Cephalon Suda Crewmember Dialogue

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Cephalon Suda members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno’s Railjack.


All Cephalon Suda crewmembers available from Ticker are female, and have interesting naming conventions consisting of an enigmatic prefix and a short name with exotic syllables. Each crewmember has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.


  • Arch-Mem
  • Cura-Phano
  • Disp-Arch
  • Expi-Dyna
  • Inves-Resp
  • Log-Rec
  • Pion-Rec
  • Res-Arc
  • Seek-Loc
  • Surv-Tel
  • Ult-Pho

Example names:

  • Expi-Dyna Oblaris
  • Res-Arc Kalun
  • Seek-Loc Savar

First sentence:

  • Runaway.
  • Former data entry operative.
  • Attacked and left for dead by Grineer troops during raid.
  • Former Corpus technician; sustained brain injury during Tenno assault.
  • Anthropologist forced to retire after unknown virus infection.
  • Relay worker, critically injured during Fomorian attack.
  • Independent scientist.
  • Former archaeologist; critically injured by Orokin Tower defence system.
  • Injured in docking accident.
  • Suffered synaptic damage attempting to access the Weave unshielded.
  • Raised in archive environment.
  • Solitary musician.
  • Attempted to cephalise herself with disastrous results.

Second sentence:

  • Impressed Cephalon Suda by making contact with her remotely through the Weave, and was recruited.
  • Selected for recruitment by Cephalon Suda, seemingly at random, as a ‘control exercise’.
  • Solved complex puzzles planted by Cephalon Suda as a recruitment tool; was duly contacted, recruited, and augmented.
  • Offered services to Cephalon Suda in exchange for augmentation.
  • Contacted by Cephalon Suda and offered researcher role.
  • Recruited by Cephalon Suda due to ‘intriguing, possibly unique cerebral qualities’.
  • Recruited by Cephalon Suda as an ‘ordinary Operative’; true rank and capabilities classified.
  • Rapidly promoted from Cephalon Suda Junior Info Scout to full Operative and duly augmented.
  • Accepted near-total physical reconstruction as a benefit of affiliation to Cephalon Suda.
  • Received bodily and mental augmentation from Cephalon Suda.
  • Volunteered for Cephalon Suda’s brain augmentation program.
  • Enrolled in Cephalon Suda’s field operative program.
  • Selected for Cephalon Suda operative duty and offered augmentation package; accepted.

Third sentence:

  • Enjoys collecting floofs.
  • Acclaimed entomologist.
  • Aspires to explore abandoned structures.
  • Keenly interested in human death rituals.
  • Likes to dismantle items recreationally.
  • Wishes to research machine learning.
  • Hopes to deepen understanding of xenobiology.
  • Studies crystal harmonics.
  • Curious about recursive systems.
  • Fascinated by Entrati Void theory.
  • Exponent of the Foxx-Webb theory of synthetic positivism.
  • Specialist in astrophysics.

When being assigned to the Railjack

“You are the Captain? Fascinating.”

“Ready to come aboard, Captain.”

“Captain. I am fully trained in both manual and administrative labour. You have made a wise choice.”


These are quotes said by the crewmember as she wanders the ship in between tasks.

“Ah. Tenno.”

“All is well, I trust? Excellent.”

“I observe some of your kind develop neck cysts. Why is this? Do you ever need help to pop them? Is it possible to catch the Infestation from a warframe?”

“I have taken the liberty of drilling samples from the hull for analysis. [short stammer] I assure you, there is no cause for alarm. Cephalon Suda gave her full authorisation.”

“We have too many weapons. I propose replacing a turret with a tachyon wave analyser. Significant data returns may be anticipated.”

“Observation. This vessel is golden age Orokin tech, restored to full functionality. Secondary power systems appear to be orgone-based! Fascinating.”

“Voicelog. To ease the absence of Cephalon Suda, I have begun a friendly discourse with our shipboard Cephalon. I genuinely think he likes me.”

“Field research is far more stimulating than data aggregation. My compatriots at the Suda hub would give their internal organs to be here.”

When being assigned to a role

“I can.”


“Shall do.”


(if unable) “I cannot fulfil that order.”

(if unable) “I cannot do that.”

(if unable) “That is not possible.”

(if unable) “Unworkable. Apologies.”

When killing a fighter

“One less fighter.”

“Fighter destroyed.” 


“Logging a kill.”

When boarded

“Shipboard sovereignty violated. Trespassers!”

“Ship has trespassers. Impolite!”

“Unauthorised visitors!”

When killing a boarder

“Intruder terminated.”

“One less boarder.”

“Oh. I killed someone.”

When a task is complete

“Logging task complete.”

“Attention. Assignment done.”

“Instructions carried out!”

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

“This vessel’s hull cannot withstand much more damage of this kind.”

“Our hull is becoming excitingly sparse.”

“I suggest greater caution. We do not have a spare hull.”

“If the hull damage gets any worse, we shall have an amazing view of the cosmos.”

Hazard on board

(fire) “There probably should not be a fire here.”

(fire) “This vessel is on fire!”

(hull breach) “Breach. Losing atmosphere!”

(hull breach) “It is freezing, and windy, and— there is a hull breach!”

After repairing hazard

(fire) “Fire is gone! Fumes… are not. Whooo.”

(fire) “Fire is out!”

(hull breach) “This breach… is closed!”

(hull breach) “Breach closed.”

When health is low

“Not doing well here!”

“I am in need of backup!”

When downed

“I have suffered a serious injury. Please help.”

“I am in need of medical assistance.”

When revived

“That is another one I owe you. Log it.”

“Just in time. Thanks.”

When another crewmember dies

“Crewmate down. Genetic signature logged for posterity.”

“Our crewmate’s lifesigns have ceased but their data shall live on.”

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