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Sisters of Parvos cinematic

Parvos Granum is the ancient Founder of the Corpus. Banished into a pocket-realm of the Void during an assassination attempt long ago, he was protected by his warframe bodyguard Protea. During the events of the Deadlock Protocol, he returned to the Origin System and is now attempting to take back control of the organisation he created. He seems to have significant support, including a group of female warriors known as the Sisters of Parvos.

Parvos is a shrewd, reclusive leader, opting to stay behind the front lines as his plans move forward. Currently, he is most known for his communications regarding his Sisters.

Sisters of Parvos Cutscene

With the release of Sisters of Parvos, a cutscene was shown to all players upon logging in. This cutscene can be replayed in the Sisters of Parvos section of the Codex.

[Parvos Granum stands in a darkened corporate boardroom, at the head of a long conference table, speaking aloud. He turns around to look at the massive data display on the wall, showing detailed information on Corpus leaders and operations. With a wave of his hand, the screen and all others in the room go dark. He continues to stand with his back to the table, still talking, hands clasped behind his back. A Sister of Parvos enters the room, carrying a Tenet Envoy in its attaché case configuration. She walks up, lays her briefcase weapon on the table, and takes a seat. Her eyes are glowing, emitting sparks. Parvos, still speaking, turns around and lays his hands on the chair at the head of the table as more and more Sisters arrive, place their briefcases on the table, and sit. Suddenly, the walls fall down, piece by piece, until the boardroom no longer exists and the conference table is now 'outside', revealing the chaotic storm of the Granum Void, with Parvos' crashed flagship looming in the background. Vala Glarios walks in and takes her place at Parvos' right hand, at the head of the table, as the cutscene ends.]

Parvos Granum: "My brother was a witless man. Happy as a hog, face-down in the trough. No thought of the farmer's axe. He was a brute above my asperous constitution. Yet he had not the will nor the guile to let me guide that brawn. So… in my youth, I often imagined I had another sibling. A spectre… of sorts. A sister. And in my mind, she and I, oh, how we would conspire… great schemes, risk-trades, rapacious plots. And should I ever find myself… back at the trough… penniless… betrayed… rich, only in enemies… she'd be at my side, axe in hand."

When a Sister Candidate spawns

"We are all marked to die in the end. Some cower, some fight. Which are you?"

"This one is now alone. Friendless. Desperate. As I once was."

"If you mean to rise from the decadent morass the Corpus has become, prove yourself to me."

"There is but one true test. Be the reaper, or be the crop."

"You are to be split, little stone. I shall see whether your core is diamond… or dross."

"You have proven yourself many times over. Let us see if you have steel in you."

When a Sister Candidate is mercy killed

"Good, good. Now. Rise."

"My Sisters! We have a neonate. Induct her at once."

"This moment defines you. Remember it with every screaming nerve."

"Death embraced you once, but now you are my sister. It will not dare do so again."

"Sister. Chosen by fate. Purged by death. Worthy as few are worthy."

"Embrace the pain! It is the birth-pang of your power."

When a Sister Candidate dies without being mercy killed

"Some errors serve to inform. Some merely insult the maker."

"You have mistaken your desire."

"Perhaps we can find something for you. In filing."

"Get this inadequate out of my sight."

"The Void hides many mistakes. So be it."

"No second chances."

When a Sister of Parvos is vanquished

"Space the remains. Let them drift, a monument to her failure."

"Ah, well. I have other, less weak, sisters."

"Sisters! Retrieve her corpse. Analyse this failure. Learn. Iterate!"

"Very well, Tenno – you have my attention. So be it."

"Tenno. That will prove to be a very costly mistake."

Parvos Granum is introduced in the Deadlock Protocol quest. The Corpus Ship retrofit introduced in that update added imagery of Parvos Granum all over the ship interiors, including statues, fountains, stylised portraits, and Granum Tribute hand statues. The Treasurers, introduced at the same time, mention Parvos in their dialogue. Afterwards, he is mentioned by Corpus Captains in Empyrean missions, as well as Vala Glarios in the Call of the Tempestarii. The events of that quest lead to the formation of the Sisters of Parvos. Each of the Sisters mention Parvos in their dialogue, as does Vala when she is guiding them. The story of Parvos founding the Corpus can be found in the Tenets on the Corpus Ship tileset.

Parvos has additional dialogue in Deimos Disruption missions. He is mentioned by Loid in Whispers in the Walls, as well as in Loid's normal dialogue, and the Leverian galleries of Nezha and Dante. Parvos is mentioned by Cavalero and Perrin Sequence crewmembers, and in the bio of possible Perrin Sequence and Red Veil crewmembers, as well as by the Lotus during Granum Void expeditions. His name appears on a clue in a Nightwave: Glassmaker crime scene. Currently, he seems to be interested in the newly appeared Zariman ship, sending a large fleet of Juno Corpus to investigate and seize what they can. Parvos' personal interest in the ship is mentioned by Quinn, Cavalero, and in the descriptions of Zariman bounties.

Parvos Granum is voiced by Ed Kelly.

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