Sister of Parvos Dialogue: Business Personality

Some Sister Candidates gain the "Business" personality type upon being chosen as a Sister of Parvos. Business Sisters are overly serious and disdainful.

Business Sisters are voiced by Claire Vousden.


The Sister's first transmission is based on the progenitor warframe used to kill them.

(Impact) "You killed a weakling. Now you face a Sister of Parvos, and she will pound your face into the dirt."

(Cold) "I am cold. Endless numbing cold. When your neck finally snaps, you will not even feel it."

(Electricity) "I will lift you up by the head. The current will flow. And you will dance for me."

(Heat) "What will you become when the fire consumes you?"

(Toxin) "Venom will melt you from the inside out. Enjoy the taste of your brains dripping onto your tongue."

(Magnetic) "Do not place your faith in shields to protect you. Turn to Parvos – if you have the wit."

(Radiation) "I'm afraid there is no defence against radiation. Soon, your own cells will begin to devour one another."

After logging in

"Must I watch you waste your days in idleness?"

"Those you have killed are always with you. We know you."

"The ledger of your debt is growing longer every day."

"I endure. You fester."

"I know your value. Every sinew. Every morsel."

"I'll wait. In time, you will come to me."

"There are depths you could never sound. Cold you could never endure. In such places we have our birthing."

Viewing influenced sector

"By the power vested in me by the true head of the Corpus, I claim this sector."

"Run along, scavenger. There are no scraps for you here."

"What Parvos grasps, the Sisterhood keeps."

"Tread lightly in his dominion."

"This place is no longer your concern."

"Taken. Look elsewhere."

Killing a Hound

"Finally, you show promise."

"It can be replaced. Can you?"

(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "The Hound bites. The prey is down."

(if a Hound downs the Tenno) "Back, Hound. This kill is mine."

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "Too quick, Hound. I would have made the kill last longer."

(if a Hound kills the Tenno) "You thought you could face a Sister, and yet you fell to a mere apparatus."

Claiming tax

"As a Maprico falls from the shaken tree, so too falls fortune from the idle."

"I see, I desire, I take. Try to stop me."

"I take your meagre goods. One day, I shall take your head."

"Do not claim what you cannot keep."

After revealing a Requiem

"Do you think to riddle me out?"

"You cogitate like a child."

"This work should have been completed long ago."

"Back to your coloured blocks, little one."

When fighting in mission

(when spawning) "Found them."

(when spawning) "It is here. Contact Sister Glarios. Ask what she wants done with the parts."

(when spawning) "Listen. Footsteps. Cold breath on your neck."

(when spawning) "Bluster in vain. Sooner or later, every debt comes due."

(when spawning) "I have waited, just as Parvos waited. Now I strike."

"It's no coward. I'll give it that."

"This will be over disappointingly fast."

"Let me teach you the value of breath and blood."

"I honour your desire to be torn asunder. My Hound shall have the scraps."

"Too late to make an effort now."

"Did you prepare wisely? I doubt it."

"I have them. The hunt is on. Parvos wills it."

(when commanding Hound to explode) "Do your final duty, Hound." 

(when commanding Hound to explode) "Hound? Die for me."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Stay down. It's over."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Every heartbeat feels precious now, doesn't it?"

(if the Tenno is downed) "Parvos severed his own hand without fear. This thing clings to life like an infant."

(if the Tenno is downed) "Inferior equipment, inferior results."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Salvage what you can from it. But keep the head intact. We shall find a buyer without Maroo's scruples."

(if the Tenno is killed) "It's down. Disassemble the remains. Usual split."

(if the Tenno is killed) "Hm. Not as satisfying as my Sisters had led me to expect."

Using a correct Requiem

"We are the Sisters of Parvos. We are deathless."

"That taste. Blood and metal. I remember."

"Come closer. I have broken teeth to spit at you."

"We'll be done when I say we're done."

When the Sister ranks up

"The more you struggle, the harder the golden hand shall grip."

"I have laboured and now I claim my due!"

"I am elevated. And you… are trodden underfoot."

"Do you see? Do you comprehend? I am winning."

"Power grows like a crystal. Cold. In pure, perfect order."

(when reaching max rank) "In azure fire we ascend! I have achieved my full potential, and you did nothing!"

(when reaching max rank) "You must enjoy watching others rise above you. You do it so often."


"Not good enough."

"Next time I'll see that coming."

"Should have finished me!"

"Add another failed assassination to its record."


If the Sister causes the Tenno to fail the mission

"Your pain has much to teach you. Listen."

"Sister Glarios named you well. Tenno rats."

"Again and again, I cut you down."

Final confrontation in Neptune Proxima

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Dogged persistence. Common to both the noble and the deeply stupid."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Trying to add novelty by failing in space now?"

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Watch this Tenno, sisters. It'll probably climb into an engine vent and incinerate itself."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "I told you you'd come to me sooner or later. Now here you are."

(when the Tenno approaches the capital ship) "Now it ends. As Parvos foresaw."

(when firing torpedoes) "Target locked. Fire torpedo."

