Perrin Sequence Crewmember Dialogue

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Perrin Sequence members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno's Railjack.


All Perrin Sequence crewmembers available from Ticker are male, and have the same naming conventions as other Corpus: a first name and a surname, with simple syllables yet unconventional sounds. Each has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.

Example names:

  • Anto Hatex
  • Calvus Barrut
  • Varius Voh

First sentence:

  • Business prodigy.
  • Ethical business enthusiast.
  • Failed broker.
  • Failed minerals prospector.
  • Failed speculator.
  • Fiscal analyst.
  • Former aspiring financial advisor.
  • Former weapons developer.
  • Former venture capitalist.
  • Former repossessions operative.
  • High-risk entrepreneur.
  • Impoverished student.
  • Innovations technician.
  • Mining consortium member.
  • Struggling independent trader.
  • Student of hypereconomics.
  • Disinherited from family fortune.
  • Dispossessed by war.
  • Lost everything through Index speculation.
  • Raised in Corpus culture.

Second sentence:

  • Accidentally recruited into Perrin Sequence and opted to remain.
  • Attended Perrin Sequence seminars and joined soon thereafter.
  • Covertly recruited into Perrin Sequence by infiltrator agent.
  • Embraced Perrin Sequence values.
  • Enlisted with Perrin Sequence on a friend's recommendation.
  • Followed parents into the Perrin Sequence.
  • Joined Perrin Sequence hoping to broker peace.
  • Joined Perrin Sequence out of a sincere wish to help others.
  • Joined Perrin; swore to dismantle the Corpus and all their schemes.
  • Received mentoring from a Perrin Sequence grandee.
  • Recruited by Perrin Sequence headhunters.
  • Rejected by Perrin Sequence, but persisted and was eventually accepted.
  • Renounced greed after spending time in a Perrin Sequence facility.
  • Selected for Perrin Sequence by algorithm.
  • Beneficiary of the Glast bursary.
  • Horrified by Corpus over-exploitation.

Third sentence:

  • Had appearance completely altered in order to escape previous life.
  • Has funded several prison breaks.
  • May have buried a trove of wealth somewhere.
  • May have covertly breached system to rewrite own service record.
  • Received the Zeltrum Beacon medal in honour of service to Perrin.
  • Buys up Solaris debt bonds from Ticker when finances allow.
  • Constantly checks stock prices.
  • Is a keen K-drive racer.
  • Numismatist.
  • Obsessed with serial drama.
  • Secretly watches tournaments on The Index.
  • Dreads meeting former spouse, who is a Corpus member.
  • Has a phobia of contracting the Infestation.
  • Hopes to meet Ergo Glast and thank him personally.
  • Keen to associate with other factions.
  • Repeatedly destitute due to massive charity donations.
  • Student of Myconian culture.
  • Was terrified by stories of Parvos Granum as a child.

When being assigned to the Railjack

"It happened! It finally happened! I'm getting off this planet! I owe you, boss. Big time."

"A Railjack! What a superb vessel! I expect most conflicts are over before they've had a chance to begin!"

"I promise you will not regret this transaction. I'm proud to call you Captain."


These are quotes said by the crewmember as he wanders the ship in between tasks.


"Ah, good day!"

"Sorry. I was daydreaming. Thinking of all that space out there and the amazing people in it that we can talk to. Myconians, cephalons, the Entrati… even Sentients, maybe, one day. We've just got to believe."

"You don't need to learn the other guy's language if all you want to do is plant an ax in his head. But trade? That means communication. And once you understand what he's saying, you realise you've got more in common than you thought."

"Ergo Glast is what you call a true philanthropist. He could've had it all, but a little thing called conscience tripped him up. Did I tell you I almost spoke to him once?"

"You know, I expected space to be a lot more empty. Hopping pobbers have we been filling it up with stuff. I guess that's what happens when you build machines that can make other machines."

"I always get a little jittery going into the Void. Keep thinking I'm going to see Parvos Granum looking in at me through the window. Or something even worse."

"People used to think coins were sacred. They put the faces of Gods on them. You could tell the future with them if you knew how. If you hold a Granum Crown in your fist, you'll notice it always stays cold. What's that tell you?"

 When being assigned to a role

"Right away!"

"You got it."

"Can do!"

"Oh, sure!"

(if unable) "Afraid that won't be possible."

(if unable) "Heh. I wish."

(if unable) "I… can't."

(if unable) "Ooh. Sorry."

When killing a fighter

"Fighter's toast."

"Target neutralised."

"Got him."

"Ooh, right in the finances."

When boarded

"Boarders. Oh, this is gonna turn ugly."

"People coming aboard! Violent people!"

"Boarding party! Aw, heck."

When killing a boarder

"Bad guy is down."

"Are you okay? Oh, this is bad!"

"Killed someone. Sorry."

"Target killed. Oh, dear."

When completing a task

"Job done!"

"Done and done."

"All squared away."

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

"It's gonna be bad for morale if the hull busts open and we all die."

"Hey guys…? This hull takes any more pounding, we'll lose our deposit."

"Can we please look after this ship a little better?"

"This is bad! We're losing hull integrity!"

Hazard on board

(fire) "Fire! Fiiiiiiiire!"

(fire) "Oh sweet Void, we're burning up!"

(hull breach) "Oh mercy, now we've got a hull breach."

(hull breach) "Breach! We are losing air and personal possessions!"

After repairing hazard

(fire) "Uhh, I dealt with the fire!"

(fire) "Fire's dead. It's out. …Okay."

(hull breach) "Sealed the breach. This Revolite is truly amazing stuff."

(hull breach) "Breach is fixed, and I feel safer already!"

When health is low

"This is NOT going well. A little help?"

"Backup? I need some backup, I think?"

When healing

"Hope this medpack's still in date. Oop. Yes."

"Breaking out the ol' Corpus emergency medkit… ahhhh!"

When downed

"Ooh, the cold hand of death. Medic?"

"I feel just awful about this, but I kinda need a doctor. Immediately."

When revived

"You are a true friend. Thank you."

"And just like that, the pain stops. Thanks."

When another crewmember dies

"I think we lost someone!"

"Crewmate down! Oh boy."

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