Ven'kra Tel & Sprag Dialogue

Ven'kra Tel & Sprag rework concept art, DevStream 136

When Councillor Vay Hek heard that the Tenno were planning on using ancient Orokin Archwing technology to combat his Fomorian ships, he led a mass invasion into Void Towers and Orokin derelicts to destroy all archives and data he could find in order to deprive the Tenno of anything they could use. This event came to be known as Operation: Gate Crash. Spearheading the effort was a pair of Hek's most vicious clones, a deadly duo named Ven'kra Tel and Sprag.

Ven'kra Tel wields a Vulkar sniper rifle and takes precision shots from a distance, while Sprag prefers close-quarters combat with her heavy Manticore axe. Both are equipped with jetpacks that offer impressive mobility, allowing them to dominate the battlefield. Their armour protects all but their jetpacks and heads.

Ven’kra Tel

Arriving to battle

"Coming through that portal was a big mistake, Tenno."

"You should have brought more Tenno. You don't have enough."

Battle taunts

"Patience Sprag. Killing requires patience."

"Sprag, calm down. Remember, you must stay focused."

"Sprag… wait for the right moment, then deliver the killing blow."

"If you're not careful, Tenno, my friend will break your back."

If Sprag is killed first

"What have you done to her!?"

"She will be remembered. Who will remember you, Tenno?"

Battle taunts after Sprag is dead

"One by one, that is how you die."

"Are you willing to die for this key, Tenno?"


Arriving to battle

"Big mistake! Big mistake!"

"More bugs! More shiny bugs!"

Battle taunts

"Hammer flatten shiny bugs."

"I make shiny bugs flat. Now!"

"Make them all flat. Flat flat flat!"

"Flat, flat, flat… I make shiny bugs flat."

If Ven’kra is killed first

"Nooo… no… no!"

"Wake up… Ven'kra, wake up!"

Battle taunts after Ven’kra is dead

"My key, not your key."

"Too many shiny bugs. I kill them."

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