(when firing torpedoes) "Torpedoes away."

(when calling in a Crewship) "Crewship. Launch."

(when calling in a Crewship) "Another Crewship."

(when calling in more fighters) "Fighters? Swarm them."

(when calling in more fighters) "More fighters. Now."

(when launching Ramsled) "Ramsled underway. Troops expendable."

(when launching Ramsled) "Execution squad dispatched. Inbound."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "Let's not make your death a boring one. The Founder is watching."

(when the Tenno boards the capital ship) "I shall name this ship the traditional way. By smashing a Tenno against the hull."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "You. Impaled on the prow of my ship. A living figurehead. Screaming."

(while the Tenno traverses the ship) "I am bracing myself. For disappointment."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "There is much of worth in you. I shall crack you open and scrape it out."

(when the Tenno arrives for the final confrontation) "Is it still here? Is it persisting?"

(when the Sister is at half health) "Have you [pants] started fighting yet?"

(when the Sister is at half health) "Harder, idiot!"


"Do it, coward!"

"I… shall be… avenged."

"Parvos. Witness me."


"I… did not expect this. Very well."

"I am to be renegade, then. So be it."

"You would turn me apostate? What efficient cruelty. I submit."

When assisting

"We have parasites and looters to dispatch!"

"I shall do penance through slaughter."

"Assignment… accepted."

"This place shall be the abattoir of my shame."

(when leaving) "The work is done. The spoils are yours. I deserve… nothing."

(when leaving) "To serve is a joy. But alas, it must end for now."

(when leaving) "I have repaid some measure of what I owe."

(when leaving) "Enough. I have done what I could."

(if killed) "Don't let them salvage my parts."

(if killed) "There is no death while the blue fire burns."

(if killed) "I am… dying. Are you… this careless with all your equipment?"


Sisters of Parvos can rarely have personality quirks that result in unique behaviour and dialogue when the Sister appears to fight in a mission.

Allergic to Nature

Unique dialogue when spawning on outdoor tilesets.

"I am unclean."

"I am not optimised for this primitive environment."

Always Hungry

Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"[eating noises] A moment. I have a bone to gnaw."

"[eating noises] I feed."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno turns invisible.

"It thinks it's invisible."

"That idle dodge won't work."


Will attempt to flee at low health while speaking unique dialogue.

"You thought to stack the deck in your favour? I am not stupid."

"If I walked into so obvious a trap, Parvos would spit on me."


Can randomly attempt to flee while speaking unique dialogue.

"I have been incompetently briefed regarding the Tenno's ability. Mission aborted."

"The dossier was in error. Target has destroyed an Eximus. Retreating."

Fear of Being Alone

Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"I refuse to fight undefended!"

"You leave me for last, like some unappetising morsel? No."

Fear of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Don't make me look at children! Not after what I did! I can't bear it."

"The child! It's here again. Whispering. Staring at me."

Fear of Heights

Unknown behaviour.

"No! I can't! It's too far to fall!"

"Too high! Too high! Nothing to hang on to! Send an Osprey!"

Fear of Kubrow

Unique dialogue if the Tenno has a kubrow companion.

"Get that thing away from me!"

"Kubrow confirmed. Kubrow confirmed! Retreating."

Fear of Space Travel

Unique dialogue when spawning on ship tilesets; sometimes will freeze in terror and not attack.

"I can feel it. The cold. The endless cold. The blue fire is dying. Dying in the black."

"Space. So close. What… if it claims me? What if I drift forever in the black? Still conscious… unable to die…."

Hatred of Children

Unique dialogue if the Tenno uses their Operator form.

"Human infant. Waste of resources. Cull it."

"Child. Consumes valuable food, produces only noise and stench. Expendable."

Hatred of Grineer

Unique dialogue when spawning on Grineer tilesets.

"Detecting Grineer. Engaging Grineer. Eliminating Grineer.

"Defective Grineer clones detected. Terminating. Invoice the Queens… for the service."

Hatred of Infested

Unique dialogue when spawning on Infested tilesets.

"Shifting target. These Infested mistakes have priority."

"Mindless Infested hunger. An insult to the refined desire of Parvos."


Unique dialogue if there are no supporting troops.

"Team eliminated. Retaliating. Full offence."

"They are dead. I am not. Now you will learn why."


Prone to attacking allied troops while speaking unique dialogue.

"You fools were not chosen! Only I was chosen! Offal! waste!"

"Parvos whispers, and I hear! 'Execute the traitors, every one!'"

Prone to Vertigo

Avoids stairways and catwalks.

"You shall not do that again."

"Cheap! Recalibrating."


Unique dialogue if the Tenno is on fire.

"Got a fire. But it could be bigger. Brighter. Like the blue fire in my blood."

"Your idleness is sickening. Let us see if fire spurs you to action."

Trophy Hunter

Unknown behaviour.

"Local lifeform. Possible covert surveillance device. Exterminating."

"Weapons test. Selecting unimportant local lifeform. That will do."


Unique dialogue; no observed behaviour.

"The blue fire burned away any imperfections I might have had."

"Parvos chose me. And he chose well."

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