Solaris Prisoner Dialogue

In the Corpus Ship tileset, in out-of-the-way places, the Tenno can find Solaris individuals, held prisoner in Corpus restraint-blocks. If the Tenno has a Granum Crown, they can insert it into the restraint-block to release the prisoner in exchange for Solaris United Standing.

There are at least three distinct individual Solaris prisoners, with unique dialogue. This page is under active construction and should not be considered complete.

Female 1: The Jovial Captain

(when alone, variant) “I always said I’d give a lung to get off Fortuna. Looks like someone was listening.”

(when alone, variant) “Well. This isn’t exactly how I imagined going out.”

(when alone, variant)[chuckles] Easy repayments they said….”

(when alone, variant) “Well. I’ve been left hanging before but this is ridiculous.”

(when alone, variant)[groan] I am so bored.”

(when alone, variant) “Well, this is a hell of a time to develop an itch.”

(when alone, variant) “Well… here’s hoping one of Ticker’s angels cast their eyes this way. Or I… am boned.”

(when alone, variant) “A little help?”

(when alone, variant) “Guts. No worries. We’ve gotten out of worse. Noooo worries.”

(when alone, variant) “I knew I should have invested in quick-release joints.”

(when alone, variant) [singing]
“Let’s be jovial, fill our glasses!
Madness ’tis for us to think
How the world is ruled by asses
Nef could drive a saint to drink!
HEY ho nonny nonny ho! HEY ho nonny nonny ho! HEY!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “What? Who are you? Clearly not Corpus. Good enough for me. Get me the hell off this thing.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh at last! I feel like I was born in this thing. The controls are over there.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh! Hey. Hey! Mate? Would you mind? The restraints? Little help?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Well met! Intros later. Controls are over there.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh. Hello. Move along, nothing to see here. Ha! I’m kidding, of course. Get me the hell down.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh! Well. This is a little awkward, but… would you mind helping a lady down from here?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oi! While you’re rubbernecking, think maybe you could pop these locks? I need to be havin’ a word with me ‘loyal’ crew.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey. Hey! Pop these locks, yeah? Escape a’ the century, mate! Escape a’ the century!

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Psst! Reckon you could see your way towards [whistles] y’know? Locks?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Ah! About time! So what are you? Ticker, Solaris U, my crew hired you, or am I just a lucky, lucky girl?”

Male 1: The Annoying Coward

(when alone, variant) “Oh. We really are adrift this time. Okay. O-kay. Stay calm. Stay… calm.”

(when alone, variant) “Heeey… hey? Listen. I think there’s been a mistake?”

(when alone, variant) “I knew I shouldn’t have left my section this morning. I knew it. I knew it.”

(when alone, variant) “It’s repo for me for sure. Uh. Um. Ah crap.”

(when alone, variant) “I’m sure an opportunity to escape will come along any second now.”

(when alone, variant) “Look. I’m no hero, okay! I’ll talk! I’ll never stop talking! Just try and shut me up!”

(when alone, variant) “All I can think about is all the things I’ll never do. Like… NOT GETTING CAPTURED! HEEEELP!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Don’t hurt me! Oh, wait.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Ah! I can explain everything! Wait, you’re not Corpus. Did Ticker send you?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh! Oh thank the Void! Thank the Voooooid….”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey! Friend? Me old cove? Let a fella down, would you? Switch over there?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey! Listen. They’re gonna do somethin’ REAL bad to me. You gotta get me out of here.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey. HEY! Ya gotta let me down so I can clear this up, chekchek?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oh! OH! A Tenno. Oh I’m glad to see you! You gotta get me down from here, me ol’ mucker! You gotta get me down!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Tenno? TENNO?! Oh yes! YES! Help me. Helpmehelpmehelpmehelpme! Help me. HELP ME!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey! HEY! Pleasepleaseplease just get me down from here, okay? They could be back at any moment!”

(when freed, variant) “Free! Now what do I do?”

(when freed, variant) “Thank the Void. So, uh, now what?”

Male 2: The Confident Soldier

(when alone, variant) “Hm. Reinforced duranium bindings.”

(when alone, variant) “These clowns are one mistake away from me doing something they’ll regret… for about two seconds.”

(when alone, variant) “Emptying my kit was a mistake, lads. Just gives me something to carry your heads in!”

(when alone, variant) “The next on a’ you bastards comes in here is leavin’ with a new nickname!”

(when alone, variant) “Right. If I’m outta here in 30 seconds, yer all dead. If I’m not outta here in 30 seconds, you’ll all wish you were!”

(when alone, variant) “Heh. Yeah. Scared ’em real good.”

(when alone, variant) “I’m gettin’ outta here. And when I do? [chuckles] Oh, mate. When I do….”

(when alone, variant) “Info? Oh, I’ll give ya info. Info ya never wanted. Like knowin’ the taste a’ yer own spleen!”

(when alone, variant) [heavy, intimidating breathing]

(when alone, variant) “No-good low-down fridge-faced pack a’ mother-lovin’ muck-suckin’ dump-humpers!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oi! Tenno. Here on business or pleasure? [laughs] Pop these locks, wouldja?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Tenno! ‘Bout time. Let’s wreck the joint. You an’ me!”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hm. Nice ta meet a fellow soldier. Control’s over there.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Ha! Ah yeah. Here we go. Control’s over there, Tenno.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant)  “Hey. Howsabout you pop these locks and let a brother stretch his… fists?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Hey, old mate. Let a cove down, yeah?”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Nice. Switch is over there. Let’s do this.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “You’re a sight for dodgy optics. Pop that lock and let’s take some heads.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Ah. I never take charity, but if Ticker sent ya… I’ll make an exception this once.”

(when the Tenno approaches, variant) “Oi. Pop these locks sharpish, chek?”

(when freed, variant) “Let’s party.”

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