Operation: Cryotic Front

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27 August 2014 – 03 September 2014


On Wednesday (27 August 2014), the event began with the release of Update 14.5 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from an individual labelled "???".

Inbox message:
A Rare Opportunity


I do hope you will forgive my concealed identity, but dealing in these unsavoury circles demands unusual discretion.

I'm such a big fan of the Tenno. You've accomplished so much, and with such rudimentary equipment. That's why I'm concerned about the coming Balor Fomorians. I think we both know your warframes are simply not sophisticated enough to stop them.

But I can help you… for a price.

You see, I have an appetite for the rare and extraordinary, and I've recently learned of a fine substance known as cryotic. If you are willing, I will supply the necessary equipment and coordinates for its extraction. In return, I will enlighten you with what I know about technology that could defeat this Balor threat.

To sweeten the deal, I am even willing to award bonuses to those of you who exhibit outstanding performance.

I must say, some of you display the inklings of good taste. If our partnership is a success, perhaps we will get to know each other better.

Your New Associate

A new mission was available on Earth, labelled "Cryotic Front".

Mechanics and Missions

The mission on Earth used the new Excavation game mode and took place on the Grineer Forest tileset. In the new game mode, the Tenno had to locate a Scanner, whose location would be marked with an orange ring. Once the Tenno reached the ring, the Scanner would drop down from orbit and begin searching for dig sites. The Scanner would locate an artefact dig site every 25 seconds that it remained powered. It dropped in from orbit with 50% power, using 1% power per second. Additional power could be obtained by killing new Power Carrier enemies, picking up the power cells they dropped, and carrying the cells to the Scanner, replenishing 20% power per power cell. The Scanner was invincible and could not be damaged or destroyed, but if it ran out of power, it would be inactive, not making progress towards finding new dig sites until powered again. If there were three or more dig sites marked (whether they were being actively excavated or not), the Scanner would pause scanning until one of the dig sites was completed.

Once a dig site was located, it would be marked with an orange ring, and the Tenno would have to travel to the new location. Once they reached the ring, an Excavator would drop down from orbit and begin excavating the location. It took 100 seconds to complete a dig site. Like the Scanner, the Excavator needed to be powered, consuming 1% power per second in order to continue digging. The Excavator began with 50% power, meaning 3 additional power cells needed to be collected and brought to the Excavator. Every successful dig site rewarded 100 of the new resource, cryotic, as well as a reward such as a mod or Fusion Core.

Unlike the Scanner, the Excavators could be damaged or destroyed. If an Excavator was destroyed in the middle of a dig, the amount of cryotic rewarded would be equal to the time in seconds the Excavator had actively dug for the artefact.

After a successful excavation, the Tenno could extract, but the mission was endless, and dig sites would continue to spawn as long as the Scanner remained powered, with enemy levels increasing over time. The operation encouraged the Tenno to extract as much cryotic in a single mission as possible.

During the mission, the Lotus would give directions on how to proceed.

(upon mission start) Lotus: "We're here in search of lost artefacts and items buried deep below the surface. Keep the Scanner powered while it analyses terrain."

(upon deploying the Scanner) Lotus: "The Scanner has been deployed. Keep it powered while it finds potential dig sites."

(when the Scanner runs out of power, variant) Lotus: "That Scanner won't work without more power. Locate a cell."

(when the Scanner runs out of power, variant) Lotus: "The Scanner needs more power. Find a cell."

(marking a dig site, variant) Lotus: "An artefact has been located. Proceed to the dig site."

(marking a dig site, variant) Lotus: "The Scanner has picked up a target. Go to the dig site."

(upon deploying an Excavator, variant) Lotus: "Excavator deployed. Protect the unit while it extracts the artefact."

(upon deploying an Excavator, variant) Lotus: "Excavator is ready to go. Keep it powered and protect it from enemy fire."

(upon completing an excavation) Lotus: "Dig complete. Your hard work has just been rewarded."

(upon completing an excavation) Lotus: "Excavation complete; look what we found."

(upon completing an excavation) Lotus: "Look what we just uncovered."

(if the Excavator runs out of power, variant) Lotus: "The Excavator has lost power. Find another cell."

(if the Excavator runs out of power, variant) Lotus: "The Excavator has run out of power; find a cell."

(if the Excavator runs out of power, variant) Lotus: "We need another power cell for the Excavator."

(if an Excavator is destroyed) Lotus: "Excavator destroyed. Protect the remaining dig sites."

After the Tenno had acquired 500 cryotic in a single mission, they would receive an inbox message from their mystery associate, containing a Cryotic Front event badge.

Inbox message:
I See Progress

This new supply of cryotic is a great start to my venture. I encourage you to keep excavating.

Here, take this badge and display it proudly. I do believe it will become the fashion statement of the solar cycle once my project is complete.

In the meantime, I've transmitted the coordinates of a potentially more lucrative excavation site located in Phobos to you. You seem to have the hang of things now; perhaps you'll fare better there.

Your New Associate

After this, a new Cryotic Front mission would be available on Phobos, with the Grineer Settlement tileset. This mission worked identically to the first one, but with higher enemy level and doubled cryotic yield, meaning each Excavator produced 2 cryotic per second, with each successful dig site producing 200 cryotic. The Tenno could continue to play on the Earth mission, or play the Phobos mission for faster cryotic collection. After collecting 1000 cryotic in a single mission, the Tenno would receive another inbox message, this time containing the 4 new dual-stat Cold damage/status chance mods: Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Frostbite, and Vicious Frost.

