Grendel Leverian

The Grendel Leverian was the 3rd exhibit to be released, and was unveiled with the debut of Grendel himself.


Drusus Leverian: "Grendel: Primal. Insatiable. And, as this exhibit will demonstrate, a creature of surprising compassion. After the fall of the Orokin Empire, a surviving Orokin Executor – a violet-scented brute named Karishh – lorded over Europa's frozen, famine-struck city of Riddha. Safe within his walled manse, the moist and loathsome Karishh lived a lavish life, while his frail citizens obeyed every edict in the hope of receiving his pre-masticated table scraps. As the city starved beneath him, Karishh commanded yet another feast for himself and his gluttonous sycophants… twelve courses for each of his twelve grafted digestive sacs… and one… one, uninvited guest."


Drusus Leverian: "There remains a shallow trench through the ruins. As if some colossal boulder had crashed from the manse and rolled down the hill… but what if it had rolled… up? Imagine, if you will, Karishh's Dax on the day… peering out, dumbstruck by what they saw. They readied no blade, sounded no alarm, as the expanding orb of gristle hurled toward them. And then, in a spasm of giblets, Grendel was before them. His 'cutlery' in hand… the Masseter."

[Sumbha syandana]

Drusus Leverian: "Scraps of cloth matching Grendel's unexpectedly elegant syandana were retrieved from the site, hooked on the remnants of gilded gates, stained with evidence of his… degustation. Indeed, most of the Orokin hangers-on who attended the feast… became it. And Karishh himself fled shrieking into the hills of Riddha, as fast as his twelve exo-sac levitators would carry him."

[Ancient allies]

Drusus Leverian: "It came as no surprise to me to find this tiny fragment of Gauss just outside the city. Indeed, if one thing is for certain, wherever we find evidence of Grendel, we're sure to find some trace of Gauss as well. Did they breach the city as a pair? Or did Gauss hang back to intercept returning patrols, generously letting his friend Grendel eat his fill at the feast within?"

[Grendel Glutt helmet]

Drusus Leverian: "Note the open-face, almost maw-like design. A fitting visage for one of such singular, rapacious predilections. Grendel may hunger, yes, but not with the excesses of gluttony. Not when others are in need. Oral history tells of Grendel, newly engorged from his repast, rolling through the miserable slums of Riddha, reinvigorating the sick and the lame, the hungry and the dying, with the power he had stolen – consumed – from their oppressors."

[Manse gates]

Drusus Leverian: "Here we have shattered fragments of the manse wall and the gate, mangled by Grendel's Masseter blade. One can almost see the city's masses, newly rejuvenated by Grendel's healthful blessing, storming the manse. Shattered gates thrown wide, they take back what was theirs. Namely, control of their future. See here the scattering of genuine Orokin dinnerware. Worn with time, these must have been used for countless meals as the people of Riddha bravely weathered the dark times ahead."


Drusus Leverian: "Many warframes have speed and litheness, but power, momentum, impact… these require mass. And there… the creased midsection… the seam. Does it split? Yawning open with a jagged, vacuous aperture to… to who knows? A certain Orokin may have found out. That night, the people of Riddha ate their fill, feasting until the frozen mountains lit warmly with the dawn. It was toward those roseate peaks that the Executor had fled, pursued by Grendel. What his fate was, I cannot say, but as the people feasted, so the story goes, they were suddenly struck silent by a strange, deep sound. A rumble carried from mountain to mountain: a single, satisfied belch."

Baro Ki'Teer sells an Archwing skin and an Orbiter decoration related to this tale. Their descriptions are as follows:

  • Exo-Sac Archwing skin: "This alternative look for any Archwing is modelled on the exo-sac levitators that the glutton Karishh used to support his additional grafted-on stomachs."
  • Karishh's Dinnerware: "Own the very dishware that the Orokin Executor Karishh ate his final meal from, before becoming a meal himself. As chronicled by Drusus Leverian."

Grendel's components are awarded from missions on Europa, accessible through single-use keys purchased from the Arbiters of Hexis with Vitus Essence. These keys unlock three new missions on Europa with names that reference the story of Karishh:

  • Archaeofreighter: Grendel neuroptics blueprint
  • Icefields of Riddha: Grendel chassis blueprint
  • Mines of Karishh: Grendel systems blueprint

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