The Silver Grove

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New Loka seeks help protecting a sacred forest from Grineer incursions, but are they ready to face the forest's true nature?

Starting the quest: Amaryn’s Retreat, Relay

The quest can be started once the Tenno has completed the Second Dream quest and is Mastery Rank 7 or higher. Once these requirements are met, the Tenno can go to the room of the New Loka Syndicate on any Relay, and talk to the New Loka leader, Amaryn.

Amaryn: "Do you know of the Silver Grove, Earth's oldest and most pure forest? It is home to our most sacred shrine. We've learned that the Grineer, those twisted abominations, are planning to build a factory on it. Grineer Scorch units have been deployed, intent on turning our blessed Silver Grove to ash. Generations ago, we recovered an Apothic recipe at the shrine. We believe it will reawaken the forest's legendary defences. Gather the ingredients, and deliver the Apothic to the heart of the shrine. You are the only hope for the Silver Grove, and the natural purity it represents."

Upon accepting the quest and returning to the Orbiter, the Tenno must activate the quest in their Codex, at which point they will receive an inbox message from Amaryn containing a blueprint for a Nightfall Apothic.

Inbox message:
The Silver Grove Needs You


Are you ready to help our Silver Grove? We need to create the Apothic to awaken its defences! Scour the System and scan the required plants with your Codex Scanner.

Take this Apothic and complete it.

With Truth,
Amaryn of New Loka

After reading the message, the Tenno will see a Nightfall Apothic imprint in their Codex, which is received with the blueprint for the Apothic. The imprint is an image of the Silver Grove shrine (a cairn of rocks with butterflies flitting around it) with accompanying text, narrated by a female voice. Names in brackets indicate that the speaker is not identified in the scene, but their identity is revealed or inferred later.

Nightfall Apothic imprint:
[Silvana]: "My bags are packed. I'm all set to leave. I can't believe it! I'll be working with one of my childhood heroes, Archimedian Margulis! On comms she said she needed the best Infestation biologist there was… I think my knees almost gave out!

"As I log this, I'm looking out the stained plastic of my field tent into the dead yellow sky of Earth. I smell the vague sulphur and toxins leaking through the seals, yet somehow I'm going to miss this place. Leaving here feels like I'm giving up on my dream. My dream to see the green and blue return to this sick and dying mother of us all.

"But I'm frustrated with my lack of progress. I've tried everything to accelerate the ailing vegetation, to guide and nurture the soil, but nothing comes of it. I need a change. Now I have that opportunity… and thanks to Margulis, I'm relieved I won't be drafted into some Orokin war project."

The Tenno must build the Nightfall Apothic in their Foundry, requiring 500 credits, 2 morphics, 2 Dusklight Sarracenia extracts, 6 Moonlight Dragonlily extracts, and 12 Sunlight Threshcone extracts. Moonlight Dragonlily and Sunlight Threshcone can be found on Grineer Forest tileset missions on Earth, the Sunlight plants during the day and the Moonlight plants during the night. Dusklight Sarracenia can be found on Grineer Shipyard tileset missions on Ceres, growing in the green toxic sludge puddles. The plants must be scanned with a Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner to gather the extract.

While onboard the Orbiter, Amaryn will periodically supply hints for finding the more exotic ingredients.

Amaryn: "The ingredients you seek will not be easy to come by. They grow in some of the System's most hostile environments. You can see why we turned to you for help."

Amaryn: "The Dusklight Sarracenia grows best in absolute filth. I mean, one-hundred-percent pollution. Poisonous air and water. Really, what kind of plant thrives in those conditions? Lovely name, though."

After the Nightfall Apothic is crafted, it must be equipped in the Tenno's gear wheel to begin the next mission.

First Mission: Nightfall Apothic (E Prime, Earth)

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The mission takes place on the Grineer Forest tileset with Frontier Grineer enemies. There are pyres burning throughout the map, and the sky is orange with smoky haze reflecting the flames. Grineer Scorches and Hyekka Masters are prevalent among the enemies.

