Steel Meridian Crewmember Dialogue

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Steel Meridian members can be hired from Ticker to serve on the Tenno's Railjack.


All Steel Meridian crewmembers available from Ticker are female, and have the same naming conventions as Kuva Liches: a first name and a surname, with harsh sounds and many consonants. Each has a short, three-sentence bio. The possible combinations are listed below.

Example names:

  • Curr Fizkigu
  • Odukk Kagg
  • Nemm Udibe

First sentence:

  • Bred in high-security tube batch beneath the waters of Uranus.
  • Bred in amniotic cloning tube later found to have been compromised by Tenno incursion.
  • Cloned from a partially thawed gene batch following damage to storage system.
  • Cloned from gene templates recovered from bunker archive.
  • Cloned from supposedly prime officer stock later discovered to have been sourced via Darvo Bek.
  • Accidentally exposed to reactor runoff while in gestation tube.
  • "Defective" genes deliberately introduced by unknown saboteur.
  • Decanted from tube in the thick forests of Earth.
  • Decanted from tube prematurely.
  • Decanted from salvaged tube by Steel Meridian sympathiser; partially indoctrinated; forcibly recovered by Grineer troops.
  • Judged possibly defective shortly after decanting and considered for extermination.
  • Assigned to Ceres within hours of being initially decanted.
  • Assigned to Kuva Fortress as honour guard; demoted in 3 days for insubordination.
  • Assigned to Tusk patrol on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Billeted among the Arid regiments of Mars.
  • One of many Grineer troops bred on Sedna within earshot of the Rathuum.
  • Served on security detail in the Saturn conflict zone.
  • Stood guard over Kuva Fortress tissue dissolution and nutrient paste preparation facility.
  • Aced officer training; showed no initial sign of resisting Queens' command.
  • Completed multiple tours of duty with no outward sign of defectiveness.

Second sentence:

  • Accidentally destroyed barracks during routine grenade practice. Joined Steel Meridian out of self-preservation.
  • Came to the aid of a beleaguered Tenno operative and was told of the existence of Steel Meridian.
  • Challenged superior officer to single combat; won the bout, stole a weapon, shot several guards, and escaped in the ensuing chaos.
  • Escaped from Grineer Galleon on a Ramsled, boarded a Corpus ship, and lived secretly in the duct system for several months.
  • Escaped Grineer camp; lived a feral wilderness existence for several years before making contact with Steel Meridian.
  • Hijacked a Grineer crewship and defected to Steel Meridian.
  • Killed commanding officer, went on the run, and eventually took sanctuary with Steel Meridian.
  • Made a breakout pact with a fellow Queen-resistant Grineer. Both survived the escape.
  • Made a breakout pact with a fellow Queen-resistant Grineer. Her co-conspirator was killed in the escape.
  • Made covert contact with Steel Meridian and was broken out along with fellow sympathisers.
  • Refused to execute a captive, was imprisoned for insubordination, overpowered guard, and escaped.
  • Surrendered to Tenno operatives during raid on a Grineer facility and was allowed to affiliate to Steel Meridian.
  • Tried to destroy command centre along with self and unexpectedly survived.
  • Was mistakenly believed to be a Steel Meridian spy and brutally interrogated; later escaped and joined Steel Meridian.
  • While imprisoned and awaiting execution for treason, was broken out by a mysterious saviour figure known only as 'Clem'.
  • Lived among a pack of kubrow as a respected equal.

Third sentence:

  • Feels guilty for having attempted to destroy the Silver Grove.
  • Intends to leave any possessions to the Ventkids of Fortuna upon her death.
  • Offered to serve as Ticker's full-time bodyguard but was told she did not need one.
  • Can be overheard counting the hours until her next fight.
  • Carries the teeth of her tube-brother in her chest pouch.
  • Carves abstract wooden sculptures.
  • Eats only raw food.
  • Has attempted several times to learn the Shawzin. Is on her third.
  • Is planning to make contact with and liberate others like herself.
  • Likes the smell of industrial chemicals.
  • Plays komi with Maroo occasionally.
  • When alone in quarters, listens to Skeg music played extremely loudly.
  • Appears to believe that machines have souls.
  • Does not like to be around mirrors.
  • Finds it difficult to respect anyone she could easily defeat.
  • Has a weakness for Ostron chimurr.
  • Is convinced she knows the date of her own death.
  • Wary of others.

When being assigned to the Railjack


"Reporting for duty."

"This is the one? So be it."


These are quotes said by the crewmember as she wanders the ship in between tasks.



"We used to pass the time sniffin' spent ammo casings. Sometimes I'll de-cap a round, just to get a whiff of musky vordite base with sharp rubedo notes and a toasty magnesium finish. I'm kidding; we never had fun."

"Yes, we eat our fallen brothers. We live short. Kids? Family? [short scoff] Not for us. If Grineer live on, it is through our brothers and our sisters… by helping them to live after we have fallen. So shelve your judgement. Luxury makes me nauseous."

"I did bad things. If I don't pay for my actions, I don't own myself. So here I am. With you. Settling my tab. I may have been born as a clone, but I sure as hell ain't dyin' as one."

"I still hear them, calling us to obey. Oh, I want to. Very badly. Always ends with a bulkhead dented, and my hand busted. Disobedience isn't a choice I only make once. It's a fah-sukh-ung lifestyle. And it hurts."

"There are others out there, like me, going it alone, against everything they were created to be. Knowing they're different, knowing why, knowing they'll never belong to anything ever again. I'm lucky, but I have a hard time living with that."

"Piece of advice. Any of the crew want to spend some private time together, just let it happen. Play some music, go for a walk, whatever. Don't play the hardass. We're all grown-ups, and life's too short."

When being assigned to a role



"Got that."

"On it."

(if unable) "That's a negative."

(if unable) "Not possible."

(if unable) "Negative."

(if unable) "No."

When killing a fighter

"Fighter destroyed."

"Ha! He flew well."

"Kill confirmed."

"Splash one."

When boarded

"Boarding in progress. Retaliating."

"Invaders in the zone!"

"Pick your targets! Short, controlled bursts!"

When killing a boarder

"One down."

"Dropped 'im."

"Good kill."

When a task is complete


"Task complete."

"It is done."

When the Railjack has suffered severe damage

"Our ship cannot take much more of this!"

"This ship… is too pretty… for combat! Fly better!"

"Give me a Grineer crewship any day. We're coming apart!"

"Her vitals are redlining! Repair crew, to me!"

Hazard on board

(fire) "Fire at my location!"

(fire) "Fire crew! FIRE CREW."

(hull breach) "Hull breach! Losing atmo."

(hull breach) "Hull breach. Repair crew!"

After repairing hazard

(fire) "Fire's out."

(fire) "No more fire."

(hull breach) "Hull breach sealed. Hold your applause."

(hull breach) "Hull breach is sealed."

When health is low

"If I die, I die facing the enemy… with a weapon in my hand."

"If this is my end… SO BE IT!"

When healing

"Good hit, gar gutora1! Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."

"I can take the pain! Keep fighting!"

When downed

"Get me to my feet. I can kill a few more."

"Agh! I am down!"

When revived

"I am intact. I can keep fighting."

"You have done your duty. Now back to the fight."

When another crewmember dies

"One of our own has fallen! Keep fighting!"

"You… shall be avenged!"

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