokin creators, many Archimedians, if not most, found their work now subordinated to the needs of the Old War8. A great deal of research was devoted to the development of weapons, defences, and other wartime projects, and the Archimedians, as the Orokin's preeminent scholars, would have been at the forefront of such efforts. The Sentients' ability to adapt their weaknesses and hijack advanced technology meant that a conventional approach of linear weapons development was not effective9, and so the Archimedians' talents had to be devoted to unorthodox measures. One of the more promising developments were the fearsome bio-drones known as warframes. These hybrid lifeforms were created by infecting human test subjects with the Helminth Infestation10, a process that was overseen by Archimedians such as Ainikki11. However, these prototype warframes broke free of their restraints and turned against the Orokin forces12, and so the project was shelved and the warframes slated to be destroyed.

In the midst of the Old War, the Zariman unexpectedly returned to the Origin System13, bereft of all crew but the colonists' children. Archimedian Margulis treated the orphaned survivors, putting the children into a dreaming slumber to heal them from their trauma14. She developed lotus-shaped stasis pods that allowed the children to better channel their emotions while dreaming, forming the basis of what was later called Transference15. Her work with the Zariman children (now known as Tenno) underwent a dramatic pivot when it was discovered, quite by accident, that the dreaming Tenno could control the failed warframes through Transference16. Although Margulis resisted the weaponisation of her young wards, her wishes were overridden, and the Warframe Project was restarted, this time with a focus on developing combat units suited to work with the Tenno, who were placed into a second, deeper dream in order to control the warframes and suppress their own identities17. This became one of the Orokin's main war efforts. Executor Ballas assumed personal control of the project, and other Archimedians such as Silvana were recruited to work on the warframes18. Margulis, who was also Ballas' lover19, enjoyed wide latitude as the project's chief Archimedian, but was deeply upset at the project's direction. Although Margulis complied for a time20, eventually she could no longer stand to witness what was happening to her adopted children, and she openly rebuked the Orokin for their treatment of the Tenno21. She was promptly executed, demonstrating that not even a top scientist was immune from the ire of the Seven.

During the Old War, other Archimedians continued to serve in a variety of roles. Archimedian Suda studied the history and legacy of the Orokin, helping the Empire learn from its mistakes to gain the advantage22. Once she realised she was suffering from degenerative memory loss, she volunteered to become a cephalon so that her knowledge would not be lost23. Archimedian Javi was an incredible teacher, with a passion to educate as many as he could in radiant science24. The Orokin feared the prospect of widespread education, and Javi was imprisoned and eventually executed. Other Archimedians continued to work with Parvos Granum, leading to the development of Spectre Particles25, able to mimic behaviours and abilities – even those of a warframe. The Orokin tried to take this invention by force26, and when that failed, settled for an alliance with Parvos27, likely so that Spectres could be deployed on the frontlines of the Old War.

With the end of the Old War and the later collapse of Orokin civilisation, the Archimedians vanished along with other trappings of the Empire. The only Archimedians known to survive into the current era are Silvana, Suda, and Yonta, though none in their original, human forms.

Archimedian institutions

Archimedian Yonta mentions a group of "Archimedian Seniors"28, possibly a sort of governing or advisory body. She also recalls regular Archimedian Symposia, where Archimedians would present their work before the Executors, and those projects or individuals deemed unsatisfactory were eliminated29. This is likely depicted in the Detron Crewman Synthesis entry, where one Archimedian specialising in genetics is executed by Jade Light30, and Perintol narrowly avoids the same fate by arguing his case to the Orokin. Lastly, Yonta mentions ethics boards31, indicating that the Archimedians were familiar with scientific ethics, even if their Orokin overlords were not.

Kaelli Entrati mentions an Archimedian Collegium, and that she was denied an application based on a technicality32. The Collegium may have been the educational or accreditation system for aspiring Archimedians. Why Kaelli was denied entry is unknown. The Entrati family as a whole demonstrate that science and study were not the exclusive domains of the Archimedians.

Suda and Yonta are both seen to wear black or dark gray uniforms, and an accompanying cape-like syandana33. Drusus Leverian says that the robes are indicative of Archimedian status, and Javi was permitted to wear them even while in prison34. Drusus describes the robes as white, but this may have been a colour reserved for Archimedians emeriti, if such a distinction existed, or it may simply be a mistake in a centuries-old story. Yonta's robes feature additional gold filigree detail, including a headpiece, which may have signified her prominent role amongst the Zariman crew. Suda wore a much simpler diadem. Both Yonta's and Suda's headpieces feature a gray gemstone on the forehead, which is curiously similar to the black gem embedded in the forehead of Scoria assassins35, raising the possibility that caste may have been signified with different-coloured gemstones in the Orokin Empire.

A final detail about the Archimedian organisation is the presence of an oath, mentioned by Archimedian Suda36. From context, it appears to be a lifetime commitment, and may also indicate that the Archimedian is locked into their specialisation, and cannot change fields. This sets Archimedians apart from mere scholars. To an Archimedian, study and research is not merely an occupation; it is their life's purpose.


The Archimedians represented a curious caste in Orokin society, and possibly the most complex. They were responsible for most of the known technological breakthroughs and developments in Orokin history – a distinction that carries a not-insignificant degree of culpability. However, a review of Archimedian personalities and institutions reveals a more nuanced tale.

Archimedians were, almost to a person, obsessed with their projects and passions, seeking always to improve and perfect, to continue the work. On many occasions, their personal morals brought them into conflict with their Orokin patrons, who only concerned themselves with prestige and power, without regard to the consequences. The Orokin used the Symposium and the threat of execution to keep the Archimedians in line and ensure their research proceeded along approved avenues. Yet from time to time, principled individuals dared to defy the Golden Lords, and paid the ultimate price.

