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Ticker is a Solaris woman who serves an important role in Fortuna's economy: debt-bond trading. She maintains dossiers of Solaris who are deep in debt and on the brink. The Tenno can view the dossiers and purchase them, clearing the Solaris individual of debt and receiving their debt-bonds, which can be used as commodities. Dossiers containing more valuable debt-bonds cost large amounts of credits as well as Vallis resources, while dossiers with more common debt-bonds can be purchased for low amounts of credits and standard Starchart resources, or sometimes no resources at all.

In addition to the black-market debt-bond trading, Ticker also runs a shop called Ticker's Secondhand as her cover job. She sells Solaris-themed decorations for the Tenno to place in their Orbiters or Dojos, accepting debt-bonds as payment. She also will receive debt-bonds to be traded directly for Standing with Solaris United. With these exchanges, it is possible for a Tenno to essentially buy Solaris United Standing with credits, by purchasing debt-bonds and then redeeming the debt-bonds for Standing.

Like the other vendors in Fortuna, Ticker will reveal her true face, hidden in her chest compartment, when the Tenno reaches the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Ticker says when she is not interacting with the Tenno.

"Hey there, Stardust. Our stock is hot, hot, hot, right now. Mmm, mmm!"

"Odds and ends need love too, sweet thing. Let's you and Ticker talk about giving something that once knew love a second lease on life."

"The once-loved in need of a little TLC, Stardust. I hope you came here with credits and good intentions."

"Hello, hello, hello! Old things looking for a new home at very reasonable prices. Under less stressful conditions."

"Every trinket a story! A story waiting to be shared, my lovely. A story waiting to be freed."

"Get over here, doll. Free love to a second home. Treasures that deserve a second chance."

"Let's go lovely, tippity-top!"

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is new to Fortuna) "Well, well. Look at you: a Tenno, fine, kind, and benign. Ticker can spot an ambidexter a block away, and, Stardust, you ain't it. So listen, and listen tight: my real line is debt forgiveness. Charity. You buy some poor rig jockey's debt, and they sidestep brain-shelving. Every sinner's a winner. Now… I'd appreciate you keepin' this little ol' conversation to yourself. And when I ask you for help, you look me in my baby blues and say 'yes'."

"Here's the kicker for Ticker: the Temple teaches charity? Mortal sin. Ticker gets caught helping a repo? That's me done, Stardust."

"Don't matter to Nef one whit if you're an engineer or a lowly thrower. You owe, you go. That's where Ticker comes in, ray of sunshine that she is."

"Well well, here comes hope for the hopeless. Gimme some good news, Stardust."

"Got good people hoping to see another sunrise. No time for sweet talk, Stardust. Save some lives."

"Time's running out for those on my books, Stardust. What have you got for me?"

"It takes long winter nights to teach a girl how to cultivate within herself invincible summer days."

"I've never met a priest who could tell you anything about Heaven, but they knew every square inch of Hell. They should. They built it."

"Ain't no victims on these lists, Stardust. Every one of them workin' against the impossible to make things right for them and theirs. Makes them a hero in Ticker's eyes. Still… like the man said… show me a hero and I'll write you a Void-damned tragedy."

"Best advice I was ever given? 'Ticker, you'll be a lot happier once you stop caring about the opinions of a culture that is beneath you.' I learned my worth, learned the places and people that matter. Opened my eyes."

"Sometimes strangers don't know any better, but I swear to the Void… I do try to keep a lid on it, but sometimes the wrong thing just lets all the bats out."

"A person gets told a lot of things over the course of a life. Who they are. Who they should be. Amateurs, lecturing a professional. Anything that can't survive scrutiny, shouldn't."

