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Cavalero – Captura by GrayArchon

Cavalero is one of the Holdfasts on the Zariman 10-0 colony ship. During the Zariman Project, he was in charge of weapons and security – a role he continues to serve after death. Now, however, the ceremonial weapons he was given have transformed into deadly conduits of the Void's power. Cavalero's familiarity with these Incarnon weapons is such that any Tenno wishing to unlock their full potential must visit him in order to evolve them. In addition to Incarnon weapons, Cavalero also sells Zariman Arcane enhancements, Zariman ephemeras, and Holdfasts sigils.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Cavalero says when he is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Only place to find decent weapons on this Void-forsaken ship."

"Buy stuff. Kill stuff. Repeat." [short chuckle]

"Weapons with a touch of the Void."

"Always got time for a fellow enthusiast."

"If you're not ready to fight, just keep walking."

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Angels of the Zariman quest) "I'm not here to be your friend. I'm not sure why I'm here at all. But I'll keep you alive. These? Used to be museum fodder. Ceremonial and all that Golden piss-talk. But now? Real weapons. Void-touched. Not fashion accessories. Not conversation pieces. They are for killing. We good?"

[grunts] "Grubber."

"This place is your home, grubber. You gonna let the Grineer and the Corpus help themselves to it?"

"Grineer workers. With guns. Why would anyone be that stupid."

[chuckles] "They aren't making Grineer like they used to. The old ones could lose an arm and then keep on working."

"Back in the day, Granum wanted me as an enforcer. Fat percentage and 'special Corpus perks'. But I told him where to stick it. I got standards."

"Can't believe the idiots who fitted out this colony ship thought we wouldn't need proper weapons."

"This body of mine looks like flesh, but it ain't. You can hurt it real bad and it'll keep going. So trust me when I say these weapons have all been well tested."

"Don't bring your tales of sorrow to this door. You want tea and sympathy, go find Hombask."

"Quinn and Yonta, down here in the garbage with the rest of us grubbers. [chuckles] Never get tired of that."

"Make your time count. You'll be a long time dead, grubber."

"It's a good thing we never made it to Tau. Too many weaklings on board."

"A whole Empire, gone. Guess the Dax weren't so tough, huh?"

"Let's hear your requirements."

"Can't do a Void-damned thing for the dead, but I mean to keep you from joining 'em."

"Goods are on the table. Let's talk."

"I'll say this for the Zariman kids. They fought like demons."

"Okay, what d'you need?"

(if the Tenno has just reached the rank Angel) [sigh] "Look, what do you want from me? 'Sorry I was such an asshole'? No. If I'd been less of an asshole, Margulis would have found a lot more dead kids on this ship. My way works. [long sigh] But… I'm glad I didn't scare you off. I'm pretty sure you've faced worse than me, anyway. Don't ever quote me on this, but… it's been an honour."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "You ever get tired of the constant killing? Nope. Me neither." [chuckles]

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Never married. Never found anyone I hated enough to condemn to a life with me."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "You got a killer rep, grubber. Happy to help you keep it that way."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I used to think that dying in the field was insurance against ever wearing out. Now I'm looking down the barrel of eternity."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Nothing's scared me in years. Except… that voice. Couldn't even understand what it was saying."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "These new Grineer may not be bright, but they got a bond. Wish we had 'em back on our side."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I watch you on the scope sometimes, y'know. Some of those moves… I thought only a Dax could pull them off."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Whoever trained you has nothing to reproach themselves for. You measure up in all the ways that matter."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I thought loading myself with explosives and going out in a blaze of glory was the perfect way for a guy like me to go. But it didn't solve a damn thing."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Most of you kids made it. That's gotta be worth something."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "If I ever start with the self-pity, please, drag me to the nearest airlock and throw me out."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Thank the Void I don't have kids. Thought about it, but… nah. Line ends here."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Getting pretty tired of humans. Might get myself a kubrow."

Browsing offerings

"All weapons guaranteed Void-touched."

"Okay. Tool up."

"Take a closer look if you need to."

"Take your time."

Purchasing an item

"Remember, these weapons aren't just hardware. They're alive."

"Once it's out of my hands, it's no longer my responsibility."

"Works for me."

"Take the time to build up a bond with it."

"Go forth and deal damage, grubber."

"Hm. Reckon you could make that sing."

Exiting store without purchase

[grunts] "Whatever."

"I can wait."

"Admire all you like, but even my time shouldn't be wasted."

"Not feelin' it?"

Evolve Incarnon Weapons

"Feeling creative?"

"Here's where it gets interesting."

"Okay. Bring it to life."

(if the Tenno has no Incarnon weapon equipped) "Don't go bothering me about this unless you got an Incarnon weapon in your hands."

(if the Tenno has no Incarnon weapon equipped) "Evolve what? Grubber. Hello! You don't have an Incarnon weapon equipped."

(if the Tenno has no Incarnon weapon equipped) "Try equipping an Incarnon weapon first."

Incarnon market

"So. You interested in custom tune-ups for your gear?"

"A pinch of the Void, and any weapon can be made to sing a new tune."

"Here's a few pieces I put together in my own time. [scoffs] Void knows I got plenty of that."

Bidding farewell

"If you die, I got dibs on your stuff."

"Okay. Later."

"Stay sharp."

Mission control

Cavalero acts as mission control for the following mission types:

He also provides instructions when the Tenno fights a Void Angel, in any Zariman mission:

(upon waking the Angel) "That's a Void Angel in the making. Best be ready."

(upon waking the Angel) "That was a dormant Void Angel. And now it's not dormant anymore."

(upon waking the Angel) "When that thing starts moving, and it will, you'd better know what to do."

(upon depleting first health bar) "Grubber. The Angel is trying to retreat into the Void so it can heal. Follow it and stop it."

(when Angel deploys dimensional orbs) "You can't hurt it while those dimensional orbs are out. Use your Void body to absorb them."

(when the Ethereal Angel has healed halfway) "The Angel has almost recovered! Hurry this up!"

(when the Ethereal Angel heals completely) "You weren't fast enough. Now it's healed."

(after defeating Ethereal Angel form) "Yes! It won't be shrugging that off."

(after defeating Ethereal Angel form) "That's the way. Break it down, body and soul."

(after defeating Ethereal Angel form) "Good. Now it'll stay hurt."

Incarnon Geneses

When the Tenno obtains their first Incarnon Genesis, Cavalero will send them an inbox message with information on how they work.

Inbox message:
Incarnon Genesis


Heard you been grubbing around in the Zariman's backyard. That little tinpot 'kingdom'.

Well, in my extensive downtime, I've been having thoughts about weapons. How I could upgrade 'em. Give 'em a sprinkle of Void magic. And guess what? The Void did what the Void does. Took my ideas and made them real. How about that.

So if you've picked up a… let's call it an Incarnon Genesis, why not? An Incarnon Genesis, bring it to me and I'll get it installed for ya.

Slaughter awaits,

PS: Yonta says I need to say this very clearly: I cannot adapt a weapon you do not own. I will need both the Incarnon Genesis AND the weapon it applies to. Understood? I am not running a charity here.

Cavalero is mentioned in the Zariman ARG, in one of the audio logs and also as the sender of one of the archived documents. He is introduced in the Angels of the Zariman quest. Cavalero is mentioned by Hombask and in one of the Zariman bounties. Like the other Holdfasts, he has additional dialogue in the Holdfasts rank-up cutscenes.

Cavalero is voiced by Brent Mukai.

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