Cavalero Dialogue: Exterminate

Kuva Grineer troops on the Zariman. Captura by GrayArchon.

Cavalero guides the Tenno during Exterminate missions on the Zariman. These missions operate identically to Exterminate missions on other tilesets and in other locations, with the added appearance of Thrax enemies. Zariman Exterminate missions are only seen on a single mission node: Halako Perimeter, Zariman. Like all Zariman missions, it can only be accessed after completing the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Mission start

(Grineer) "Grineer only understand violence. Show them they don't belong in our home."

(Grineer) "These Grineer grunts are hunting for kuva on our ship. Get in there and carve 'em up."

(Grineer) "Boarding party. Grineer clones. Half rotten already. Wipe 'em out."

(Corpus) "Greedy, plundering Corpus bastards have come aboard without permission. Mow them down without a second thought."

(Corpus) "These Corpus ain't here to trade. They're looking to steal, from us. Give 'em hell."

(Corpus) "We got a bunch of Granum clowns looking for easy salvage. We are nobody's free lunch. Bust some heads."

During mission

"Keep fightin'. I'm loving this."

"Don't slow down now. Body count can go way higher."

"Don't let your weapons cool down. Lots more fighting to do."

"So long as they keep coming, you keep killing."

"No flagging. You're my favourite little meat grinder."

Objective complete

(Grineer) "You broke 'em. Nice. Keep hitting 'em hard enough and eventually they get it."

(Grineer) "Ahh, they finally got the message. Grineer are backing off. Good work."

(Grineer) "They wanted to do things the hard way, and now they're done. Grineer are pulling out. Great job."

(Corpus) "Corpus goons are going back to daddy Parvos empty-handed. You sent 'em running."

(Corpus) "Granum can mark this one down as a net loss. Corpus forces retreating. You did good."

(Corpus) "Busted helmets and boots full of blood, all over the deck. Corpus are broken. I'm kind of impressed."

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