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Hombask – Captura by GrayArchon

Hombask is one of the Holdfasts aboard the Zariman 10-0. She sells Zariman-themed decorations that can be placed in the Tenno's Orbiter, Drifter Camp, Dormizone, or Dojo. She also sells Voidshell materials and a wide array of Captura scenes featuring the various areas of the Zariman.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Hombask says when she is not interacting with the Tenno.

"You got a minute, Tenno?"

"Ahhh. You can never have too much stuff."

"No contamination on any of this gear! [chuckles] At least not the dangerous kind."

"Tenno! Wanna talk salvage?"

"Come on by. Put your feet up."

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Angels of the Zariman quest) "Hey, welcome. If we'd ever made it to Tau, I was gonna be in charge of homesteading. Getting everyone kitted out for their new start, y'know? Well… [chuckles] you remember how that went. Shoot for the moon, land in a bucket of piss. So… in memory of the woman I was back when I was alive, I'm helping folks set up their homes here now."

"You'll be here a while. Might as well look your best."

"How come nobody ever asked me to sit for a portrait?"

"Not gonna run out of stock any time soon. This is a big-ass wreck. Ha! Loads left to salvage."

"Damn Void gets into everything. Messes with your gear and messes with your head."

"Now, you mind your manners, and Prim here won't have to use her hose."

"What can I furnish you with today?"

"Everything you need to be comfortable and well dressed on a floating space tomb."

"You are looking damn well, considering. Here's to us."

"How's your place coming along? Comfy enough for ya? You know, you can always refit…."

(if the Tenno has just reached the rank Angel) "I opened the agri-biomes to space, y'know? Killed all the plants. Every last one. All withering death and frozen dust. I couldn't ever face that place again. But… that was long, long ago. Turns out the biomes got resealed. Repressurised. I didn't know. Prim's drone friends, they've been working. Seeding. Tending. Caring. All this time. And I didn't know! The biomes are green now. One day there's going to be a harvest. And I'm going to be here to see it."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I wish all of the kids had turned out as sweet as you. Some of 'em, though… they miss the dark times. I could tell tales, if I had a mind to. Maybe when the time's right."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Ya know… the best thing about the universe being infinite is that every little crumb of crap that's floatin' around gets an equal claim to be slap bang in the centre of it. [chuckles] Even… me."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "End of the day, we're all toys who've fallen off the shelf, carving out a new life among the dust and mouse bones. We ain't ever gonna get back up there, but y'know… at least we're free."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "You really came through for us, kid. Brought back the me I thought was lost. Hope I'm worth it."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Yes. [chuckles] I'm a reprobate. Void scum. Dripping from the drain of humanity. And you know what? I don't care."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I knew you were going to turn out to be a good 'un. Prim knew first. She's got a nose for the bad ones."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "Always got time for you. You should have me over to that Dormizone of yours some time. I'll even cook for ya."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "There's my buddy. They cut you from a different kinda cloth, didn't they? Shiny bright and tough as the devil's own ass."

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) (singing) "For IIII and the Queen of Junkheap Mountain and I bend the kneeee to none!"

(if the Tenno is rank Angel) "I love it when you come around. [chuckles] It's like you're the kid I never got to pass on my own trauma to."

Browse Dormizone Items

"Just let me know your budget, and we'll work magic together."

"Little bit of everything here."

"It's your Dormizone. You're in charge."

Purchasing a Dormizone Item

"There. Perfect excuse for a party."

"Good choice."

"Ain't you got taste?"

"Good call."

"Ha! Just don't ask Cavalero to assemble it for you."

"Get it home, set it up!"

Exiting Dormizone Items without purchase

"Ahh, I nearly had ya."

"Damn, I need to up my selling game."

"Ah well. Next time, huh?"

"So who needs furniture anyway?"

Browse Voidshells and Scenes

"Let's set you up with a whole new look."

"You all ready for a transformation?"

"No need to limit your imagination. These selections are Void-wild."

Purchasing a Voidshell or Scene

"Just because somethin' was never designed to be a fashion statement doesn't mean you can't use it as one."

"This is your home, and if you want to design outfits all day, nobody can do a thing about it."

"You can never have too many fashion options."

"What look you going for? Sexy killer? That's what I'd do."

"Any material's outfit material… if you're brave enough."

"The Void gave us nightmares and monsters, but it also gave us amazing costume choices, so… there's that."

Exiting Voidshells and Scenes without purchase

"Think you look good already, huh? [sigh] You're right. You do."

"Not gonna make any mad impulse purchases, huh?"

"'Buy me! Buy me!' Listen to that. You made the stock sad."

"You take your time. It ain't going anywhere."

Bidding farewell

"Mind how you go, kid."

"Stop for longer next time."

"You take care, now."

Mission control

Hombask acts as mission control for the following missions:

Hombask is mentioned in the Zariman ARG, in one of the archived documents (as well as three others which are addressed to her). She is introduced in the Angels of the Zariman quest. Hombask is mentioned by Cavalero in his dialogue. Like the other Holdfasts, she has additional dialogue in the Holdfasts rank-up cutscenes.

Hombask is voiced by Cara Volchoff.

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