Inbox message:
So Much Potential

Congratulations, you've just reached a new personal milestone in cryotic excavation! But, I can't help but think, "Tenno, you can do better." To help, I am donating these old Ice mods I have lying around. Perhaps with them you can achieve even greater extraction efficiency?

Speaking of ice, my latest intel shows the presence of some remarkable cryotic deposits located in Europa. I've sent the coordinates your way. It may be a little chilly there – and the locals probably won't be welcoming you with open arms – but this will certainly be the most rewarding site… all in a day's work, right, Tenno?

Keenly Awaiting Improved Performance,
Your New Associate

After this, a third Cryotic Front mission was available on Europa, using the new Corpus Ice Planet tileset. This mission featured a 3x multiplier for cryotic yields. After collecting 3000 cryotic in a single mission, the Tenno would receive another inbox message, containing a Latron Wraith with a weapon slot and pre-installed Orokin Catalyst, and a Polar skin for the Glaxion, which was a new weapon released with the event.

Inbox message:
Important Work

Tenno, have you ever tasted the Martian Oasis Jellyfish?

Silly me, I doubt you've had the rare pleasure of feeling their delicious barbs gently electrify your palate. I suppose you're also blissfully ignorant of how easily the creature spoils during transportation. A dreadful dilemma! Should those with the means to sample this delicacy suffer the indignity of a trip to Mars? I say no. That's why your cryotic is so important. Cryotic can instantly freeze the little darlings, inducing stasis and preserving their subtle flavourings for enjoyment anywhere in the System. Tenno, I hope you see now how important this work is.

And don't think I haven't noticed how diligent you've been. I've decided to recognise your efforts with a token of appreciation. I do hope my gift brings some semblance of joy – you seem altogether too serious.

Now, if there were only a way to convince the little Jellies to breed more. They seem to be harder and harder to catch these days.

With Gratitude and Thanks,
Your New Associate


Rewards were given out during the progression of the event. Tenno who excavated at least 500 cryotic in a single mission received a Cryotic Front emblem. Tenno who excavated at least 1000 cryotic in a single mission received the 4 new dual-stat Cold damage/status chance mods: Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Frostbite, and Vicious Frost. Tenno who excavated at least 3000 cryotic in a single mission received the Latron Wraith and Polar Glaxion skin. While it was possible to earn all three reward tiers on the first mission, the point multipliers of the higher-tier missions made them better choices for completing the event.

Half of all cryotic extracted during the event was given to the Mystery Associate; the rest remained in the Tenno's inventory for use in crafting new weapons and items. However, the event points were determined by the amount of cryotic harvested, not kept.

Clan scores were calculated by adding the individual point totals of all participating clan members, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze event statues being distributed to the three highest-scoring clans in each tier.


The Dojo trophies were awarded in Update 14.6, one week after the event ended, and the Excavation game mode was added to the game permanently about three weeks after that, in Update 14.10.

About a month after the event ended, Darvo revealed the name of the mystery associate while promoting a series of Darvo Deals (this took place before Darvo opened his shops on the Relays, so Darvo Deals were sporadic).

10 October:

Inbox message:
Darvo is back!

So Tenno, word has it you've been working with a certain Baro Ki'Teer? What? The name doesn't ring a bell? He had you searching all over for cryotic. I guess maybe he wouldn't tell you his name – he does that. He thinks it makes him seem mysterious – it doesn't. Plenty of people know his name. Either way, I hope he lived up to his end of the bargain. Not everyone is as trustworthy as your friend Darvo.

Wait, did someone say bargain? I did!

Here we go. For one day only, the Atterax is half price. Use this bladed, motorised whip to give the Grineer a taste of their own medicine. Or, if you're like me, you might find it handy for snaking out the plumbing in your ship. It's up to you.


11 October:

Inbox message:
Why all the fuss?

I guess I was curious. I paid Baro Ki'Teer a crate full of Prime blueprints and two Argon Crystals just so I could sample his so-called "delicacy". Those Oasis Jellyfish caused my throat to swell up for three days. Damn near killed me. What a rip-off.

But you know what's not a rip-off? My new bundle. Here's what you get: the Hydroid warframe, Nami Skyla blades, Triton helmet, Para Carrier Sentinel and all its fancy parts. Hell, I'll even throw in Credit and Affinity Boosters, just because.

Now that's money well spent.


12 October:

Inbox message:
One more deal

Oh, let me guess, Baro Ki'Teer wouldn't even show you his face – figures. He thinks he's too good for you and me with his swanky clothes and exotic foods that taste like mud. Well, you know what Tenno, when you buy from him, that's what you're paying for. When you buy from Darvo, you get nothing but deals.

Allow me to provide a simple illustration. Today only, at 50% off, I'm offering you the Amprex electricity rifle. 10,000 volts of shut-your-elitist-face. I never wanted to go to his stupid party anyway.


This was the first in-game mention of Baro Ki'Teer. Baro's involvement in this event would later be referenced by the Lotus in the subsequent Operation: Gate Crash.

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