Amaryn: "Ahhhhh, the Silver Grove. Can you feel the purity? Beyond, all is contaminated, toxic. But here, everything is pure, original. That's why your mission is so important. Can we risk losing this?"

Amaryn: "Silver Grove, forgive this warframe on your sacred soil! By water, by sky, by holy humanity, bless our mission to defend you. [pause] No disrespect, Tenno, but I had to ask forgiveness from the Grove. Carrying out this mission with a warframe is a bit of a… contradiction for us. Our Shrine is nearby. Search around; I'll let you know when I can feel its energy."

The Tenno is directed to find the Silver Grove, which can be found after a narrow passage through a forest cave. The location is not waypointed, but Amaryn will loosely guide the Tenno.

(when near the Grove, variant) Amaryn: "I think this is… yes, yes, you're very close now. Look for a small opening in the rocks."

(when near the Grove, variant) Amaryn: "You're almost there. Look for a passageway."

(when near the Grove, variant) Amaryn: "Here! You're close. I can feel it; can you see any narrow openings?"

(when moving away from the Grove, variant) Amaryn: "I can't sense the Shrine any longer; you have moved too far away."

(when moving away from the Grove, variant) Amaryn: "You're moving further from the Shrine."

(upon entering the Silver Grove) Amaryn: "Here, can you feel it? You found the Shrine. Anoint it with your Apothic."

Atop a ledge is a stone cairn. The Tenno must interact with it to use their Apothic on the Shrine.

(upon anointing the Shrine) [Silvana] (distorted): "What… do… you… think… you're… doing? The sun in my skin… my voice is the wind. I'm lost… in this soil. Why?"

Amaryn: "Did you hear that? Unbelievable, the Grove, it speaks! My heart…. Wait… a new Apothic! We will learn its recipe, forage its ingredients. The Grove needs this. New Loka needs this. It's time to…. Wait—"

[Silvana] (distorted): "Intruder! You should not be here." [Knave spectre appears]

Amaryn: "We are pure and true! Forgive our intrusion. Will you accept our protection?"

(upon killing the Knave spectre) Amaryn: "The Silver Grove must be confused about our pure and holy intentions. This new object may hold the key to making it understand."

Once the Knave spectre has been killed, the Tenno can head towards extraction.

[on board Orbiter]

The mission will reward the Titania systems blueprint (which does not need to be built to proceed) and the Twilight Apothic blueprint (which does).

Amaryn: "How is it that a spectre came to be in this most sacred Shrine? Could this be a vestige of some earlier Orokin incursion?"

Ordis: "Operator, the Codex system just pulled another voice entry from that Apothic. Allow Ordis to display it for you."

Twilight Apothic imprint:
[Silvana]: "My childhood dream has become a nightmare. I don't blame Margulis; she's as much a victim as the children we're working with. At first, the project seemed therapeutic and nurturing. I was myself. But now… Transference therapy is being turned into a weapon. Now I build these vile weapons called 'warframes' all for one purpose: death. I've become everything I hate.

"I long for the discomfort of my damp tent. The sick, aimless trees… the barren soil… I know I left my soul behind back there.

"Titania is the next warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from the project. I have an idea. A way back to that wounded land I call home. A way for me to forget this war and remember what I was."

Amaryn: "The Silver Grove is a pure and sacred force; why would it be vandalised with such a message?"

Amaryn: "Earth's oldest forest is populated with the first trees that evolved a resistance to Orokin bondage. The rest of Earth is polluted with the monstrosities of their genetic tinkering, but these trees are pure. When we finally reseed Earth, it will be with these specimens."

Amaryn: "You must hurry, Tenno. Grineer fires burn ever closer to the Shrine."

Ordis: "The Silver Grove! In all the Operator's missions on Earth, Ordis has not scanned an area quite so—magical—unique!"

The Twilight Apothic requires 500 credits, 2 morphics, 6 Moonlight Jadeleaf, 6 Ruk's Claw, and 6 Lunar Pitcher. Moonlight Jadeleaf can be found on Grineer Forest tileset missions on Earth, at night. Ruk's Claw can be found on Grineer Settlement tileset missions on Mars, and Lunar Pitcher can be found on Orokin Moon tileset missions on Lua, usually in planters with other flora.

