Corpus Bust Alerts

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01 September 2016 – 05 September 2016

The Corpus Bust Alerts were a set of four 24-hour alerts where the Tenno defended Darvo from waves of angry Corpus.

Darvo's Totally Legit Sale

On 02 August (Tuesday), the Tenno received an inbox message from Darvo.

Inbox message:
Darvo's Totally Legit Sale


I've done it again. I've ticked off the entire Corpus Board with my amazing deals. They're so upset, they make up lies, like, "Darvo's merchandise is our merchandise!"

To which I say, "You can't prove anything."

So, to ensure they can't prove anything, I'm having a liquidation sale. Every day, a new deal. It all has to go. Act quick, because any stock that's left when the Corpus troops come knocking is getting dumped into space. Got it? Good.

Darvo's Totally Legit Sale: You pick the best, I'm flushing the rest.

Happy shopping,

For each weekday in August, a different item, such as a weapon or cosmetic, went on sale in the Market for 30% off its platinum price. Every week, from Monday to Friday, players could go to the Darvo's Totally Legit Sale webpage (currently defunct) to vote on the weekend deal, which would be available from Friday to Sunday of that week, usually featuring a more expensive item (such as a warframe or deluxe bundle) with a 55% discount. There were 18 Daily Deals and 4 community-voted weekend deals that were included in Darvo's Totally Legit Sale over the month of August.

Corpus Busts

On Thursday, 01 September, Darvo sent the Tenno another inbox message.

Inbox message:
Liquidation Complete


We've reached the final deal, and not a moment too soon, either. My spies tell me the Corpus are surging their forces to hunt for smugglers and stolen shipments. I wish them good luck with that; smugglers are just the worst.

Though, I do hope they stay safe. I hear there's a lot of newly armed Tenno running about. It would be a shame if they ran into one of them… a shame.

Your loyal merchant,

Starting on Thursday (01 September), there was a 24-hour alert available wherein the Tenno had to defend an objective – Darvo – from 10 waves of Corpus enemies of unique composition. Each day, from 01 September to 04 September, a different alert was present, lasting the full day. 

  • 01 September (Thursday): Tessera, Venus. Enemies include Hyena Th, Shockwave Moas, Scavenger Drones, and Elite Crewmen. Reward: 75.000 credits.
  • 02 September (Friday): E Gate, Venus. Enemies include Hyena Ng, Oxium Ospreys, Fog Scrambus, Sniper Crewmen, and Detron Crewmen. Reward: Orokin Reactor blueprint and 10.000 credits.
  • 03 September (Saturday): Venera, Venus. Enemies include Hyena LN2, Sapping Ospreys, Fog Scrambus, Railgun Moas, and Nullifier Crewmen. Reward: Orokin Catalyst blueprint and 10.000 credits.
  • 04 September (Sunday): V Prime, Venus. Enemies include all four main Hyena models, Anti Moas, Detron Crewmen, Nullifier Crewmen, and Scrambus. Reward: Forma blueprint and 10.000 credits.

The alert was a Defence mission on Venus using the Corpus Ship tileset. Darvo was armed with Dual Cestras, which could not be swapped for the Tenno's secondary weapon. There is no mission control, but Darvo would occasionally send transmissions to the Tenno.

(upon mission start) Darvo: "Hey, is somebody out there? Listen, whatever you think I did, heh, I swear, it wasn't me."

(upon arriving at the objective) Darvo: "A Tenno! Darvo may live a few more hours!"

(after completing a wave, variant) Darvo: "More coming your way."

(after completing a wave, variant) Darvo: "Wow, they are not happy about you being here."

(after completing a wave, variant) Darvo: "Forget everything I said before. This is nothing you can't handle, right? Right…?"

At the end of the final wave, a unique kind of enemy appeared: Debt Collectors, similar in appearance to a Slo Scrambus.

Debt Collector: "We've found him. Death to the smuggler!"

Darvo: "It wasn't supposed to end this way. Tenno, please, do something!"

A group of Debt Collectors would then arrive in a similar fashion to field assassins, and need to be killed in order to complete the mission.

(upon completing the mission) Darvo: "You did it. I knew you could handle it."

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