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Maroo is a nonaligned thief who has crossed paths with the Tenno many times. While serving only her own self-interest, she is not antagonistic to the Tenno, and has relied on them a few times to see her out of trouble.

Maroo currently resides in a space station orbiting Mars called Maroo's Bazaar. Here, Tenno can barter with each other without needing a clan Dojo. Maroo stands nearby to offer trading tips, or to extract Endo from Ayatan sculptures. Maroo takes a 10% tax of all trades conducted in her Bazaar.

Idle quotes

"Hey, did you hear, Tenno? I'm turning everyone's Ayatan treasures into Endo. Interested?"

"Welcome to Maroo's Bazaar. You trading, or are you looking to pull some Endo from Ayatan treasures?"

"Hey. Came to trade? Or did you find some Ayatan treasures you want Endo from?"

Greeting the Tenno

"Hey! Welcome to my Bazaar. Tenno from all over the System come here to trade. Need any pointers?"

"If you're looking for Maroo's Bazaar, you've come to the right place."

“I want to sell my wares.”

"Selling, are we? Okay then, find a shady spot near the tree and let everyone know you're here. If someone sees something they like, it's time to start negotiating."

“Looking to buy something.”

"Oh, so you're buying? That's nice. Keep a lookout for Tenno with something to sell. And remember: only suckers pay the first price."

“Ayatan treasures?”

"Running short on Endo? No problem. Just bring me your old Ayatan sculptures. They're full of Endo and I'll squeeze out every last ounce of that sweet mod-juice. You'll get even more if the sculpture is socketed with Stars. Just don't expect that pretty ornament back when I'm done."

This dialogue option (and the response from Maroo) is only shown the first time the Tenno visits Maroo in the Bazaar. In subsequent conversations, this option will be replaced with the two following options, "Extract Endo from my Ayatan items" and "I'm looking for Ayatan treasures."

“Extract Endo from my Ayatan items.”

This opens up an interface where the Tenno can select any Ayatan stars or sculptures they own and trade them to Maroo in exchange for Endo.

(only stars, variant) "Thanks for the Ayatan star, but you know, when you put them in a sculpture, they generate even more Endo."

(only stars, variant) "That's a fine Ayatan star, but it'd be worth more Endo if you used your Mod Bench to put it in a sculpture."

(unfilled statues) "Anyone ever tell you that the Ayatan stars and sculptures can be put together using your Mod Bench? You just wait and see what happens when you fill one completely."

(single statue) "A nice find. Here's the Endo you're after."

(single statue) "Mm, a beautiful piece. I guess you'll appreciate the Endo more."

(single statue) "Thank you, Tin-suit, a fine trade. Transaction complete. Ha ha!"

(single statue) "I can't remember the last time I saw one this nice. Thinking about all that Endo… mm. It makes me tingle."

(single statue) "Oh, this is a fine piece! I'd have a hard time giving this up…. I'm not judging, you understand. I mean, you must really need that Endo."

(single statue) "Wow! Who'd you rob to get— wait a minute… it's just better if I don't know."

(multiple statues) "Wow, Tenno, I'm impressed. It's been a long time since I've seen such a complete collection of Ayatan treasures."

(multiple statues) "What a haul! It must have taken you forever to fill these with stars."

(multiple statues) "Oh me, oh my, would you look at these? You can almost smell the Endo. Nice work."

(afterwards) "Got anything else?"

(afterwards) "Okay, got anything else you want to convert?"

(afterwards) "Will that be all?"

(afterwards) "And done. Need anything else?"

“I’m looking for Ayatan treasures.”

Once a week, Maroo will give out a mission that will allow the Tenno to obtain a guaranteed Ayatan sculpture if completed.

(mission available) "So, looking for Ayatans? Yeah, you and me both. I got a lead on something, too dicey for this gal, but it might be right up your alley. Interested?"

(mission available) "Do I have any leads on hidden Ayatans? Of course. Though, retrieving them won't be easy… or safe, really. But then again, you probably knew that. Shall we?"

(mission available) "Lucky for you, I got a hot tip on the location of some Ayatans. So, are you up for a little investigation, Shiny?"

(if the Tenno says "I'm ready.") "I knew it. Okay, let's do this." [mission starts]

(if the Tenno says "I'm ready.") "Hahahaha, that's the spirit. Let's go!" [mission starts]

(if the Tenno says "Not now.") "Some other time, then."

