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Darvo Bek is an independent merchant, formerly of the Corpus, who helps the Tenno from time to time… when it is in his best interests. He is always willing to sell the Tenno anything they need to gain the edge over their enemies. He can be found in his shop in any Relay.

Greeting the Tenno

"Ey, Tenno, good to see you."

"Come in, come in."

"Welcome to my little shop."

"Tenno! [laughs]"

Greeting the Tenno if the “Help Clem” mission is available

These replace the standard greeting if the Tenno has completed the quest A Man of Few Words and the weekly mission is available.

"So, Tenno, you up for a little job on the side?"

"Listen, I have a little job for you. Interested?"

(if the Tenno says "Does Clem need my help?") "So, what do you say? Will you help him out? And don't worry – you'll get paid, too." [mission begins]

(if the Tenno says "I am here to shop.") [shows Darvo Deal]

Looking at Darvo Deal

"Because you're a friend, I'm going to offer you something special. Just remember, one per customer."

"These won't last long."

"Hey. Check this deal out."

"I think I have something you might be interested in, hahaha."

Purchasing a Darvo Deal

"A fine choice.

"You won't be sorry."

"I know you'll put that to good use."

(weapon) "You be careful with that thing, Tenno."

(weapon) "Heh, I wouldn't want to get on your bad side now."

(weapon) "Can't wait to see what that thing will do once you get it all modded up."

(bundled items) "Do you need a bag for all of these? Hahaha, just kidding. I'll have them sent to your Armoury."

(bundled items) "Looks like all of these will keep you busy for a while, eh?"

(bundled items) "Whoa, big spender. Haha. You won't regret it."

Looking at Darvo Deal if the Tenno has already purchased it

"Not so fast, Tenno. Due to popular demand, I'm only selling one of these per customer."

"Only one per Tenno. Don't get greedy."

"Due to limited stock, I'm only selling one of these per customer."

"Whoa, you already got a deal. No hoarding."

"Look, you take more than one, and next thing I know, Baro Ki'Teer will be buying up the whole stock and selling it for three times the price. You know I can't let that happen."

If the Darvo Deal is sold out

"I'm all out of stock; you've got to be quicker next time."

"No deals right now. I'm waiting on one of my 'suppliers', know what I mean?"

"All sold out. You know what they say, early bird gets the deal, right, Tenno?"

"Sorry, Tenno, got nothing left. Don't you worry, though… some really special stuff comin' in; check back soon."

"No deals right now. I'll let you know when something comes in."

Bidding farewell

"See you soon, Tenno."

"Thanks for shopping by. Oh, I mean, stopping by. Don't know why I said that."

"Won't you come again?"

"Til next time."

Mission control

During a rare few times in the Tenno's history – namely, the Special Alerts A Favour for Darvo and Ties That Bind, and the quest A Man of Few Words – Darvo acts as mission control for the Tenno instead of the Lotus. During these missions, he will have standard mission control dialogue, in addition to his dialogue specific to the event or mission.

(when alarms are unalerted) "Keep going. Nobody knows you're on this ship."

(after raising alarms, variant) "Looks like you're on the systems now… so watch out."

(after raising alarms, variant) "Wow, they are not happy about you being here."

(after security lockdown) "Did they lock you out? That's cute."

(after alarms have been hacked) "That was easy. Keep moving."

(when enemies are incoming, variant) "More coming your way."

(when enemies are incoming, variant) "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way… it's the Gri— no, wait, it's the Corpus. Definitely the Corpus."

(after objective is complete) "Go on, get to extraction."

Daily login reward

Darvo is one of the characters who will give Tenno their daily login rewards.

"Hey you, yeah, you. Friend. You like deals?"

"Hey, friends. Check this merch out."

"It's that time again."

"Hey, Tenno, you ready for today's steal… whoa, I mean, deal. Today's deal."

"Tenno, hurry."

"This looks interesting."

Miscellaneous sales

These are dialogue lines used when Darvo promotes out-of-game sales like TennoCon platinum sales, store merchandise, or other items outside of the game client. Darvo can appear saying these lines in extra videos or livestreams (not usually in-game).

"(sing-song) Come to my sale, come to my sale, gotta dump this merch or I go to jail, go to jail! (normal voice) Just kidding, friend! But seriously, I need to sell this stuff quick. Come to my shop before the Grineer do."

"Welcome, friends! Buy my merch while it's hot!"

"Darvo's one-day sale! I'm desperate to sell all this stuff today! For no particular reason!"

"Hey you! Why're you standing there when you could be in my shop shopping? Don't you know there's a sale going on? And that it's incredible?"

"One day. One sale. One Darvo."

"Welcome to Darvo's one-day sale."

"Darvo's one-day sale! One day. One chance to get all this great merch."

"Friend! Friend, hey. Do me a favour. If you see any Grineer walking about, do not mention the amazing deals at my one-day sale. Got enough problems with Corpus as it is."

"Look at all this 100%-authentic merchandise. No, seriously, I really mean it this time! This stuff is the real deal, no joke."

"Hey, you there! How much do you want for those shoes?"

"Friends! Why don't you come to my shop and spend some of that local currency? My credits ain't no good in this town."

"Could have sworn I saw the Lotus walking around here a few minutes ago. Nah… couldn't be."

"Hey you, yeah you. Friend. You like deals? I got deals. Just come to my shop. It's right here."

Inbox messages

Darvo is known to send the Tenno a variety of marketing-related inbox messages, related to in-game sales at his shop or even encouraging players to take action outside the game, such as link their email accounts or Twitch Prime accounts to their Warframe accounts. These inbox messages are listed here:

Darvo is first encountered in Vor's Prize. Afterwards, he shows up in the Special Alerts A Favour for Darvo and Ties That Bind, and later issues the quest A Man of Few Words. After the conclusion of Operation: Cryotic Front, Darvo contacts the Tenno and reveals that their "mystery associate" is named Baro Ki'Teer, with whom Darvo seems to have a contentious relationship. When the Tenno Relays are built, Darvo sets up a permanent shop that can be found in all Relays. Afterwards, Darvo appears in the Blackout Tactical Alert, and later the sale events Darvo's Totally Legit Sale (and the ensuing Corpus Bust Special Alerts) and Darvo's Fire Sale. He also introduces the Tenno to The Index via Operation: The Index Preview. He is mentioned by Baro Ki'Teer, Cephalon Cordylon, and the Grineer propagandist on the Radio Scanner. His name can turn up on a randomised clue during a Nightwave: Glassmaker crime scene, and he is mentioned in the bio of a possible Steel Meridian crewmember.

Darvo is voiced by Ryan Baker, a programmer at Digital Extremes.

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