Operation: Oxium Espionage

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29 January 2014 – 05 February 2014


On Wednesday (29 January), the event began with the release of Update 11.9 and was set to run for a week. Upon logging in, Tenno would receive an inbox message from the Lotus:

Inbox message:
Operation: Oxium Espionage


Weeks ago, we received intel about a Corpus raid on a little-known independent research facility near Eris. The Corpus made off with a scientific jackpot: the formulation of a rediscovered experimental Orokin alloy called oxium. This lighter-than-air alloy has already been deployed in a new drone dubbed the Oxium Osprey, which forgoes its support role in favour of dynamic attacks.

With this new drone, the Corpus think they have gained the upper hand, but we will use this development to our own ends.  Oxium could be the cornerstone of new warframe design, but first we need to research its properties. Go into the field, take out the new Ospreys, and bring back the oxium. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

—The Lotus

On the Starchart, there was a meter called "OXIUM ESPIONAGE" that counted the amount of oxium the Tenno had gathered, starting at 0/50. Hovering over it would produce a description that read "Destroy Oxium Ospreys to retrieve rare oxium alloy."

Mechanics and Missions

Corpus missions now featured a new enemy, the Oxium Osprey. When killed, they dropped 1-2 units of oxium, a new resource. Oxium was described as such: "Oxium is a rare, lighter-than-air alloy of Orokin origin, used in certain Corpus robotics." However, the Oxium Osprey had a tendency to charge at enemies and detonate. If it self-destructed, it would drop nothing; thus, Tenno had to destroy them quickly, before they charged – not an easy task, considering the Oxium Osprey's heavy armour. The meter on the Starchart tracked the oxium each individual Tenno gathered in the course of normal mission play.


As soon as the Tenno achieved their goal, the meter disappeared from their Starchart and the 50 oxium was removed from their inventory and sent to the Lotus (any oxium gathered in excess of 50 stayed in the Tenno's inventory). An inbox message was sent from the Lotus with the Aviator mod and a 3-day Affinity booster.

Inbox message:
Operation: Oxium Espionage – Completed


With your contribution, we have already begun researching new warframe possibilities. The research is ongoing, but so far the efforts have been exciting. You will be updated further when concrete progress has been achieved.

In the meantime, take this reward which is active immediately and continue to maintain the balance.

—The Lotus

The affinity booster, as mentioned in the inbox message, activated immediately upon completion of the goal. The Oxium Ospreys remained as a standard component of the Corpus arsenal of robotics.

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