(if the Tenno has just reached the rank Old Mate) "Ugh, finally. I do so prefer dealing with clients face-to-face, but, you know, one doesn't just give it up on the first date. Pleased to meet you. Again. Shall we deal?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Well well, if it isn't my little spray of Stardust. Ticker's gonna put the comm on the hook and take five. How are you?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Well! Pump the brakes, look who it is! Stardust. Where have you been?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Ugh, Stardust, don't even ask what kinda day Ticker's having. Tell me about you."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Love took me places, Stardust. And love brought me back. We fell to this place together, he and I. But I was the only one who stood back up."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Modification's a strange bird, Stardust. It happens, and you think you've lost yourself. I was my arms, I was my legs, I was that person. But, live with it long enough, truth is, the only thing you didn't really lose was precisely who you are. Ain't nothin' left but what's behind your eyes. So you make sure that's beautiful. And Ticker… mmm mmm. She loves her some beauty."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "I don't think much of myself, if I'm honest. Oh, don't misunderstand. Ticker's astounding and she knows it. Just that I've been so many people over the course of a life long lived. These days I think more of the world."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Stardust. Let's you and me talk about what I can do for you, then I've got to run a few nutrient canisters to little ol' Smokefinger. I swear if I didn't make him intake once a cycle he'd spend all week just staring at rocks."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "Some think Zuud is a bit much, but I got time for the old lady…[sigh] and all her invisible friends. 'Ticker,' my mother once said. 'You be home by 12. The Void's takin' me at 12.' And, sure enough, I get home at 12:02 and there she is, dead in her rack. So yeah, I got time and an open mind. Anyway, what can I do you for?"

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "The Business loves Venus for the growing thing that it is. But not all things that grow are good. Bad days, Stardust. Bad days lead to bad thoughts, and bad thoughts grow like weeds. Livin' here, you learn fast: keep that garden tidy. Blood's a hell of a fertiliser."

(if the Tenno is rank Old Mate) "You like stories? Someone like you, Gara, faced up to an Eidolon – might as well have been a god – never blinked, saved a world. See, the value of stories isn't in telling you there are monsters, Stardust. It's in showing you they can be kicked square in the down-belows."

Opening a dossier

"Terrible choice to have to make."

"We all need help time to time."

"Life's a hell of an adventure, isn't it?"

"Comedy or tragedy, depending on your wage bracket. Isn't right."

"Some day, things will be different."

"Some see life as adversity, or adventure. The adventurers make it."

"Life's a ride, isn't it? Hell of a ride."

"They never gave up on themselves. We shouldn't either."

"They can save themselves, with a little help."

"They could use your help."

"There is no shame in helping your fellow creatures."

"Keep the light from dying inside them, Stardust."

"We all do what we can, Stardust."

"Everyone makes mistakes. Shouldn't be a crime."

"An entire life can change thanks to one act of kindness."

"Really quite sweet, that one."

"One of the good ones, that one."

Purchasing a dossier

"You're doin' good, Stardust."

"No guarantees in life, but that don't mean we gotta like it. Thank you."

"The life we get is so rarely the one we planned for. You've done good, Stardust."

"The only happiness we ever know is love, Stardust."

"The Void sent you to us, I'm sure of it."

"Your wish is my commish."

Exiting debt-trading without purchase

"We all do as best we can."

"I have other options. There may still be a chance."

"There's no shame in giving what you can, when you can."

Ticker’s Secondhand

"Not sure what's in here, to be honest."

"See a little somethin'-somethin' to make a house a home?"

"Hey, this cover's gotta be useful for something."

"Ticker don't do retail, so… lemme know what you find."

Purchasing an item

"Isn't that a pretty little thing. Here y'go."

"Done deal, darlin'."

"…and this is for you."

Exiting Ticker’s Secondhand without purchase

"Mm-hmm. Knowing when to move is half the game, luvvie."

"A cool head. I like that."

"Mm-hmm. Do what you gotta."

Redeeming debt-bonds for Standing

"Something you want to talk about?"

"What is it you have for us, Stardust?"

"I'm listening."

Upon redeeming debt-bonds


"Well, aren't you lovely."

"You're one of the good ones, Stardust, and no mistake."

Declining to redeem debt-bonds

"Something else?"

"Another time."


Hire Railjack crew members

(when viewing contracts for the first time) "You have a Railjack. But you need a crew. Unconventional people require unconventional work. Purpose. So, naturally, I looked at my little network, saw the state of the System, thought of you, and… uh… if I'm honest, this was all Little Duck's idea. She made such a good case I couldn't say no. Come. Let Ticker introduce you to the gang. You'll love them. They're a hoot."

