Call of the Tempestarii

Void storms gather in Corpus lanes… could a mysterious vessel somehow be the cause?

Starting the quest

Call of the Tempestarii requires both the Deadlock Protocol and the Rising Tide quests to be completed first (buying a Railjack from the Market will automatically complete the Rising Tide quest). Upon setting it as the active quest from the Codex, the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Cephalon Cy.

Inbox message:
Ambush opportunity. Mobilise Railjack.


Corpus Convoy moving toward Voidspace redzone. Shipping lanes long abandoned. Void storms. Anomalies. Temporal ghosting.

Remember Lucretia Platform. The final disastrous result of incursion into that place. We are not wanted there. Yet the Corpus return.

It would be stupid to investigate.

Saddle up. We are about to do something stupid.

—Cephalon Cy

Call of the Tempestarii is the first quest whose missions all take place in Proxima regions, using Empyrean (Railjack) gameplay.

When loading into the first mission, while the Railjack is in the Void tunnel, there will be a sound like thunder or crashing waves, and a ghostly, transparent Railjack ship of unusual design will enter the Void tunnel, just ahead of the Tenno's Railjack, and remain for a couple seconds before breaking off and disappearing.

Cephalon Cy: "Potential catastrophic sensor glitch. Visual confirmation required. Crew: did you see that?"

First Mission: Intercept Corpus shipping convoy (Arc Silver, Veil Proxima)

Call of the Tempestarii promo image

The Railjack will enter Veil space. Large scars of Void energy stretch across the cosmos, spilling streams of glowing vapour. The area is scattered with the wreckage of Obelisk ships, as well as the remains of some larger facility – likely the aforementioned Lucretia Platform. The platform seems to be trapped in a perpetual explosion where it intersects with the Void scar. The debris throughout the entire area ripples with Void energy.

Cephalon Cy: "Commence salvage. Void storm resurgence probable. Get the lead out."

The Tenno is directed to destroy five marked shipping containers on the float and retrieve the resources they hold. Upon doing so, a handful of Corpus Vorac fighters will appear, including Gox Scavengers.

Cephalon Cy: "Corpus Salvage team headed for debris field."

The Tenno will have to eliminate the Corpus salvage team and move on to another debris field to gather more resources.

Cephalon Cy: "Crew: sensor glitch is back. Stay sharp. This may not be a bug."

Gathering the resources will trigger another salvage team.

(upon destroying the second salvage team) Cephalon Cy: "Salvage team eliminated."

A third debris field will be marked. Upon gathering the resources, ship alarms will sound.

Cephalon Cy: "Alert. Void storm imminent. Corpus reinforcements imminent. Obligatory withdrawal imminent. This escalated quickly."

A very short cutscene will play.

[Two Basilisk fighters cut through space, leading the way for a Pillar capital ship. Its captain broadcasts out to the Tenno.]

Vala: "Captain Vala Glarios. So pleased to meet you. I should have expected Tenno rats among the flotsam. Sequester that Railjack for Parvos!"

As the cutscene ends, Corpus fighters will converge on the Tenno's ship.

Cephalon Cy: "Gunfight not an option. Isolating escape corridor."

Suddenly, ghostly projectiles will appear from one of the Void scars and severely damage the Corpus fighters.

Cephalon Cy: "Anomaly detected."

Another short cutscene will play.

[The spectral Railjack seen earlier emerges from the Void scar. It is more substantial than before, no longer transparent, but Void energy cascades off its surfaces like curtains of water from a waterfall. It transmits out into space in a slow, whispered voice, accompanied by large holographic glyphs which are broadcasted out in expanding waves.]

[Tempestarii]: "Who waits for the shadow?"

Cephalon Cy: "Vosphene glyphs. Hm. That takes me back."

[The unknown Railjack morphs out of its Void-travelling configuration and comes to a stop facing the Tenno's ship as the cutscene ends.]

Vala: "I see you, you bastard. I see you. Contact Parvos Granum immediately. Get me authorisation for multiphasic ordnance. Tell him I've found that damned ghost!"

The unknown ship will engage the Corpus forces, taking out several fighters and a Crewship with relative ease.

Vala: "Evasive! Focus shields!"

Cephalon Cy: "Isolating escape corridor. All hands: evasive manoeuvres."

The Tenno's Railjack will begin to transition into its Void-travelling configuration.

Cephalon Cy: "Escape corridor locked. Grab something."

The Railjack will translate into the Void and transition directly into the next mission.

[in Void tunnel]

Cephalon Cy: "Captain Glarios knows something about that vessel. Crew: infiltrate and recover Orokin-era naval records. Our ghost ship has a name. I want it."

Second Mission: Infiltrate Corpus archives (Seven Sirens, Pluto Proxima)

Corpus Railjack promo image

The Railjack will emerge in Pluto Proxima, near a Pillar capital ship. The Tenno will be directed to destroy priority targets and board the Pillar. Once onboard, they must hack three data vaults.

