Operation: Gate Crash

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17 September 2014 – 24 September 2014


On Wednesday (17 September), a video titled Vay Hek's Warning was released. It consisted of Vay Hek speaking into the camera, delivering propaganda.

Vay Hek: "Grineer! It is my duty to inform you of more Tenno arrogance! The criminal Lotus is planning to unearth ancient technology to be used against us! Will we stand by while they threaten our victory? No! We will not allow them to dig up ghosts of the past! We will go to the Void! We will find what they seek! And we will turn every last shred of this "Archwing" technology into dust! You will be led by pairs of my newest, most vicious clones! Go now! For the Queens!"


On Wednesday (17 September), the event began with the release of Update 14.7 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, Tenno received an inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Operation: Gate Crash


We have reviewed Baro Ki'Teer's Archwing datamass. Much of it is corrupt, but what little it does reveal is invaluable. We now know that more information exists and we must look for it in Orokin Derelicts locked in the Void.

Our mission is urgent. The Grineer have also learned about the Archwing technology and they are determined to destroy all traces of it before we find it. To do this, Vay Hek is using Void keys and Torsion Beam Generators to force open Orokin portals.

We must destroy his access to these portals. Our ability to recover Archwing fragments depends on it.

Careful, Tenno. Vay Hek is using unstable keys. Cumulative exposure to the keys will have detrimental effects on your health, shields and warframe abilities. Proceed accordingly.

—The Lotus

On Earth, there was a new mission titled "Gate Crash".

Mechanics and Missions

The Gate Crash mission took place on the Orokin Derelict tileset, with Infested enemies. The Tenno were directed to find a large room with a Void portal, which the Grineer were using to enter the derelict. In the room were two Orokin consoles which needed to be hacked. Upon hacking a console, it would begin reversing the portal polarity, a process which took about 40 seconds per console. The console would need to be defended from both the Infested and the Frontier Grineer coming through the portal. After both consoles had been hacked and defended, the portal would be reversed, allowing the Tenno to cross over to the Grineer base on the other side. There, they would see the Torsion Beam Device used to force open the portal, but missing the Void key that operated it. Further into Grineer territory, the Tenno would encounter the Grineer sisters Ven'kra Tel and Sprag. After killing them both, one of them would drop the Void key, which could be brought back to the Torsion Beam Device and used to reverse the portal polarity yet again and set the Device on overdrive. After that, the Tenno would have 30 seconds to traverse the portal back into the derelict before the Device melted down and the portal closed. With the portal deactivated and Void key destroyed, the Tenno could head to extraction.

There were also three Grineer resource caches hidden in the derelict that could be found, rewarding the Tenno with Void keys, Fusion Cores, rare resources, and Forma blueprints, but these were optional objectives.

During the mission, the Lotus would give instructions on how to proceed.

(mission start) Lotus: "The Grineer have learned how to force open the Void portal in this Orokin Derelict. Get to the entry portal and cut off their access so they can't come back."

Lotus: "I've detected three resource caches on this vessel, but Void interference is masking their location. You must decide if finding these caches is worth the added risk."

Lotus: "On the other side of the portal, the Grineer are using a Void key and Torsion Beam to force the gate open. You need to travel through the portal in order to stop them."

(upon finding the first cache) Lotus: "You found the first Orokin resource cache. I'm detecting two more faint hints."

(upon finding the second cache) Lotus: "You found a second cache. My readings indicate one more."

(upon finding the third cache) Lotus: "You found all the caches. Now, get to the portal and stop the Grineer."

(upon arriving at the portal room) Lotus: "The portal only allows travel in one direction, start up the portal generators to reverse the polarity."

(upon activating portal generator) Lotus: "They're on to us. Protect the generator console until the process is complete."

(when the first portal generator has finished) Lotus: "The first generator is fully powered; now activate the other one."

(when the second portal generator has finished) Lotus: "Good work, the polarity has been reversed. Now, travel through the portal. It's your turn to go on the offensive."

(upon crossing the portal to the other side) Lotus: "There's the Torsion Beam Device, but they've taken the Void key. Find it."

(upon killing Ven'kra Tel and Sprag) Lotus: "Quick, pick up the key."

(upon picking up the key) Lotus: "You got the key, now get back to the portal."