Amaryn: "Ruk's Claw: we had one of these plants in our greenhouse once, but a new recruit overwatered it. We haven't found any since."

Amaryn: "Ah, Lunar Pitcher, a flower that thrives on moonlight. But, alas, without any Moon, we fear it went extinct long ago. We've searched everywhere on Earth for it; where else would it grow?"

(after crafting the Twilight Apothic) Amaryn: "You have created the second Apothic. This is the path to an Earth unmarred by exploitation."

Once again, the Apothic must be equipped in the Tenno's Gear Wheel in order to start the next mission.

Second Mission: Visit the Shrine (E Prime, Earth)

The mission takes place on the same map as before, in the forests of Earth as they are being burned down by the Grineer. The layout of tiles is not randomised, but identical to the previous mission. The Tenno's task is the same as the previous mission, although Amaryn will no longer guide the Tenno to the Shrine with her transmissions.

Amaryn: "You're just in time. They're choking the forest with their flames. You must reach the Shrine before they do. Oh, Tenno, why do they hate everything not born of their disgusting flesh factories?"

Ordis: "There is something different about this place, but Ordis is not quite sure what it is."

(after anointing the Shrine with the Twilight Apothic) [Silvana] (distorted): "You… hateful abomination. Get out now." [Orphid spectre appears]

(upon killing the Orphid spectre) [Silvana] (distorted): "Titania, is that you? Where have you been…. I'm… fading… please, wake me again."

Amaryn: "This is not right! Get out now. We don't know what we're dealing with anymore. This could be some sort of Orokin sentry. Who is this creature we've woken? The Silver Grove is timeless; this voice seems… human."

[on board Orbiter]

The mission will reward the Titania chassis blueprint and the Sunrise Apothic blueprint. The Apothic comes with another imprint from Silvana.

Ordis: "This new Codex message… this changes everything."

Sunrise Apothic imprint:
[Silvana]: "Ballas is beyond pleased… but when I look at what I've built… at Titania, I feel sick creep up my throat. I hate her, a killer made by a healer. No more. I'm going back to where I belong, no matter the cost. I'm going back to the trees to find myself again.

"These past weeks, I've been secretly testing Transference on myself. I can only survive short bursts – linking to Titania the way only Tenno can stand. I've never felt anything like it. A tortured presence, like an evil ink, staining my mind. But… it worked. I'm going to use this wrong to make right.

"I'll stow away with Earth-bound cargo, just my Apothics and these slapdash somatics I've stolen. By nightfall I'll be home again in my tent under those bitter, acid skies. This time, I'm going to fix it. I will seed a mighty forest, stronger than history… and by my will, use it to bring life."

Amaryn: "I… I can't believe this. The Silver Grove isn't natural at all… it's just another abomination, made by some delusional Archimedian. It was lies. I'm ashamed our ancestors worshipped such impurity. This can never get out. I'm done here. If the Grineer want to destroy the Silver Grove, let them."

Ordis: "What a dogmatic—idiot—perspective! Operator, you are a product of similar meddling, and yet you are good. Your actions have meant more than your origins. Ordis believes we must complete our mission."

The Sunrise Apothic requires 500 credits, 2 morphics, 2 Sunlight Jadeleaf, 8 Frostleaf, and 25 Vestan moss. Sunlight Jadeleaf can be found on Grineer Forest tileset missions on Earth, during the day. Frostleaf can be found in Corpus Outpost tileset missions on Venus, Neptune, and Pluto, usually on the edges of cliffs and canyons. Vestan moss can be found growing, lichen-like, on rocks on Grineer Asteroid tileset missions on Mercury, Saturn, and Sedna (along with a handful of other Starchart nodes). Despite Amaryn's rejection of the Apothics and their origin, she will curiously still provide the Tenno with hints as to where to find the required plant extracts.

Amaryn: "Frostleaf… a delightful herb with many healing properties. Too bad it only grows on the iciest of planets; you're likely to catch pneumonia trying to forage it."

