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Grandmother is a member of the Entrati family, and seeks to help heal their relationships with each other, using the Tenno to do so. Unlike the other members of the family, she never obtains a new name for herself, for reasons that were made clear in one of her Naberus stories.

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno has just completed the Heart of Deimos quest) "You make sure you stay safe and snug, dear. Wrap up well. It's a thief and a liar, is Deimos. Steals over girls and boys and cephalons too like a nasty fog, until all the bright lights in your memory are quite blotted out. That's why they're like that, you see. So much forgotten. Oh, but we mustn't cry over it, never that. Help me bring them back, would you, dear? Remember how it's done. Pinch of this, dab of that; mend a kettle, mend a heart, and it's all one."

"We are nameless now. Relations existing only in relation. Deimos has stolen more than flesh from us."

"That woman clings to her seriglass shard like she could wring her lost father out of it. Her husband was a fool to tell her to throw it away. When she carved her anger deep into his flesh, he never once raised a hand to her."

(angrily) "Her first duty was to her family, not to some fatuous dream! If I were her mother— Oh, I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to take it out on you."

"The 'observations of martial discipline'. [chuckles] How futile. But my granddaughter's ridicule went too far."

"Husband and wife! They've not been that for years. Not since she took that shard to him and lacerated him for his insolence. His own children watched him endure it. He did nothing."

"My granddaughter's fish were meant to be her legacy, to seed a new world. The boy reduced them to ash and bone splinters. [short sigh] I warned his parents not to neglect him so."

"He's a fine boy at heart, my grandson. Got his head screwed on right. And he's clever enough to know how little he knows. Not like his bloody mother."

"The boy was rash, no doubt. Gallivanting across Deimos on secret odysseys, coming back with Infested on his trail! Well, he paid for it. Scalded, lashed, and banished from the family archives."

"The boy clothed Infested beasts as Father and Mother. She blundered into a pit, and mindlessly he followed after, lured by her pheromones! Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Hit a little close to home, that did."

"The boy should have known better. With tainted flesh, he mocked his own parents. So, his father brought slaughter down, as well he might."

"That's quite enough. Foolish old woman. Snap out of it! …I'm sorry, dear, were you saying something?"

"And where have you been scampering, little skitterkin? Hither and yon and round about, and tying knots in the fiend's tail?"

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Family) "Goodness me. Look at what you did for our little family. You found a poor, lost, broken thing, fallen down the back of the System, and you picked it up and worked to make it better. And thus do we thumb our nose at Master Entropy, stitch by dogged stitch, every day. That's how the work gets done. [contented sigh] Now, shall we sit and talk awhile?"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "The children are on speaking terms again. This doesn't feel like another of their temporary truces. Something's changed in them both."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I wish I could have done something for poor Otak. Though, I suppose he's content, in his own haphazard way."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Poor things. They'd become monuments, you see. Statues raised to their own memory. What sort of a life was that? They're excited now. Talking about what they'll do next, instead of what they did wrong. Bless them."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Do you know, we're all sitting down to dinner again? They're all talking to one another! And nobody's poisoned anyone for ages!"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Dear child. The stories we've told now they're speaking! Great golden armadas rising in the night. Forests of song. And the dreams run clear again."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "They all have names now. I don't think I shall bother with one. I know perfectly well who I am."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Do you know, they were days away from eating one another's heads off, and I am not speaking metaphorically."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) [singing]
"Stripped the sheets from off her bed,
Stripped the skin from off his head,
Bridegroom's bones she ne'er shall wed,
Oh, the winds of Deimos…"

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "I do believe it's our little Ayatan. What a pleasure."

(if the Tenno is rank Family) "Hold still a moment. Don't be in a hurry to rush off. There. I want to remember you, just like that."

Exchange Family Tokens

Grandmother will trade Grandmother tokens to the Tenno in exchange for tokens from other family members. Grandmother tokens are worth 50% more Standing than the equivalent of other tokens. For example, 10 Mother tokens can be traded in for 1 Grandmother token. 1 Grandmother token is worth 1500 Standing, compared to the 1000 Standing that 10 Mother tokens are worth.

