Cavalero Dialogue: Void Armageddon

The Zariman's Eternal Relic. Captura by GrayArchon.

Void Armageddon is an endless game mode on the Zariman tileset that sees the Tenno defend the Zariman's critical Reliquary Drive from attack by hostile forces. Mission control is provided by Cavalero. This game mode is only used on a single mission node: Oro Works, Zariman. Like all Zariman missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

When the Tenno loads into the mission, three locations will be marked on the map: the Reliquary Drive (labelled "Eternal Relic") and two Exodampers, A and B. The Exodampers will be in separate tiles from the Reliquary, some distance away. A large crate of Argozene will appear on the map near the Eternal Relic. Standing near it for 10 seconds will collect the Argozene and add it to the Tenno's inventory. The amount of Argozene the Tenno is carrying is indicated in the HUD and is shared across the entire squad. Argozene will also be dropped by fallen enemies.

All over the map, but primarily near the Exodampers and Reliquary, are small sockets in the ground. The Tenno can interact with them to build turrets called Armaments that will last for 2 minutes each. Each Armament costs Argozene to place. There are four types of turrets, with different behaviours and damage types: Mazuka, Faradon, Corraliser, and Giottica.

The HUD will inform the Tenno that enemies are attacking a specified Exodamper. Kuva Grineer or Juno Corpus troops (depending on time of day) will flood the area and attempt to destroy the Exodamper. The Tenno must fight off the enemy, constructing Armaments as desired to help defend. Three waves will assault the Exodampers, one Exodamper at a time, with the Exodamper under attack sometimes changing between waves. If the targeted Exodamper is destroyed, a buff will be applied to all enemies, who will then attack the Eternal Relic itself. After clearing the last wave, a Ravenous Void Angel will appear on the map, highlighted with a red waypoint. This Ravenous Void Angel has only two main health bar segments rather than the three segments normal Void Angels have, but is fought in the same way.

If the Void Angel reaches the Relic, it will start "desiccating" it, seen as a beam of red energy. If the Void Angel is allowed to feed on the Relic for 30 seconds, the mission will fail. If the Grineer or Corpus enemies deplete the Relic's health, then extraction will be available and the mission will no longer progress, as long as at least one round has been successfully completed. Otherwise, the mission will fail.

Mission start

(Grineer) "Grineer are attacking the Reliquary Drive again. That's waking the Angels. Deploy Armaments and keep the Exodampers online. Protect that Drive."

(Corpus) "Corpus attack inbound. They're targeting the Reliquary, and the Angels will take notice. Build Armaments, safeguard the Exodampers, and keep the Drive stable."

Arriving at Reliquary

"Enemies will hit our Exodampers first, so they can fight unimpeded. Then they'll target the Reliquary Drive."

"Reliquary ahead. Exodampers blunt enemy capability. They'll target them first."

"Defend the Reliquary, but don't neglect the Exodampers. Their fields keep enemies on the back foot."

New wave targeting Exodamper 

"Get ready. Enemies inbound."

"They're hitting an Exodamper. Hit them first."

"Exodamper under threat."

"They're throwing more losers at ya."

"Brace for a fresh wave."

"Do not let this wave of scum take out that Exodamper."

"Protect your Exodampers!"

"Don't let up. More no-marks incoming."

Argozene delivered

(first canister) "You'll need Argozene. I'm sending you a canister now."

"Reckon you could use more Argozene."


"Argozene canister inbound."

"Dropping off an Argozene canister."

"Topping up nearby Argozene."

"More Argozene. Don't waste it."

Collecting first Argozene canister

"The more Argozene you have, the more Armaments you can construct."

"You got some Argozene. Go build."

Building Armament

"Ah, Armaments constructed."

"Defensive ordnance complete."

"Armaments in position."

"Construction complete."

"Deployable defences in place."

Exodamper destroyed

"One less Exodamper. That's a boost to the enemy."

"Took down an Exodamper. Gettin' stronger."

"Exodamper down. You just gave them a clear path to the Drive."

"Exodamper disabled. Do a better job protecting the Drive."

"Exodamper out of action. Watch that flank!"

Wave complete with Exodamper intact

"The Exodamper made it. But they'll be back."

"Exodamper clear of hostile forces."

"You kept that Exodamper standing. Good work."

New wave targeting Reliquary

"Reliquary is exposed! Enemies inbound!"

"Enemy have exposed our Reliquary. Get it defended!"

"Another wave incoming. Reliquary is vulnerable!"

"Squad incoming. Defend the Reliquary!"

"Not done yet. More coming. Prioritise the Reliquary."

Reliquary at 50% health

"The Relic's taking a pounding, grubber! You're meant to stop that!"

"If they destabilise the Relic, this mission's a failure. It cannot defend itself."

"The Relic cannot endure this amount of punishment! Do better!"

Reliquary at 10% health

"Relic is almost destabilised. This is not sustainable."

"Relic's barely hanging on, grubber. Hope you got a miracle in ya."

"They are ripping that Relic wide open!"

Reliquary at 0% health before first round (mission failure)

"They destabilised the Relic. We're done."

"Reliquary compromised. Get your stuff and clear out. We failed."

[sigh] "Guess it was all too much for ya. They won; we lost. Go lick your wounds."

Reliquary at 0% health after first round (mission cannot continue)

"You let them destabilise the Relic, but it'll recover with time. Get out of there while you still have your skin."

"It's over. Nothing more you can do right now. Self-extract and regroup."

"Reliquary compromised. Nothing more you can do. Find self-extraction."

Void Angel spawn

"A Void Angel just woke up and is looking to snack on the Relic!"

"Confirming a Void Angel at your location!"

"Reading Void Angel signature, heading right for the Reliquary!"

If the Angel is feeding off the Reliquary

"Angel's feeding off the Drive!"

"Stop that Angel now or we're all finished!"

"Stop that Void Angel from feeding, grubber!"

If the Angel finishes feeding off the Reliquary (mission failure)

"That Angel is full up. It's over. Get out of there."

"That Angel compromised the Reliquary. Retreat and regroup."

"It's over, damnit. The Angel has fed. This is my fault."

Round complete (First round, third, fourth, etc)

"All the fighting down there in Oro Works is one hell of a useful distraction."

"While you're keeping them busy, we're helping ourselves to their stuff. You get a cut, of course."

"The longer you hold the fort, the more we can loot from our would-be boarders. Hope you're having as much fun as I am." [chuckles]

"I'll put this on the pile."

"Hey! Look what Uncle Cavalero found." [chuckles]

"Don't give these fools you're slaughtering a second thought. The Void's already starting to take them. I can feel it."

"There's some kind of a fire in these no-hopers, pushing them. I can't work it out."

"You gotta wonder what possessed these goons, thinking they could gain mastery over the Void. Heh. Maybe some of them are possessed."

"These wasters are fighting like their lives don't matter. They're driven. [sigh] I've seen that kind of fury on this ship before… once."

"Don't even think of throwing in the towel now!"

"Well, look at you."

"Don't let success go to your head."

Second round complete

"They committed so many troops to this attack, they forgot to defend their Crewships. Here's your share. You're clear to extract."

"Good work, grubber. Here's where we divide the spoils. Extract if you want, or hold out for more."

"You won us some breathing space, and a share of what we were able to loot from them. Hahaha. Extract when you're ready."

Mission complete

"Reliquary is safe. Don't go looking all smug about it."

"Reliquary is secure. You did good, grubber."

"Not bad. Room for improvement, but, uh, not bad."

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