Warframe: GHOULS, Part Two

Cover art – Kevin Glint

The second instalment of the Warframe: GHOULS comic series, produced in partnership with Top Cow Productions, was released on 22 November 2017. Below is a synopsis of the comic.

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Captain Vor has captured Excalibur after the dawn battle at the Ostron village. The ghouls' paralytic blood has slowed him down, and now the Grineer have him confined in a restraint block. Vor interrogates Excalibur, asking why the warframe was protecting the Ostron village, and what was hidden there. When the Tenno does not respond, Vor resorts to using an "Omega-variant" Ascaris. He attaches the device to Excalibur's shoulder, and is able to access the warframe's memories. He discovers that Mitsuki had told Excalibur about an Orokin vault near the village. However, he is interrupted by the Lotus, who appears inside Excalibur's mind-scape. She tells him, "Hubris has laid you low before, Captain. It will do so again." Vor mocks the Lotus for commanding her Tenno from afar, before the Lotus remotely pulls Excalibur's Transference. This instantly inactivates the Excalibur warframe and ejects Vor from the Tenno's mind. Vor, having obtained the information he wanted, immediately orders his troops back to the Ostron village, leaving only a small detachment to guard the inactive warframe.

Back at the village, Mitsuki emerges from the hut. She knows that Excalibur was captured, and her faith in the Tenno is shaken. She encounters a Solaris United Rail agent named Little Duck, who offers to take her to the nearest Ostron colony, but Mitsuki refuses. Before they can discuss further, Vor arrives with his army, demanding Mitsuki lead them to the Orokin vault. Little Duck is shocked to see the Grineer captain, and attempts to escape with Mitsuki. Vor monologues about how powerful the Grineer will be with Orokin technology, as his troops spread out through the village. Despite Little Duck's best efforts, she and Mitsuki are quickly surrounded by ghouls and soldiers. Just as Vor has them at his mercy, Mag drops down from her Landing Craft into the midst of the Grineer, and immediately begins to engage them. Little Duck takes advantage of the chaos to shoot Captain Vor in the chest with her Buzlok, dislodging the Void key from his armour. She grabs the key but is attacked by a ghoul; Mag shoots it with her Boltor.

Little Duck leads Mag and Mitsuki away into the woods, the warframe covering their escape with a terrifying display of power. Vor orders his troops to fall back, and the Lotus commands Mag not to pursue them. She says that the Excalibur warframe can be retrieved at a later date, but the Orokin vault must be secured while the Grineer are regrouping. Little Duck marvels that she and Mitsuki have encountered Captain Vor, an unknown type of Grineer, two Tenno, and the Lotus, all in one day. Through a hologram projected by Mag, the Lotus speaks to Mitsuki, asking her about the vault. Mitsuki confirms that it is located in the caves near the village. The Ostron villagers called it "the golden door", and were unable to open it, though they knew it was Orokin. The Lotus asks Mitsuki to guide them there, saying that they must reach it before Captain Vor. Mitsuki agrees, and Little Duck shows the Void key she liberated from Vor. The Lotus expresses admiration for Little Duck's skills.

Back at the Grineer camp, Vor is receiving large amounts of reinforcements from orbiting Galleons. He encourages his troops, explaining that their true prize will be far greater than just one captured warframe – instead, they will gain the ability to control them all, opening the path towards Grineer domination of the entire Origin System.

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