"Let's you and I have a chin-wag."

"Go on, dear."

"Shall we?"


  • Discuss latest family gossip
  • Divulge family plots and plans
  • Have discreet conversation
  • Recount your adventures
  • Report on Deimos happenings
  • Trade Entrati intrigue
  • Update information channels


  • Do tell me what my troublesome kin have been up to.
  • Honestly. Sometimes one wants to just bang their heads together.
  • I always have time to listen to a polite Tenno.
  • If I am to help them, I must know all their doings. I'm sure you understand.
  • I'm not asking you to spy for me. Just hoping for a chat between friends.
  • You bring an outsider's perspective to these matters. I value that.
  • You've been a very busy little Tenno, I see. Why not tell Grandmother all about it?

Exchanging tokens or purchasing an item

"Oh, magnificent!"

"Thank you, dear. Very kind."

"May you have much joy of it."

Exiting tasks or token redemption without purchase

"As you wish."

"Hmph. Maybe later."

"Ah well. Can't be helped."

Grandmother’s Oddities

Grandmother sells various Necralisk-themed items such as Captura scenes, Requiem glyphs, and Orbiter decorations. Some items rotate in and out of stock, and some have random costs. The costs of all items are various amounts of Entrati family tokens.

"Why they bothered packing all this, I'll never know."

"This stuff's been in storage for years. I hope it's still good."

"I never could persuade them to throw anything away."

"Go on, dear. Have a good rummage around."

(upon purchase) "Eminently satisfactory."

(upon purchase) "Plenty more left if you want a second helping."

(upon purchase) "Lovely. We're all done."

Exiting wares without purchase

"Very well. I'll be here. Waiting."

"Of course. Take your time. I quite understand."

"Well, if you're sure I can't persuade you…."

Mend the family

Grandmother also has a separate interface where she will trade random amounts of Cambion Drift resources for random amounts of tokens from any family member. This allows the Tenno to, for instance, trade fish parts for Son tokens, should Grandmother give the option.


  • All-purpose Antitoxin
  • Anti-Infestation Ointment
  • Authentic Ostron Cure-All
  • Counteractive Agent
  • Cryptic Nostrum
  • Curative Jelly
  • Curious Oleum
  • Distilled Solution
  • Dubious Unguent
  • Infested Moon Extract
  • Lavos' Draught
  • Moon Serpent Salve
  • Necralisk Quality Decoction
  • Original Formula Stimulant
  • Ravunai's Brew
  • Regenerative Liquor
  • Secret Entrati Concoction
  • Spore Removal Gel
  • Stringent Drops
  • Tissue Mending Balm
  • Traditional Orokin Elixir
  • Void Infused Resin
  • Wyrm-based Serum
  • Xaramitic Tincture


  • Counteracts the myriad effects of the Infestation.
  • Helps the system recover its natural balance.
  • Purges spore-related growths from the recipient.
  • Puts back a little of what Deimos has taken away.
  • Regrows tissue lost to the Infestation.
  • Repairs damaged neural networks.
  • Repairs, restores, and reinvigorates.
  • Soothes the physical and emotional pain of the Entrati.

(when viewing item) "I once thought time would heal, but it's only turned resentment gangrenous. This may serve us better."

(when viewing item) "A salve for the bitterness in their hearts. We used to say it dripped from the cracked moon."

(when viewing item) "Medipacks for wounds of the body, this for wounds of the heart."

(when viewing item) "Oh, yes! Unfog the mind and unclog the bowels."

(when viewing item) "Not what we would have used in my day, but it's not like we have a choice."

(when viewing item) "Of course, it's not conventional medicine. After all, we're stranded on a chunk of septic rock."

(when viewing item) "Well… only if you're sure."

(when viewing item) "Do try not to get any blood in it."

(when viewing item) "If they can remember the truth, then they can forgive one another. This will help both."