"Wonderful. Let's start by saying hello."

"I do enjoy playing match-maker."

"Everyone on my books wants to make a difference. All of them seasoned professionals."

"Now, they're hardly conventional, but I'd bet a shiny credit they're just what you're looking for.

"Let me introduce you to our latest batch of hopefuls. No direct Railjack experience, but they know their way around a ship."

"It's tough staying alive out there, Stardust. This lot has a better chance of survival with you than without."

"(shouting) One at a time, you'll all get your chance. (normal voice) Here's the latest likely crop, Stardust. Hand-matched just for you."

"Now. What gallant spacefarers are eager to make your acquaintance today…."

"There's so much potential in this lot. If you can show them the way, keep them safe, they'll flourish."

"Nothing but the best for you, Stardust. This ragtag bunch are hot, hot, hot right now."

"Work must have meaning, Stardust, and what is more meaningful than helping one another?"

"Good people and tested sailors looking to get back on their feet. They'll see your ship right, I think."

"Here we go. Why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"Many want to crew for a legend, Stardust. No matter the risks."

"All rated by Little Duck and vetted by me, Stardust. Chemistry and skill-matching is the key to staying alive. So LD tells me."

(when the Tenno first gains access to Elite Crew) "Well, well, well. You've become quite the popular dance partner. Since Ticker saw you last, she's had some very interesting prospects approach her vis-a-vis crewing with you. Your reputation may be preceding you, Stardust, but I'll handle the introductions."

Purchasing a contract

"Lovely. I'll just put the paperwork together."

"Wonderful! They're just aching to get back into space."

"I think you'll really like their energy."

"I'm sure they'll make a wonderful addition to your high-risk little family."

"Gather your things, sweetie; you're shipping out with a legend."

"You're tied to one another now. Keep each other alive."

"It's a harsh universe, Stardust. Watch out for each other. You're family now."

"Now. Don't make me worry about you. C'mon, let's go gather your things."

"That one wasn't sure they'd ever get back into space. They'll see your ship right, I think."

(Elite) "I mean to see you again, so no taking stupid risks. Look after them, Stardust."

(Elite) "I think this is going to work out wonderfully."

(Elite) "I had a feeling about you two. Two rogues who seem positively made for one another."

(Elite) "Oh, great things are in store for the two of you, Stardust. Just see if there isn't."

(Elite) "Ticker's had a few captains vying for the services of that one, but they insisted on talking to you first, to see if you were the real deal. I'd say you banished any doubt."

(Elite) "Top-tier talent, that one. And they know it."

(Elite) "A prestigious recruitment, to be sure."

(Elite) "Take good care of them, Stardust. I'm quite fond of that one."

(Elite) "This one's a bit of a legend, Stardust. Practically a verb. Good catch."

(Elite) "Like attracts like. Only the best for the best. I love my job."

(Elite) "Wonderful! Perfect. [sighs] This is probably closest I'll get to running a matchmaking agency, so I'll take what I can get."

Exiting Railjack contracts without purchase

"Right you are."

"Sometimes you just know."

"I'll let them down easy."

"Hm. Let me see who else I have on the books. Get back to me in a few."

"Hm. You know what? I'm going to try something different. Come back in a little bit."

"So it goes. I don't want you shipping out with anyone you wouldn't trust with your life."

"Ah well. Same time tomorrow?"

Bidding farewell

"Check back in a little bit. New merchandise all the time. All the damn time."

"You know where to find me."

"I'll be here, til it's me on those dossiers. Til then, we dance, don't we, Stardust?"

Ticker is mentioned once, very briefly, by Eudico. She is also mentioned multiple times by captured Solaris prisoners on board Corpus ships, as well in the bio of a possible Perrin Sequence crewmember, and once by New Loka crewmembers. Ticker's story is also told in the memory fragments scattered around the Orb Vallis. Ticker was the vendor during the Star Days event (which largely consisted of her shop of holiday-themed items).

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