Star Days

11 February 2021 – 24 February 2021
09 February 2022 – 23 February 2022

Star Days is a recurring holiday event first released with Update 29.8 in 2021. The event takes place usually in the month of February, celebrating a Solaris analogue to Valentine's Day called Star Days, and mostly involves Ticker in Fortuna. Unlike most events, there are no missions associated with it.

Ticker dialogue

Upon logging in, the Tenno received an inbox message from Ticker.

Inbox message:
Star Days

It's Star Days, Stardust.

Stop by. I've gathered a few delightful curiosities just for you. Let's celebrate! These are your days, and days for everyone we care about.


During the event, Ticker, the decorations vendor in Fortuna, was wearing a version of the new Eros Wings ephemera – hers was outlined in neon, with flapping animations. Her market stall also displayed large neon square outlines. When spoken to, Ticker would have unique dialogue and an offering of Star Days items.

(Star Days trailer) Ticker: "Love spreads, Stardust. Sow it far and wide, and fortune will favour you. Ever a lesson that bears repeating, and not just on Star Days. Unfamiliar, are we? Come see us on Fortuna, then. It's high time you earned your wings."

(greeting the Tenno) Ticker: "Starrrrdust! You made it! It would not do to stand Ticker up on this of all days. Your big day."

(opening Star Days shop) Ticker: "Star Days are all about the things that keep these planets spinning. Love, Stardust. Love in all its forms. The love of a planet for the stranger who turned their fortunes around. That would be you, Stardust. Give love away, and it multiplies. We rarely know what we mean to others. Ticker means to change that."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "You raised yourself. You'll have questions, and nobody will be there to answer them. I want you to know: I'm here, Stardust. I won't always have the answer, but I will listen, and what I tell you will be true."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "The only family that extraordinary creatures such as we are permitted is the family whom we choose – and a fine family that is. Here's to us, Stardust."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "It's trite, but it has to be said: Be brave with that heart of yours, Stardust. At the end of the day, those we love are what matters. Don't leave things unsaid."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Everybody's hurting, Stardust. Some of them hurt you. That's a given. Secret to a happy life? Find the ones worth hurting for. Happy Star Day."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "I was never much one for looks or physique. I longed for those who sang songs only I could hear. Falling into the eyes of someone like that, a girl feels like she's getting away with something."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Love isn't just for lovers, Stardust. It's for friends, family, your bestest kavat. Love is an act of forgiveness, a tender look, a silent understanding. Today is about all of us and knowing that we have more binding us together than pushing us apart."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Star Day celebrates life and love and the value of those closest to us. Heaven may have nicer weather, but you can't beat Hell for the company. Here's to you, Stardust."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "I have loved, and I have lost. 'Their absence has gone through me like thread through a needle,' as someone once said. 'All that I do is stitched with their colour.'"

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "'Star Day' is a Ticker tradition… begun for just one special person. Now… I give it to the world. If you want to know the story, you'll find it scattered across the Vallis. Today is too happy a day to tell it."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Words and deeds are seeds, Stardust. They may seem like nothing in the moment, but they can fall from you and begin growing in others. Fortuna used to be barren, is what I'm saying. You've given us an orchard. Happy Star Day."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Spotted Biz and Little Duck boarding her Rail tractor, bound for parts unknown. I guess they celebrate today in their own way. Lots of history, those two. They'll work it out."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "We've got two families: biological and logical. Roky taught me that one. Star Day is for both those families… and anyone else besides."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Nobody's as hard on Eudico as Eudico. She's made mistakes, and her demons are loud. I try to dazzle 'em with love. Millions are alive today because there's a light in there that people believe in. We don't often see things as they are, so much as we are."

(if the Tenno idles) Ticker: "Two Ostrons are freed during a daring operation, marry, have a child. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the young 'Tenno' Helnung is doing quite well and taking after their mother on the scaffolds."

(exiting Star Days shop after purchase) Ticker: "We'll be here."

(exiting Star Days shop after purchase) Ticker: "See you soon."

(exiting Star Days shop after purchase) Ticker: "Treat yourself."

(exiting Star Days shop after purchase) Ticker: "Happy Star Day, Stardust."