(when viewing item) "I'm fairly sure I've remembered the procedure correctly."

(when viewing item) "No meddling with the ingredients, now."

(when viewing item) "Now, this one has a kick."

(when viewing item) "Ooh, that's a potent choice!"

(when viewing item) "Oh, do you really think you could? Marvellous!"

(when viewing item) "Go on, dear, you're more than ready."

(when viewing item) "You'd make a magnificent apprentice."

(when purchasing an item) "And so the fog clears, little by little, and the heart remembers. Well done."

(when purchasing an item) "You're bringing them back. To one another and to me. Thank you."

(when purchasing an item) "We never see the stars here. But tonight, we'll remember them."

(when purchasing an item) "Excellent. Dutiful and prompt."

(when purchasing an item) "And not a moment too soon. Bravo, dear."

(when purchasing an item) "Perch and bide with me a while now, dear one. The task is well done."

(exiting without purchase) "Well, we've kept going this long…."

(exiting without purchase) "Don't fret, dear. We'll find another way."

(exiting without purchase) "Of course. I quite understand."

If the Tenno idles

"It is going to be alright. I promise. But the work has to be done!"

"I know what you're thinking. Old and a bit cracked. But still useful!"

"Let's have a good old rummage in the medicine chest, shall we? See if we can't set things right."

"Let's sift through the wreckage."

"Such a mess they've made. And I suppose it's down to you and I to tidy up. Shall we?"

"Hello, dear. Ready to muck in?"

"Take your pick of our cargo! It's precious little use to us."

[deep sigh]

Bidding farewell

"Goodbye, dear. I'll see what else I can unearth for you."

"I'll be right here, gathering dust."

"Always nice to see you. Do stop by again."

"Scurry back quick, skippety-hop!"

Starting a K-drive race

Out on the Cambion Drift, there are 8 K-drive racing areas, although only 5 will be active on any given day. At these locations, the Tenno can find Grandmother, who will emerge from her Infested flower at the Tenno's approach. Interacting with her will cause the race markers to appear as pink rings on the terrain. The Tenno must pass through all the rings before the time runs out, although the timer does not start until they pass through the first ring. Passing through additional rings will add time to the clock. Dismounting the board or being thrown off does not forfeit the race as long as the Tenno can get back on the board and pass through the next ring before time runs out.

Some of the races are down slopes and across terrain, some jump across chasms, and some twist through the caverns. The 8 races are:

  • Dead Drop
  • Muck and Mire
  • Exocrine Flow
  • Pride Before a Fall
  • Abyssal Skim
  • Burst Haematoma
  • Gutter Run
  • The Burrow

Completion of the races awards Standing with the Ventkids as well as affinity for the active K-drive. The first four races listed will also award an Infested K-drive component upon completion.

"Strike the first marker and the timer shall start. Hit them all – neglect not a one!"

"Once you strike the first marker, the race is begun. It ends when you have struck them all, or else in disgrace."

"Pay close attention. When you hit the first marker, the timer begins. No turning back after that."

Abandoning race

"As you wish. Don't be too cautious, dear."

"You'll find me here again! And in other places…."

"Very well. Return when the time is right."

Hitting the first marker

"Boldly done!"

"A sure first step!"


Failing a race

"Oh dear. Never mind."

"Goodness. What a catastrophe."

"Don't fret. We need never speak of this again, dear."

Finishing a race

"The wild ride is done. Creditable it was, if not masterly."

"Swift you were indeed, and yet others were swifter."

"And thus the circuit is complete. A most worthy jaunt."

Naberus tales

Grandmother has many stories to tell, especially around the time of Naberus, and is willing to share them in order to spread the festive spirit.

Grandmother is first introduced at the end of the Heart of Deimos quest, where it is implied that she was the architect of the quest's events. She is mentioned frequently in the dialogue of the other Entrati family members. According to her dialogue, she is Vilcor's mother, not Gomaitru's. She has a brief appearance in the Waverider quest.

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