The Archimedians' legacy lives on through their works, with several major factions owing their modern existence to those who pushed the boundaries of human knowledge. The full impacts of the Archimedians may be expanded on in the future as we uncover more information. But for now, all we can do is study, analyse, and wait.

List of known Archimedians


Involved in the development of the first-generation warframe Kullervo37, and possibly the first-generation Warframe Project as a whole. These proto-frames, developed prior to the discovery of the Tenno, rebelled against Orokin control, and were exterminated. Kullervo survived the destruction of his brethren and sought out Ainikki, whom he regarded as his mother. However, the Orokin had sent Dax soldiers to apprehend Kullervo, and as he fought them, Ainikki died in the crossfire.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians38. Halako Perimeter, a zone of the Zariman ship where Archimedians worked, is named after them, though they were likely not on the ship.


A wise teacher and mentor39. The Orokin feared that his teaching could elevate people above their station and disrupt the rigid social hierarchies of the Empire, so he was imprisoned at Dabaoth-Kra prison and tortured. He was known as "the Crawling Serpent, the Abhorred, the Filth-Speaker", and it was feared that he might, by means of unknown witchcraft, survive the Jade Light, so his captors were loth to execute him. The warframe Lavos was his prison guard, but Javi spent his time teaching Lavos, whilst patiently enduring his beatings. Unnerved, the Orokin decided to subject him to cellular reversal, which would transform him to a "biological pulp" without outright killing him, and they granted Lavos this power. Lavos, at Javi's insistence, duly complied, liquefying the Archimedian. He then transmuted the remains into a living serpent that twined around his arm, and then killed the Orokin guards and warden of Dabaoth-Kra. It is said that Javi, in snake form, still teaches Lavos, though this is likely just legend.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians.


Among the initial team to recover the Tenno children from the derelict Zariman40, and later worked with the children to heal them from their trauma. She was inadvertently injured when the children could not contain their Void powers, being blinded and otherwise wounded41, but she loved them still. She created the stasis pods that would later be used for Transference. She was also Ballas' lover42, although he was warned against this by the other Orokin43. Although Ballas disagreed with her project and was not fond of the Tenno44, he likely granted her support to continue, until her increasingly outspoken opposition to weaponisation of the Tenno could no longer be ignored. He urged her to recant, but she instead castigated the Seven directly45, resulting in her execution via Jade Light. Interestingly, although Ballas cared for her, he voted along with the rest of the Executors to condemn her to death46 – perhaps under pressure from the other Orokin. Margulis' death had a profound effect on Ballas, and impelled him to seek the destruction of the Orokin Empire47 (despite being one of its rulers). He worked with Hunhow48 to embed a Sentient mimic, Natah, into the Orokin war command as the Tenno's handler49. He reshaped Natah to resemble the dead Margulis50, both to facilitate her control over the Tenno as well as to fulfil his own desires of recreating his lost love. Margulis' legacy played a strong role in the actions of Ballas, the Tenno, and Natah for centuries after her death, shaping the Origin System as we know it today.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians.


A member of the Corpus who created the intelligent and adaptable robots that would come to be known as the Sentients51. He defended his project to the Executors, and Ballas, by fiercely opposing him, manipulated the other Orokin into approving the project. It was later revealed that Ballas was colluding with Perintol to ensure the project would continue.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians.


An Infestation biologist working on Earth to restore its ruined ecosystem52. She was summoned by Margulis, her childhood hero, to work on the Warframe Project. Silvana's expertise in Technocyte biology would have been very useful in properly shaping the warframes as they were created. Silvana grew disillusioned with the project and abandoned it, fleeing back to Earth with a set of stolen somatics. She used the somatics to undergo Transference, fusing her consciousness with the vegetation in order to stimulate the environment. She was successful, although the Orokin sent a force of Dax to raze the forest. Silvana and the forest were saved by Titania, Silvana's most recently created warframe, who died of her wounds after killing all the Dax. The forest that holds Silvana's consciousness, the Silver Grove, still exists on Earth and has been revered by New Loka for centuries. 


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians. Scholar of history. Volunteered to become a cephalon after suffering degenerative memory loss, so that her knowledge would not be forgotten53. She may have had an association with the warframe Octavia; Octavia was seen escorting Suda to her cephalisation, and Octavia's music later helped Cephalon Suda recover from an attack by the Sentient Hunhow54. Cephalon Suda also remarks that music is an important part of her data architecture55. Cephalon Suda still remains in the present day and is the leader of a large syndicate by the same name, still obsessed with collecting knowledge from the past.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians.


Mentioned by Yonta in a list of prominent Archimedians.


The Archimedian in charge of the Zariman's Reliquary Drive. Despite her work and calculations, the Void jump to Tau went horribly wrong and stranded the Zariman in the Void, exposed to its arcane energies. The malign influence of the unreal drove the adult crew insane, at varying rates, and although Yonta retained most of her sanity, her guilt at the incident overwhelmed her, and she committed suicide via Jade Light56. Later, she was recreated by the Man in the Wall along with the other Zariman crew, her consciousness becoming manifest in physical form once again57. Although most of the crew were corrupted by the Void's song and became Void Angels58, she and a small group of others held fast to their humanity until their existence was stabilised by the Tenno59. She now remains aboard the Zariman with the other Holdfasts, studying its entanglement within the Void and what might be done about it60.

Yonta (along with the other Holdfasts) is discussed in more detail in the Zariman discussion post.

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