Amaryn: "Have you found any Vestan moss? Neither have we, but our scholars theorise that it could thrive in damp, cold rocks, away from the light of the Sun."

Third Mission: Visit the Shrine (E Prime, Earth)

Once again, the Tenno returns to the same burning forest on Earth and must head to the Silver Grove.

[Silvana] (distorted): "Titania? Have you returned to protect me once more? The last Apothic, quickly, please."

[Silvana] (distorted): "The fire infects me; I am fuelling my own destruction. Titania, stop them!"

Amaryn: "A mind within the forest? This is an abomination. Let it burn!"

[Silvana] (distorted): "Child of truth, you reject me but are blind to our shared purpose. Would you rather this world a wasteland in spite of me?"

Amaryn: "I… I don't know. This goes against everything I believe."

[Silvana] (distorted): "Truth has a way of doing that."

(upon reaching the Silver Grove) [Silvana] (distorted): "Give me the final Apothic. I need clarity to fight back."

(after anointing the Shrine with the Sunrise Apothic) [Silvana]: "There, that's it, the clarity… and now I realise you're not my beloved Titania, but another like her that has come to protect me. Beware! Titania's old guardians will still attack. I have no will over them." [Feyarch spectre appears]

(upon killing the Feyarch spectre) [Silvana]: "I am grateful, but the workers are here with their torches and violence. I will fight them the best I can…. You have just a moment to escape."

Amaryn: "No. We won't leave you. Tenno, ready yourself. I was wrong. We can't let this beautiful place burn."

The Grineer will begin invading the Grove, attacking the Shrine, which now has a health bar displayed on the Tenno's HUD. The Tenno must defend the Shrine for 2 minutes. The enemies are predominantly Flameblades, Scorches, Hyekka Masters, and, most dangerously, Napalms.

[Silvana]: "You, you fight with the same determination she did."

[Silvana]: "I'm… I'm getting control. Hold on. I can help too."

(after the fight is over) Silvana: "That's… that's it… thank you, whoever you are. I am Silvana. Welcome to my forest."

Amaryn: "Forgive me, Silvana. I doubted you. I thought you were just another Orokin poison."

Silvana: "I once thought the same of warframes. When the Orokin found out what I had done here, they sent their Dax upon the great trees. Upon me. As the skies grew hot and my roots split into cinder, I let out a deep-earthen scream. I was dying. And then suddenly I felt a familiar presence…. One by one, the mighty Dax began to fall, swatting hopelessly at some unseen menace. Others were snared, drifting upward in a mesmerising light and then, all at once, shredded by that unseen force. When the fires subsided, I knew what it was: Titania. My shamed creation. I felt her beating wings through my branches. I felt her mortal wounds, her weeping burns as she fell beneath my canopy. And so it was here, within this grove, that she died to save me. Me, the one who had hated her most."

Amaryn: "Silvana, by the strength of this Tenno, she will fly again. I swear it."

Silvana: "The forest and myself are in debt to both of you."

After extraction, the Tenno will receive the Titania neuroptics blueprint.

Aftermath (on board Orbiter)

Ordis: "Trapped by Transference inside a tree… hm… I guess she loved trees so much that she became one!"

The Tenno will receive an inbox message containing the blueprint for the Titania warframe, closing out the quest.

Inbox message:
You Have Shown Us a New Truth


You have enriched our souls, and for that we are beholden to you.

Amaryn (inbox message): "The Silver Grove was planted with the rotted seeds of the Orokin, corrupt in the eyes of our doctrine. Our tenets command us to reject it, but how can we? Silvana longed to restore Earth's former glory just as we do. If we are to see Earth restored, perhaps New Loka itself must change? I will convince them to see Silvana's creation for the miracle it is. Some will call that heresy, but it is true, and truth is the purest thing we have."

Our praises,
Amaryn of New Loka

After the quest, Tenno can continue to scan plants and craft Apothics. When playing a Grineer Forest tileset mission on Earth with an Apothic equipped, the Silver Grove has a chance to spawn, and the Tenno can use their Apothic on the Shrine to summon one of the Forest's guardians and kill them for their mod drops.

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