(if the Tenno says "Not now.") "Probably too dangerous anyway."

(no mission available) "You asked the right person on the wrong day. I've got nothing for you right now."

(no mission available) "Sorry, pal. No new leads today. But listen, I've got my ear to the ground on Ayatans, don't worry."

(no mission available) "Well, I'm out of leads on Ayatans right now, but… check back later.  Something always manages to come up."

Bidding farewell

"Been a pleasure. Remember, I'm always looking for more Ayatan treasures."

"Come back anytime, Tenno."

"See ya around, Tinsuit."

Ayatan treasure hunts

Maroo's weekly Ayatan missions take place in either the Orokin Void or Orokin Derelict tilesets, with the appropriate enemies. The only objective is to find the Ayatan sculpture and get out. The sculpture is located in one of four possible puzzle rooms, and is waypointed on the map.

(upon mission start) "Okay, you know the drill: get in, get the Ayatan treasure, don't get killed. Simple, right?"

(upon mission start) "Here we go, let's find some antiquities."

(upon mission start) "Okay, the Ayatan treasure's marked on your map. Time to go to work."

(if in the Void) "I stumbled across an Orokin codex that said this Tower was known for its beautiful Ayatan treasures. Unfortunately for you, it was also known for its deadly security apparatus."

(if in the Derelict) "There's no doubt in my mind that an Ayatan treasure lies somewhere in this derelict. And yet, I wouldn't set foot in this place for all the Ayatan in the System. You, on the other hand…."

(upon reaching the puzzle room) "Oh wow. This looks dangerous. Uh, for me, I mean…. You'll be fine. Promise."

(upon reaching the puzzle room) "Well, this should be fun. Maybe you should stretch first, you know, limber up?"

The puzzle rooms are timed obstacle courses. If the Tenno does not reach the end before the timer expires, the mission will fail.

(success) "My oh my, I think you've found it."

(success) "Don't look now, Tin-Stuff, there's an Ayatan nearby."

At the end of the obstacle course is a single Ayatan sculpture on a pedestal.

(upon picking up the Ayatan) "That's what we came here for. Your job's done."

(upon picking up the Ayatan) "Ha! You've got it, now bring it home."

Daily login reward

Maroo is one of the characters who will give Tenno their daily login rewards.

"Ah, you look like a Tenno who knows the business."

"Heya, Tinsuit, this your first time?"

"Oh me, oh my, would you look at these?"

"Jackpot. That's what we're looking for."

"Lotta good stuff here, Tenno."

"Here we go, let's find some antiquities."

Clan advertising

When the Tenno reaches Mastery Rank 2, Maroo will send them a message if they are not yet affiliated with a clan.

Inbox message:
Find the Clan You Deserve

Hey there, steelcheeks.

I got word you're running solo out there. Not affiliated to any of the Clans.

You do know there's hundreds of Clans that would love to have you, right?

Well, your pal Maroo's put her networking skills at your disposal.

See for yourself! All kinds of Clans, big and small, all puttin' recruitment calls out.

You can browse them at your leisure right there in your Orbiter. Or come and see me at the Bazaar.

Remember – where there's a demand, there's money to be made. And right now, YOU are in demand, [name].


This message is intended to introduce the Tenno to the Clan advertising board hosted at Maroo's Bazaar.

Maroo first appears as a person of interest in the quest Stolen Dreams, and then later in the Tactical Alert Project Undermine. Later, she would resurface as a permanent fixture in the Origin System when she unveiled a brand new space station, Maroo's Bazaar, built from the ruins of Tenno Relays destroyed during Operation: Eyes of Blight. The Bazaar serves as a trading hub for Tenno who want a neutral place to exchange goods. Eventually, Maroo began offering weekly missions to retrieve Ayatan sculptures deep within Orokin installations. She is mentioned by Cephalon Cordylon, Little Duck, and Business Sisters of Parvos. Her name can turn up on a randomised clue during a Nightwave: Glassmaker crime scene, and she is mentioned in the bio of a possible Steel Meridian crewmember. Later, during Prime Resurgence, a Dax named Varzia shows up in Maroo's Bazaar. Varzia appears to be in a relationship with Maroo and mentions her frequently during the event.

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