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Baro Ki'Teer is a mysterious individual who bills himself as the "Void Trader". He sells rare and powerful items ostensibly gathered from the Void. Tenno who complete the Sands of Inaros quest will learn that his haughty and foppish mannerisms conceal his humble beginnings.

Baro Ki'Teer's Ducat kiosks are placed on every Relay in the Origin System. At these kiosks, Tenno can exchange Prime blueprints and parts for Orokin Ducats, an antiquated currency that Baro uses. Every fortnight, Baro will arrive in a specific Relay for a duration of 48 hours. The Ducat kiosks count down the time to his arrival, or departure when he is present. During his visits, Baro will offer a couple dozen random items for sale. Most of his wares are Prisma weapons or Primed mods, though he also sells certain rare mods, Vandal and Wraith weapons, and a wide variety of cosmetic items. The only item he offers every visit is a craftable key that unlocks the Sands of Inaros quest.

Inbox message

Every time Baro arrives in the Relay, he will send each Tenno an inbox message announcing his arrival.

Inbox message:
The Void Trader has returned


The wait is over. I, Baro Ki'Teer, have returned with more treasures from the Void.

All Tenno of means are invited to peruse my latest treasures in the [Relay] on [planet].

I implore you not to hesitate, for, as always, my visit will be brief and my items exquisite.

Baro Ki'Teer

This message auto-deletes after he leaves.


While using the Ducat kiosks, there is a Tutorial button in the lower right-hand corner of the interface that brings up a message from Baro, explaining how to use the kiosk.

"Hello, Tenno. My name is Baro Ki'Teer, the Void Trader. Welcome to my Ducat kiosk. Allow me to explain. Perhaps, like me, you enjoy the thrill of the Void. And perhaps you've also collected more treasure than you can use, or not exactly what you desire? This is where I come in. Bring your unused prime blueprints and parts to this kiosk and exchange them for the only currency that I accept – Orokin Ducats. Then, during one of my regular Relay visits, you may trade your Ducats for something rare and extraordinary, something only I can provide."

Entering Relay Concourse when Baro is present

"The wait is over, Tenno. Baro Ki'Teer has arrived."

"My latest safari in the Void has yielded spectacular finds. Unique items for the Tenno of distinction."

"Tenno! May I extend an invitation to you – my latest collection of choice items from the Void is now available for viewing."

Browsing wares


"Why, hello."

"Browsing is always free. How fortunate for you."

"All my wares come from the Void. Perhaps you'll get to visit sometime."

"Do have a look. Who knows, you may turn into a paying customer someday."

"Some interesting gear you have, Tenno. I guess minimalism is making a comeback?"

(if Tenno has an Inaros warframe equipped) "Inaros, it's an honour to serve you."

(if Tenno has an Inaros warframe equipped) "Tenno, you honour my people with your warframe."

(if Tenno has an Inaros warframe equipped) "It brings joy to my heart to see Inaros in action."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "I have much to show you."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Baro Ki'Teer, at your service."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Oh my, now here is someone with great taste."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "I can tell you will appreciate what I have today."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Ah, I can see you're no stranger to the finer things."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "You're a Tenno of greater tastes, I can tell just by looking at you."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Well, hello, golden warrior. Just back from the Void, I presume?"

Purchasing an item

"They say 'money can't buy class', but I think you just proved them wrong."

"I underestimated you, Tenno. I do hope you didn't put yourself in a hole for this?"

"What a pleasant surprise. Perhaps there's hope for you after all."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "An excellent choice. Be sure to visit again when I have new finds."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "A pleasure doing business with you, Tenno. Perhaps you'll come to one of my next parties?"

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "If you like that, come back next time I'm in the Relay. I'll have something extra special for you."

Exiting wares without purchase

"Come again."

"Maybe next time."

"Now you have something to work toward."

"A little out of your reach? Perhaps a Darvo Deal would be more your speed?"

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Until next time."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Come back soon."

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Nothing to your liking?"

(if Tenno has Prime gear equipped) "Next time I'll have something you'll want, I'm sure of it."

Ten minutes before Baro leaves

"Tenno, there is little time left to purchase the finest Orokin-Era items this side of Jupiter."

"This Relay is about to get a lot less interesting. Come see me before I go."

"I have nearly sold out of these items. This is your last chance. I don't know when I will have these again."

When Baro Ki’Teer leaves from Relay

When the timer for his visit expires, Baro will vanish from the Relay in a burst of blue energy and issue a parting transmission.

