Baro Ki'Teer Dialogue: Void Raider

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If the Tenno browses Baro Ki'Teer's shop while Inaros Prime is equipped, Baro will have unique dialogue, as well as an additional item available for purchase. The Baro Void-Signal costs 100 ducats and 25.000 credits, and is a mission locater described as "Unlock a mission with this device. Baro Ki'Teer can home in on Inaros Prime anywhere in the Void. Ideal for following the God-King to riches!" Once purchased, the item does not appear in the Tenno's inventory, but grants one-time access to a mission in the Void titled "Void Raider". This page lists Baro's dialogue while purchasing the key and playing the mission.

Interacting with the Tenno as Inaros Prime for the first time

"Inaros Prime… once-protector of the master artisans of Luna Placida… and keeper of their secrets. A walking treasure map if ever there was one. The Orokin are dead as dust, and with them your obligation. I, however, am very much alive and… I need stock. For a modest investment we can both do quite well AND keep my kiosk well supplied with Orokin wonders. What say you?"

If the Tenno purchases the signal beacon

"Most excellent! That shall cover the expedition expenses nicely! Come! Time and my clientele wait for no one!"

"Your investment shall be returned many times over! This I assure you, O God-King."

"Through the beneficence of Inaros, all things are possible."

The Void Raider mission is a 10-wave Defence mission on the Orokin Void tileset, against Grineer Nightwatch enemies. The defence objective is Baro Ki'Teer himself. Baro is armed with an Aklex and cannot be downed; instead, the mission fails immediately if his health is depleted. The mission can only be accessed as Inaros Prime.

Mission start

"This is indeed the place! My instruments are working to locate nearby objects of beauty… drawing the attention of scavenging Grineer. To arms, O God-King!"

"Precise as always, God-King. But my instruments of divination reveal our position to the Grineer. No matter! The tubemen shall prove no match for us!"

"Flawless! I detect a few choice artefacts my buyers will salivate for. We must defend as my instruments isolate their locations!"

If Baro reaches half health

"Inaros! I'm hurt! These thieves are ruining my garments!"

"I fear I am defending my dignity at the cost of my health."

"I am wounded! How dare you!"

If Baro reaches a quarter health

"I am grievously wounded! How boring!"

"I fear I shall not be with you much longer, God-King!"

"I am overwhelmed!"

If Baro’s health is depleted (mission failure)

"I must withdraw! Forgive me, God-King!"

"Ah! That our glorious adventure should meet such an ignoble end."

"Enough! Your investment shall be used to fund my recuperation. Farewell, thieves! The day is yours!"

Mission complete

"Wondrous! Our treasures are secure! Now, let's away and see what we have."

"Success! My treasures are transported! You shall receive your generous cut, as always!"

"We are once again triumphant! God-King Inaros and his best friend Baro! Away!"

Upon completion, the Tenno will receive a Desert Skate spectre. The first five times the Tenno completes the mission, they will also receive a specific reward, in sequence:

  • Elixis Latron shoulder armour
  • Elixis Latron leg armour
  • Elixis Latron chest plate
  • Inaros Sarcophagus noggle
  • Osiris Inaros helmet

Subsequent missions will only reward the Desert Skate spectre.

Interacting with the Tenno as Inaros Prime after having completed the Void Raider mission

The Baro Void-signal is always available for purchase by Inaros Prime, but can only be purchased once per visit (ie once every two weeks).

"My lord! You find me, as always, in my hour of need. I, Baro Ki'Teer, stand ready to accompany you on another adventure of mutual benefit."

"Great Inaros! Welcome! (whispering) My shelves grow bare. Might we… you know. The usual?"

"God-King! Sales have been brisk, my lord, and, between you and me, my stock is thinning. Might we adventure together? For the usual cut?"

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