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Sisters of Parvos are powerful Corpus adversaries who can go toe-to-toe with a warframe – and potentially emerge victorious. Created by Parvos Granum via methods unknown, Sisters of Parvos possess a form of immortality such that defeat only makes them stronger. Only through the use of forgotten Orokin rituals can a Sister be permanently defeated… although some Tenno may choose to be merciful, and spare their adversary's life. Any Sister of Parvos granted such a reprieve becomes a life-long ally to the Tenno in their future battles.

Each Sister of Parvos is born from a Sister Candidate. A Candidate is a lowly Corpus who seeks to engage the Tenno in combat – usually resulting in her ignominious death. Parvos Granum rewards the Candidate for her bravery by resurrecting her in the form of a Sister of Parvos. The method by which he does this is currently unknown. It may somehow be related to his mastery of the Spectre Particle, or some other technological marvel he has carried with him since the days of the old Orokin. Some Sisters make reference to a "blue fire" responsible for their immortality. Whatever the process, the Candidate becomes a full Sister of Parvos, gifted the most advanced tech Parvos can spare, immortal, and wielding the power of the very warframe that created it (referred to as a Progenitor). Sisters of Parvos are highly intelligent and are granted wide authority over local Corpus affairs. They receive a personal fleet that they will use to spread their influence across entire planets, harvesting the output of its production to bolster their troops. When provoked into a direct confrontation, the Sister of Parvos wields a deadly Tenet weapon that represents the very best of Corpus ingenuity, and is guarded by an advanced robotic Hound proxy capable of an array of disorienting attacks. In addition, Sisters of Parvos are imbued with the Tenno's own power and can use similar abilities, and also possess teleportation or other mobility techniques that allow them to quickly reposition themselves around the battlefield. Should a Tenno prevail despite these advantages, they will find that the Sister simply refuses to die. A Sister who suffers a fatal blow will simply cackle with laughter and vanish, only to resurface on a new planet with amplified powers.

Each Sister of Parvos has an individual sequence of three Requiems somehow related to their immortality. To permanently end this immortality, a Tenno must learn the Requiem sequence by killing the Sister's Hounds and listening to their dying chirps and barks. An echo of the Sister's nature lives within their proxies' code, and so the Tenno can eventually glean one or more of the Requiems over time. If the Tenno does not have access to the corresponding Requiem mods, they must be harvested from Requiem Relics on the Kuva Fortress itself. The Tenno must then apply the Requiem mods to their Parazon data-blade, and confront the Sister of Parvos in personal combat. Upon defeating the Sister, the Tenno will strike down the Sister with their Parazon. If the Requiem sequence was incorrect, the Sister will flee, victorious. However, if the Tenno has correctly aligned their Requiems with the Sister's sequence, her immortality will be removed, and the nemesis will be mortal once more. At this point the Tenno can choose to either kill the Sister of Parvos, this time for good, and take their Tenet weapon; or to spare their life, thus gaining a permanent ally who will arrive to aid them when most needed.

Sisters of Parvos have one of four distinct personalities, and the vast majority of their dialogue reflects this.

Aftermath when being vanquished

After the Tenno vanquishes a Sister of Parvos, they will receive an inbox message from Ordis upon returning to the Orbiter.

Inbox message:
Sister of Parvos Vanquished: [NAME of Sister]


After your harrowing victory over [NAME of Lich], Ordis recovered this forged weapon blueprint. It has been added to your Foundry. Ordis cannot wait to see it in action.

Your loyal Cephalon,

This inbox message will include the Tenet weapon wielded by the Sister (which can be claimed from the Foundry, fully built), the Hound variant used by the Sister (also in the Foundry, fully built), and the ephemera the Sister had (if any).

Aftermath when being converted

After the Tenno converts a Sister of Parvos, they will receive an inbox message from the Sister herself upon returning to the Orbiter.

Inbox message:

[name of Tenno],

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of our association that a partnership be formed forthwith.

The partnership exists between [name of Tenno] (Party A) and [NAME of Sister] (myself, Party B) by mutual consent.

It is hereby formalised that Party B sever all ties, now and in perpetuity, with the body known as The Corpus Board (Party C), and any and all associations with Parvos Granum (Party D). Party B avows they will no longer be associated with the conduct of any Corpus business and that Party B divests themselves of any and all outstanding obligations relating to Parties C and D.

The terms of this agreement are effective immediately.

[NAME of Sister]

This inbox message will include the ephemera the Sister had (if any). The Sister will keep her Tenet weapon. She will not keep her Hound, although the Tenno will not receive it, either. The Sister can periodically appear to assist the Tenno in their missions, and may be assigned to the Railjack as a crew member.

Both Parvos Granum and Vala Glarios have extensive dialogue revolving around the Sisters' birth and death. Darvo Bek also mentions the Sisters of Parvos, implying that the Tenno are not the only foes the Sisters are created to oppose (although this can also be interpreted as narcissism on Darvo's part).

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