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Vala Glarios is a high-ranking Corpus captain in service to Parvos Granum. During the Call of the Tempestarii quest, she pursues the eponymous ghost ship, only to be banished into the Granum Void by its advanced ordnance. However, Parvos Granum finds her and recruits her to be the first and highest-ranking of his Sisters. From that point on, she manages the Sisterhood on Parvos' behalf, encouraging Candidates and helping the Sisters of Parvos engage the Tenno.

When a Sister Candidate spawns

"Candidate, you would be wise to remember your Tenets! Brother Parvos is watching."

"Parvos Granum! This next candidate claims she has shed the bonds of idleness and aspires to become your Sister."

"Candidate, your accomplishments are many. Now, prove yourself to our brother, Parvos Granum."

"Brother! Another candidate steps forward in the hope of admission to our Sisterhood."

When a Sister Candidate leaves without being killed

"Our Candidate escaped. How embarrassing for the Tenno."

"This Tenno is wasting your time, Brother Parvos. The Candidate has eluded them."

"We came to judge this Candidate, but instead, she judged this Tenno… unworthy."

"She has eluded the Tenno. A strong Candidate… but this was not her time."

"The Tenno was… too weak for her. We shall find her a more suitable match."

"A draw. Impressive. Reward the Candidate and return her to the queue."

When a Sister of Parvos levels up

"Sister. You have been promoted."

"You have proven true, Sister. A promotion is in order."

"I hereby promote you in rank and power. Use it."

"When a Sister distinguishes herself, she deserves… promotion."

(when reaching max rank) "Sister! We honour you with promotion to the highest rank!"

(when reaching max rank) "You now receive the highest honour the Sisterhood can bestow."

When the Tenno boards the Sister’s ship

"Have faith, Sister. When your time comes, your Sisters shall sing. But your time is not yet."

"This is Sister Vala Glarios. Dispatching fleet support. We stand with you."

"Hold fast, Sister! Honour those who have gone before you!"

"Sister. You have our brother's full support. Take what is yours."

When the Tenno approaches the Sister

"Fight well, Sister. Parvos sends you guardian Spectres. Turn the strength of the Tenno back against them."

"Spectres! Stand by my Sister and shield her from all harm!"

"Authorising protective Spectre deployment. I shall not lose another of my Sisters."

"Sister, your desire has been rewarded with protection from Brother Parvos. Deploying Spectres. May they be your shields."

When the Spectres are dead

"Spectres destroyed. She has only herself now."

"Your guards have fallen. If you too must fall, exact a grievous price."

"You stand undefended, Sister. Show them how hard we can fight."

"Spectres down. This must now be your final stand, Sister."

Aside from her introduction in the Call of the Tempestarii, Vala has yet to face the Tenno directly. She is mentioned in the dialogue of the Sisters of Parvos.

Vala Glarios is voiced by singer Damhnait Doyle.

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