Star Days affections

Ticker offered a variety of Star-Days-themed items. All items were redeemed with Fortuna debt-bonds. There were no new missions associated with the event; Tenno would earn debt-bonds in the traditional ways (completing bounties on the Orb Vallis or purchasing debt portfolios from Ticker) and then spend the debt-bonds at Ticker's shop.

Item namePrice (Debt-bonds)Comments
Eros Wings ephemera35 Trainingintroduced 2021
Cherub colour palette25 Familialintroduced 2021
Ticker floof10 Familialintroduced 2021
Neon Eros Wings ship decoration10 Familialintroduced 2021
Star Days Deimos glyph15 Medicalintroduced 2021
Star Days Gauss glyph5 Shelterintroduced 2021
Star Days Helminth glyph10 Shelterintroduced 2021
Star Days Lavos glyph10 Shelterintroduced 2021
Star Days Necramech glyph10 Shelterintroduced 2021
Star Days Grineer glyph10 Shelterintroduced 2022
Star Days Yareli glyph10 Shelterintroduced 2022
Star Days Ordis glyph15 Medicalintroduced 2022
Eros arrow skin1 Trainingpre-existing holiday item
Snipetron blueprint10 Advancesfrom Operation: Plague Star
Ignis Wraith blueprint25 Advancesfrom Operation: The Pacifism Defect
Acceltra Solstice skin5 Medicaloriginally from Tennobaum 2020; offered in Star Days 2022
Skiajati Solstice skin5 Medicaloriginally from Tennobaum 2020; offered in Star Days 2022
Kuva Solstice cloak5 Medicaloriginally from Tennobaum 2020; offered in Star Days 2022
Frostfall ephemera5 Medicaloriginally from Tennobaum 2020; offered in Star Days 2022

The Eros arrow skin, which on previous appearances was a single-use, per-mission cosmetic item, was changed to a persistent arrow skin that could be applied to any bow.

There was no Tennobaum event in 2021, so some Solstice-themed cosmetics were added to the Star Days shop in 2022.

Ticker floof dialogue

The Ticker floof decoration, when placed in the Orbiter (or other location) would repeat unique dialogue lines from Ticker when interacted with1.

Ticker: "Know this: your name lives on the lips of those who love you."

Ticker: "One life preserver. One ocean. One turtle. The probability of you existing is the same as that turtle sticking its head out of the water and through the middle of that life preserver. On the first attempt. One chance in ten to the power of two-million-six-hundred-and-eighty-five thousand2. That's your lucky number, Stardust: one followed by 2.685 million zeroes. A miracle."

Ticker: "We are the combined effort of everyone we have ever loved, Stardust. And we've loved some good people."

Ticker: "It sometimes feels a shame that it took a time of conflict for the Solaris to know you. I suppose it's true what they say: that a certain darkness is required if one is to see the stars."

Ticker: "Life will hurt you, Stardust. But you have to love, you have to feel. It's why we're here. When I die, there'll be a smile on this face for all the glorious mistakes I made… so many of which were doors to Heaven itself. His name… was Volan."

Ticker: "When we help someone, our brain opens up a floodgate of all the best, most lovely brain chemicals. That'll get a person through almost anything – bank it."

Ticker: "I see a little bit of me in everyone, Stardust. Hard not to love once you know we are all the Universe in drag."

Ticker: "The children tell stories about you. About friends of theirs that you helped to better lives far from here. They have a pride in them now that I'd never seen before."

Ticker: "One reason to love people like you, Eudico, Biz? When we had all given up for so long, you lot came along and said: 'Let's see what happens if we don't.' And the whole world turned 90 degrees in a brighter direction."

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  1. This feature was added in the 2022 run of Star Days, and was added retroactively to any Ticker floofs that were bought the previous year.
  2. Ticker actually says "million" here; the line has been edited for clarity.

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  1. “I have loved, and I have lost. ‘Their absence has gone through me like thread through a needle,’ as someone once said. ‘All that I do is stitched with their colour.'”

    This is a paraphrase of the poem “Separation”, by 2010-2011 US poet laureate W. S. Merwin. Merwin’s interest in Buddhist philosophy and his work producing English translations of poetry from Japanese, Middle English and Sanskrit (to name a few) seem to be apropos, given the aesthetic and thematic influence of all three on Warframe’s world and plot.

    1. Very interesting! Many of Warframe’s characters quote real-life writers from time to time, especially Ticker and Nora Night. Thank you for providing the source of this quote!

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