Warframe: GHOULS, Part One

Cover art – Kevin Glint

The first instalment of the Warframe: GHOULS comic series, produced in partnership with Top Cow Productions, was released on 04 October 2017, although a special Convention Edition was made available to attendants of TennoCon 2017, as well as San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, prior to the official publication date. Below is a synopsis of the comic.


The comic shows Captain Vor of the Grineer, leading an operation on Earth. For months they have been raiding villages and searching for Orokin artefacts, on the direct orders of the Twin Queens, but they have found nothing. Vor arrives at a new village, populated by Ostrons, and demands they turn over "anything older than me". A town elder accuses the Grineer of being "scavengers", but Vor retorts that the Ostrons are the true scavengers, "selling history off to the highest bidder". The Grineer search the village, but when they find nothing, they accuse the townspeople of resisting and begin to execute them one by one, demolishing the village in the process. The Ostrons fight back but are severely outmatched – until an Excalibur warframe shows up, armed with a Skana and a Lato Prime. Excalibur decimates the Grineer forces, but stops short of annihilating them in order to rescue a young Ostron girl named Mitsuki, who was blinded in the Grineer attack.

The surviving Grineer retreat to their camp, and Vor orders ghouls put in the ground for incubation. He reflects upon his assignment from the Queens and notes that Excalibur is the first functioning Orokin artefact they have encountered. He berates his soldiers for going soft after months without a challenge. One of his subordinates asks him to send only the ghouls against the Tenno, not standard troops. Vor attacks him and beats him, lecturing to him and to the rest of the soldiers that Grineer must have no doubt in their hearts and must follow orders, for the glory of the Queens. He commands the next attack to begin at dawn, with ghouls leading the charge but backed by standard troops. The ghouls have never been seen by any Tenno, and Vor hopes the element of surprise will win the day, but he insists to his men that failure is not an option.

Back at the village, Excalibur takes a green data-storage chip from the corpse of an Ostron elder. He enters a hut where Mitsuki is sheltering. She is the only survivor of the village. Excalibur has treated her wounds and bandaged her eyes. He helps her to drink water and then rests by the door in a meditative lotus position. Mitsuki thanks him for saving her but ponders why. She reflects on the legends of the Tenno – "The greatest warriors in history. Bound by honour. Masters of the warframes. The last great relics of the Orokin Era." – and what the Tenno even are. Is Excalibur a clone? A robot? Or is it a person, like her? Throughout it all, Excalibur does not respond, and Mitsuki wonders if he is even capable of doing so.

Excalibur rises and prepares for battle. The Grineer forces arrive at the village, and Vor orders the ghouls to take Excalibur alive if possible, but to stop him all the same. The ghouls leap into battle, supported by Grineer fire teams. Mitsuki, in her hut, can only hear the sounds of battle but cannot tell what is going on, if Excalibur is prevailing or not. She can only hope that he will be victorious.

Far away, the Lotus contacts a Mag warframe in orbit of Jupiter. She relays that she has not heard back from the Excalibur on Earth, and requests Mag to find Excalibur, figure out what the Grineer are up to, but most importantly, to stop Vor at all costs.

Next issue: GHOULS Part Two

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