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The Arbiters of Hexis is one of the six factional Syndicates with which the Tenno can align themselves. Of all the Syndicates, they have involved themselves the least in the affairs of the Tenno, and little is known about them – even the identities of their leadership. Besides the typical Syndicate activities, the Arbiters also host the gruelling Arbitrations, and dispense rewards for the same.

Syndicate information

The Arbiters of Hexis is described thusly:

The dogmatic Arbiters seek a truth through discipline and practice. They reject the "Tenno as Warrior" mythology – a lie constructed to limit their potential.

The Arbiters of Hexis exemplify a burning passion to search for the truth of Tenno ability, composed with the knowledge that Tenno are far greater than even their shattered history suggests.

The Arbiters sell the Telos line of weapons: the Telos Boltor, Telos Akbolto, and Telos Boltace. They also carry weapon augments for the Burston Prime, Viper, Jaw Sword, and Silva & Aegis, and warframe augments for Ash, Equinox, Excalibur, Gara, Harrow, Inaros, Limbo, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Volt, and Wukong. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are Fraud, Deceiver, Neutral, Principled, Authentic, Lawful, Crusader, and Maxim. The names of their sigils, in ascending order of importance, are Guiding Path, Bending Will, Discipline, Will, Choice, Grasp, Potential, Succession, Surpassing, and Truth. The Arbiters of Hexis sell Captura scenes for the Arbiters' Tribunal (their headquarters in the Relay), the Reservoir (from the Second Dream quest), and the Lua Containment Chamber (from the Sacrifice quest).

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is Neutral rank) "The Arbiters of Hexis seek truth through trial and discipline. The Tenno will surpass their former masters."

(if the Tenno is Lawful rank or higher) "You set the example for the rest of us."

(if the Tenno is Deceiver rank) "You have stepped from the path. Tread carefully."

(if the Tenno is Fraud rank) "A shame to see such potential squandered."


[Pledge to seek truth through discipline with Arbiters of Hexis.]

"Now begins your path to truth and power."

Requesting sacrifice

"You are on the verge of a new truth."

(after a successful sacrifice) "You honour us, Tenno."

Browsing offerings

"What can we do to help your journey?"

"Perhaps these will show you the path."

"Will these help you?"

Purchasing an item

"We are honoured to help."

"May this help your journey."

"An honour."

Beginning Syndicate mission

"Your path has led here. Prove yourself, Tenno."

When sending death squad

"You have strayed too far from the path. May this correct you."

"Your lack of honour has brought this upon you."

Vitus vendor

(if the Tenno has not completed the Starchart) "You are not ready for Arbitration. Return when no corner of the Origin System is foreign to you."

"You have come to collect honours earned through Arbitration?"

"Have you survived Arbitration? Honours await you."

(purchasing an honour) "These honours were well earned, Tenno."

Beginning Arbitration

"For this Arbitration, we bestow upon you the gift of… mortality."

"Only under the shadow of death will your true potential shine."

"Fight this Arbitration as any mortal creature would. There are no second chances."

During Arbitration rotations

"Fight on. This test has only just begun."

"Your potential blossoms. Continue the Arbitration."

Telos Boltace rework

When the Telos Boltace was significantly rebalanced in Update 20, the Arbiters of Hexis sent an inbox message containing a Forma and a 3-day Affinity booster to any Tenno who had invested Forma into the affected weapon.

Inbox message:
A Storm Is Coming


Discipline and honour guide both our combat methods and the design of our weapons. After rigorous study, the Arbiters of Hexis have concluded that the Telos Boltace violated these rules.

As a remedy, the Telos Boltace has been changed and augmented. It now contains the power of the Stormpath. Cast aside those who obstruct your progress and show your allies the way forward with this power.

We offer you this Forma to hasten your mastery of this newly refined weapon.

Truthfully yours,
The Arbiters of Hexis

The other two rebalanced weapons, the Tonkor and the (Synoid) Simulor, were accompanied by similar inbox messages from Darvo and Cephalon Suda, respectively.

The Arbiters of Hexis have additional dialogue in Operation: Rathuum, where they request remandment of Grineer defectors for war crimes trials. They are mentioned by Cephalon Cordylon in his 14th blog post. Arbiters of Hexis members can be hired by the Tenno to crew their Railjack.

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