Cephalon Suda Dialogue

Cephalon Suda is a cephalon from the Orokin Era who has devoted herself to the acquisition of knowledge, no matter the cost. She requests the Tenno's help in the mission Octavia's Anthem.

Syndicate information

Cephalon Suda is unique among the other factional Syndicates in that she is the Syndicate. Aside from a few human operatives, the cephalon herself composes the whole of the organisation. Cephalon Suda is described thusly:

A vast consciousness watching with a curious eye. Seemingly devoid of emotion, Suda's thirst for knowledge and abhorrence of destruction can only be described as passionate.

With such powerful technology rooted in the past, the hunt for knowledge guides every force in the solar system. At a time where information holds so much power, Cephalon Suda, a consciousness seemingly devoid of emotion, follows a curious hunger to learn all she can.

Cephalon Suda sells the Synoid line of weapons: the Synoid Simulor, Synoid Gammacor, and Synoid Heliocor. She also carries weapon augments for the Supra, Bolto, Kestrel, and Obex, and warframe augments for Banshee, Chroma, Frost, Hydroid, Ivara, Limbo, Mirage, Nezha, Nova, Octavia, and Vauban. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are Waste, Debris, Neutral, Competent, Intriguing, Intelligent, Wise, and Genius. The names of her sigils, in ascending order of importance, are Query, Searching, Pattern Match, Atomic, Manifold, Fractal, Multivariate, Labyrinth, Hexan, and Oracle. Cephalon Suda sells Captura scenes for Corpus Ice Planet Wreckage, Suda's Datascape (her headquarters in the Relay), Hunhow's Datascape (from the Octavia's Anthem quest), and the Chamber of the Lotus (from the Apostasy Prologue and Chimera Prologue quests).

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is Neutral rank) "You are curious. So am I. Cephalon Suda could help you unfold this strange map of existence."

(if the Tenno is Neutral rank) "You are filled with questions. That is what makes you surprising. Cephalon Suda likes surprises."

(if the Tenno is Intelligent rank or higher) "You would make an excellent cephalon, Tenno!"

(if the Tenno is Debris rank) "More organic debris to ignore."

(if the Tenno is Waste rank) "A perfect specimen of wasted life."


[Pledge loyalty to Cephalon Suda in the pursuit of knowledge.]

"Curious… but pleasing."

Requesting sacrifice

"Advancement imminent. I require more data."

(after a successful sacrifice) "If this continues, I might care if you come to harm."

Browsing offerings

"What are you curious about?"

"I hope these interest you."

"Do you see anything interesting?"

Purchasing an item

"Fascinating choice."


"Hmm, I see."

Beginning Syndicate mission

"What an interesting place. I appreciate you doing this task for me."

When sending death squad

"You are a waste and must be erased."

"I'm adding this to my data under the heading: Consequences."

Simulor rework

When the Simulor and Synoid Simulor were significantly rebalanced in Update 20, Cephalon Suda sent an inbox message containing a Forma (one per weapon) and a 3-day Affinity booster to any Tenno who had invested Forma into the affected weapons.

Inbox message:
Routine Weapon Inspection: SIMULOR


Routine analysis of the Simulor class of weapons has found a glitch in their control system. I have taken the liberty of calibrating your weapon so that it will operate within defined safety parameters. Rest assured, the chance a sudden, cataclysmic meltdown has been reduced by half.

Please accept this Forma as a token for your continued curiosity.

—Cephalon Suda

The other two rebalanced weapons, the Tonkor and the Telos Boltace, were accompanied by similar inbox messages from Darvo and the Arbiters of Hexis, respectively.

Cephalon Suda is involved heavily with the Octavia's Anthem quest, as well as the webcomic What Remains which was associated with that quest. She makes a brief appearance in Operation: Rathuum, where she requests access to the Grineer defectors so that she may dematerialise them for study. She is mentioned by Archimedian Yonta, and by Cephalon Cordylon in his 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 14th blog posts. Cephalon Suda members can be hired by the Tenno to crew their Railjack.

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