"And now I am off. I hope you don't miss too much while I'm gone."

"Farewell, Tenno. Until we meet again."

"I'm afraid I must be off; the Void is calling my name."

Inaros Prime interactions

If the Tenno has Inaros Prime equipped, Baro Ki'Teer has additional unique dialogue and sells an additional item, the Baro Void-Signal. Once purchased, the item does not appear in the Tenno's inventory, but grants one-time access to a mission in the Void titled "Void Raider", which features Baro Ki'Teer himself as a Defence target. Baro's dialogue while interacting with Inaros and during the mission are listed below:

Platform parity event

On 29 July 2022, Baro Ki'Teer arrived for his usual weekend showing, but with a new inbox message (in addition to the standard message that appears every time he arrives).

Inbox message:
There Can Be Only One

Are you familiar with the philosophy of Eternalism? The notion that all possible permutations of the present moment are real?

I never had much time for it. The distasteful notion that there could be multiple Baro Ki'Teers! Can you imagine? Yours truly is one of a kind.

As it happens, during my last foray into the Void, a dashing stranger presented me with the opportunity to refine all my selves into a single perfect individual. Of course, I shook hands on the deal immediately.

Now every Tenno will visit the same Baro Ki'Teer, with the same items, at the same time.

As this singularity comes into focus, you will notice my offerings remain the same for my next three visits. A minor inconvenience.

I am certain there will be no future unforeseen consequences from this momentous deal.

Singularly yours,
Baro Ki'Teer

This was part of an effort to bring all Warframe platforms into parity, as up until this point, Baro's wares varied by platform, with console platforms lagging behind the PC build by three fortnights. As per the message, Baro's wares remained the same for three visits, allowing all platforms to eventually have the same offerings. On 07 September 2022 (with the release of the Veilbreaker update), two days before his next visit after the three repeating offerings, the Tenno received another inbox message from Baro.

Inbox message:
Unforeseen Yet Delightful Consequences


You will remember how I set the various versions of myself on course for a grand unification?

As ever, where Baro Ki'Teer goes, others follow. It seems not only my alternate selves but the very universes they inhabit are being dragged into alignment.

For you the consequences will be striking. Regardless of their realm of origin, all Tenno will experience night and day, the coming and going of merchants, all things of clock and calendar, as one.

Some of you may notice that Relays which were previously destroyed have miraculously reappeared intact. Conversely, other Relays have ceased to exist. No one said messing with Eternalism would be smooth and uncomplicated.

Nonetheless, I confidently predict that this will be the last repercussion of my actions.

Uniquely yours,
Baro Ki'Teer

This inbox message referenced the fact, as of Veilbreaker, all Relays were also the same across all platforms. During Operation: Eyes of Blight, different Relays were destroyed on different platforms, leading to, for example, Vesper Relay existing on Xbox but not on PC or PSN. However, all platforms now complied with the PC build, which featured Larunda, Strata, Kronia, and Orcus Relays, with all others destroyed.

On 02 December 2022, the Tenno received another inbox message from Baro.

Inbox message:
One System for All


You will hardly believe the scope of my achievements.Even I am a little giddy, I confess.

As a result of my little arrangement, the realms are not merely aligned. They have connected. And the walls between them have come tumbling down.

You may now, if you choose, socialise, sojourn, and sally forth with Tenno from other dimensions of existence!

Cross freely. Come together as never before.

What a magnificent bargain I, Baro Ki'Teer, have struck. I do hope that charming stranger passes my way again.

I fancy I can hear opportunity rap-tap-tapping at my door, even now!

—Baro Ki'Teer

This message heralded the most recent step in Warframe's cross-platform play test. The day prior, 01 December, had seen the PSN and Switch platforms added to the ongoing cross-platform test (Xbox and PC had been operating cross-platform since October). With Hotfix 32.2.3, all platforms could now participate in cross-platform play.

Baro Ki'Teer first surfaces during Operation: Cryotic Front as a "mystery associate" who refuses to disclose his identity, although this secrecy is later spoiled by a spiteful Darvo. Baro's involvement in that event and his assistance in recovering lost Archwing technology is referenced in the subsequent Operation: Gate Crash. Baro is mentioned in the Ogma Elite Tactical Alert and by Cephalon Cordylon, and features prominently in the Sands of Inaros quest. His name can turn up on a randomised clue during a Nightwave: Glassmaker crime scene, and he is mentioned by Darvo in his storefront dialogue.

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