(upon hacking the first vault) Cephalon Cy: "Archive loaded. Our vessel was called the Tempestarii. Void rescue craft. Missing since the Old War."

(upon hacking the second vault) Cephalon Cy: "Exemplary service record. Rescue total: two thousand and seventeen souls. Cited for bravery in the second and third Tharsis engagements. Multiple commendations. A legend."

(upon hacking the third vault) Cephalon Cy: "Lost during a Void storm of unprecedented magnitude. Interesting. Final mission contains a black mark. Refusal to withdraw. Logs record final transmissions. Calling into the Void. Before being engulfed. She has been calling ever since. The Tempestarii went down saving lives. She still waits for an answer."

Once the Tenno exits the Pillar and boards their Railjack, it will immediately translate into the Void and head for the Dry Dock.

[in Dry Dock]

Cephalon Cy: "Duty lingers. Like pain in a phantom limb. Like the voices of a crew long dead. The Tempestarii is suffering, searching for one final rescue. Saving us may enable her to complete her duty."

Third Mission: Signal the Tempestarii (Obol Crossing, Pluto Proxima)

Corpus Railjack promo image

[in Void tunnel]

Cephalon Cy: "'Who waits for the shadow?' Possibility: friend-foe identification protocol. Loading Orokin-era distress countersigns. Prepare to disengage Void drive."

The Railjack will emerge in a remote area of Pluto Proxima, far away from the planet, Void scars rip through the wreckage of multiple Pillar-class Corpus ships.

Cephalon Cy: "Transmitting Orokin-era distress signal. Here goes nothing."

The Railjack will transmit a distress sound into space. With a loud sound of thunder and lightning, the Tempestarii will emerge out of a Void rift.

Tempestarii: [broadcasting glyphs] "Who waits for the shadow?"

Cephalon Cy: "Your golden masters."

The Tempestarii will immediately start moving and attack the Tenno with ghostly homing projectiles.

Cephalon Cy: "Countersign: unsatisfactory. Evasive manoeuvres. Attempting to reopen communications."

The Tenno must evade or sustain the Tempestarii's attacks for a short time.

Cephalon Cy: "Comms channel reopened."

Tempestarii: [broadcasting glyphs] "Who waits for the shadow?"

Cephalon Cy: "We, the lost souls."

The Tempestarii will stop attacking.

Cephalon Cy: "She hears us."

Cephalon Cy: "Tempestarii. All aboard are safe. Your mission: complete."

Cephalon Cy: "The Tempestarii has lowered shields."

The Tempestarii will broadcast a new series of glyphs.

Cephalon Cy: "Crew. Your presence is requested aboard the Tempestarii."

The Tenno must exit their ship and board the Tempestarii. They will enter into the cargo hold. The interior layout of the Tempestarii follows the same standard Railjack scheme, but Void energy streams from each surface, much like the outside of the ship, giving it an eerie atmosphere.

Cephalon Cy: "You have been invited into an unknown realm. Tread lightly."

The Tenno must make their way to the bridge, whereupon a short cutscene will play.

[At the helm of the ship is a strange figure, like an outer coat or cloak. It is the Shadow of the Sevagoth warframe.]

Cephalon Cy: "The 'Shadow.' Concentrated Void energy. He is: not conventionally alive."

[The Shadow turns slowly to face the Tenno, and points an elongated claw at the Navigation console, which displays a shimmering hologram of a capsule of some kind.]

Cephalon Cy: "Their final rescue. The location data is corrupted. He cannot retrieve it. We can help."

[The Tenno contemplates the hologram as the cutscene ends.]

The Tenno is prompted to use their Parazon on the Navigation console to interface with the location data.

(upon using the Parazon on the console) Cephalon Cy: "Data restored. Downloading coordinates."

Suddenly a ship-wide alarm will sound as the Tempestarii shakes under sudden fire.

Cephalon Cy: "Brace. Brace. Brace."

Captain Glarios' ship will emerge out of Void-space directly before the Tempestarii, all its onboard turrets firing at the Railjack.

Vala: "Their shields are down! Oh, sweet Tenno. You went and lulled the beast to sleep for me! How kind."

A powerful attack from the Pillar's prow will strike the bridge and knock the Tenno out. Vala's voice can be heard over a black screen.

Vala: "I was working in an exosuit when the Tempestarii destroyed Lucretia Platform. I drifted for days among the frozen fragments of my crew. My sisters. I dreamed their dead, gaping mouths… were singing with me yet."

Sevagoth's Shadow will appear in a shadowy realm, floating above a plane of still, dark water that gives off a thin fog. Small, bright glimmers of light can be seen shining up from the depths of the water. The sky is dark, but in the distance can be seen an eye-like vortex of Void energy, with a Pillar-class ship being dragged into the vortex at a diagonal angle. Hordes of Corpus Crewmen and Errant Spectres will be spawned out of energy, and the Tenno will control the Shadow as it fights against them. In the background, Vala can be heard singing a shanty, eventually joined by many other voices.