(upon inserting the Void key into the Torsion Beam Device) Lotus: "The device is set on overdrive. Get through the portal before it melts down."

Lotus: "Tenno, you do not want to be on this side of the portal when that key melts down."

(after the Void key melts down) Lotus: The Void key and Torsion Beam Device have been destroyed. The Grineer have one less way into the Void."

(if there are still caches undiscovered) Lotus: "Extraction is available, or you can continue to search this Tower for resource caches."

(if all caches have been found) Lotus: "All your objectives are complete. Proceed to extraction."

Each Gate Crash mission completed awarded the Tenno with an Exposure Point. Exposure Points inflicted debuffs on the Tenno's warframe for the rest of the event. Exposure Points earned on Earth decreased warframe shields and shield recharge rate, with additional Points stacking the effect. The debuff only applied to Gate Crash missions, not normal gameplay.

After the Tenno earned 5 Exposure Points (by running 5 Gate Crash missions), they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing a Gate Crash emblem.

Inbox message:
Operation Gate Crash: Keep Fighting


Your first strikes against the Grineer are already forcing them to rally reinforcements. Fortunately, Void keys are much harder to come by than Grineer clones. With effort we can destroy their entire stock of keys.

Take this badge and keep fighting.

—The Lotus

This unlocked a second Gate Crash mission on Phobos, and the Earth Gate Crash mission would no longer award Exposure Points. The Phobos mission was identical, but with a higher level. The portal in the derelict led instead to the Grineer Settlements (which at the time were located on Phobos). Exposure Points earned on Phobos reduced warframe ability range, strength, and duration, with cumulative effects for additional Points. In addition, the shield debuffs from the Earth missions was still present.

After the Tenno earned 5 more Exposure Points (for a total of 10), they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing four 120% Slash mods.

Inbox message:
Operation Gate Crash: A Boost


I am impressed with your progress, [name], but exposure to the Void keys has left you vulnerable. Take these mods. I hope they will help you in your attack.

—The Lotus

This unlocked a third Gate Crash mission on Ceres, with a portal leading to the Grineer Shipyards. Exposure Points earned on Ceres reduced maximum health and continued to debuff warframe abilities, with cumulative effects for additional Points, in addition to the debuffs earned previously.

After the Tenno earned 5 more Exposure Points on Ceres, they received an inbox message from the Lotus containing the Sheev dagger, with a weapon slot and installed Orokin catalyst.

Inbox message:
Operation Gate Crash: Recognising your Sacrifice


You have gone above and beyond. The Grineer are on the defence. Their supply of Void keys is dwindling.

To recognise your sacrifice, I am giving you this weapon. Use it to defend the balance.

—The Lotus

This unlocked a final Gate Crash: Endurance mission on Phobos, which the Tenno could run an unlimited number of times to increase their Exposure (as the previous missions would no longer award Exposure Points). Exposure Points earned on the Endurance mission reduced weapon damage, with cumulative effects for additional Points, in addition to the debuffs earned previously.


A Tenno's individual Exposure Point score was the sum of all qualified missions completed (for example, running the Earth mission after the Phobos mission was unlocked would not award Exposure Points, and so on). Tenno who scored 5 points received a Gate Crash badge. Tenno who scored 10 points received a pack of four 120% Slash damage mods (Fanged Fusillade, Sweeping Serration, Maim, and Buzz Kill). Tenno who scored 15 points received the Sheev, with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst.

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual point totals of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier.


After the event was over, the Tenno received one last inbox message from the Lotus.

Inbox message:
Operation Gate Crash: Victory


It is done. By destroying the Grineer's supply of Void keys, you have ensured that they can no longer access the Void at will.

More importantly, due to your tireless exploration, we have uncovered enough uncorrupted Archwing data to attempt reconstruction of the Orokin prototype. This will take time. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Many of you took great personal risk by repeatedly exposing yourself to Vay Hek's unstable Void keys. With the keys destroyed, you will find that the effects from exposure will dissipate quickly.

Despite our victory today, we must remain vigilant. The Balor Fomorians are nearly complete and our fight is far from over.

—The Lotus

Orokin Sabotage, the game mode featured in the event, was added to the game permanently a month later in Update 15.0, including a Corpus variant with the Lynx miniboss. This update also saw the Tenno acquire the Archwing technology discussed in the event.

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