As the song continues, the Tenno unlock the Shadow's abilities in sequence. The HUD is entirely disabled, giving the sequence a dream-like feel. Towards the end of the song, large comet-like projectiles of light will slowly descend to impact the water, acting as hazards that the Tenno must avoid.

So it's into the Void
Now me girls and me boys
From Mother's hands we go
We'll be be sailing to the Sun
Til the voyage is done
Then we'll be sleepin' in the cold below

Below, below
We're going where the winds don't blow
Yes we're all bound down
To the deep and we'll all be
Sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below

Our sailing ship's
For the hard and the quick
We roll our load and go
There's a living to be made
Or there's Hell to pay
When you're sleepin' in the cold below

Below, below
We're going where the winds don't blow
Yes we're all bound down
To the deep and we'll all be
Sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below

There's a man on high
With the Devil in his eye
And a golden hand, I'm told
It can hurt you, it can hold you
He can kick you or console you
When you're sleepin' in the cold below

Below, below
We're going where the winds don't blow
Yes we're all bound down
To the deep and we'll all be
Sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below

Oh Sisters you
So wise and true
When it's my time to go
Won't you lay me down
Under Granum Crowns
And I'll be sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below

Below, below
We're going where the winds don't blow
Yes we're all bound down
To the deep and we'll all be
Sleepin' in the cold below

Below, below
We're going where the winds don't blow
Yes we're all bound down
To the deep and we'll all be
Sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below, below
Sleepin' in the cold below

Today we sail
On the Solar Rail
For there's much we just don't know
So farewell with a kiss
Then it's fast for the mist
Til we're all sleeping in the cold below

After the last chorus, the scene will fade back to the bridge of the Tempestarii. In a cutscene (during which Vala sings the last verse of her song), the Tenno's warframe will slowly get up from the ground. The bodies of Corpus boarders are scattered around the room, evidently killed by the Shadow. The Shadow looks at the Tenno, then turns and looks out the viewport, where an anchor field generator can be seen trapping the ship.

Cephalon Cy: "Multiphasic beams have the Tempestarii imprisoned. Solution: junk the beam generator."

The Tenno must exit the Tempestarii, fly around the anchor field generator, and board it. Captain Glarios' ship is floating nearby.

(upon boarding the anchor station) Cephalon Cy: "Objective: Collapse the anchor field."

Vala: "My kind are the only monsters this System needs, Tenno. We have no time for old ghosts. I shall rip that ship to pieces and eat its heart."

The Tenno must sabotage the anchor field generator with the regular procedure: hacking the console and destroying the Jamming Drones that appear periodically to halt the process. After killing the Optio commander and activating the override terminal, the anchor field will dissipate.

Vala: "Forget capture! We'll sift through the wreckage instead. Tracers locked. Engage."

Cephalon Cy: "Back to the Tempestarii. Now."

The Tenno must board the Tempestarii again and take the helm.

Cephalon Cy: "Tempestarii is charging unidentified countermeasures. Stay in range. Swat down pests."

Vala's ship will attack the Tempestarii, calling in squadrons of Vorac fighters. The Tenno is able to fight them using the Tempestarii's homing turrets. After some time, the ordnance will come online.

Cephalon Cy: "Countermeasures charged. On your mark, unleash the storm."

The Tenno is directed to fire at the long bow section of Vala's ship. The ordnance is a slow-moving blue projectile that, upon impact, creates a spherical Void rift within the ship.

Vala: "Sisters! Hear me! Hound them to hell and back. By the hand of Parvos himself!"

Vala's transmission is crooked and suffers continuous video and audio distortions as her ship's communications systems break down. Red alarm lights flash behind her. As she speaks, the Void rift expands, slowly consuming the ship, which tilts into a diagonal angle.

Cephalon Cy: "We are part of this story. We have a duty. Enter the Void. Search and rescue. We must complete the Shadow's final mission together."

The Tempestarii will shoot forward into the Void rift on Vala's ship, emerging into a chaotic, stormy Void. The capsule from the hologram drifts out in the distance, and the Tenno must approach it in the Tempestarii.

Cephalon Cy: "Cephalon Cy's report. Tempestarii. Final voyage."

Cephalon Cy: "Today a centuries-long journey ended."

The capsule, identified as a "Lifepod" by the HUD, is automatically picked up by the ship upon approach.

Cephalon Cy: "Together we braved a turbulent Void."

Cephalon Cy: "Deep within, he who had been lost was found."

The Tempestarii will transition through the Void again, emerging in Earth orbit. The Tenno is directed to walk to the cargo hold, where the retrieved lifepod sits. A short cutscene will play.

[The lifepod is a cylindrical container, with a bulbous glass cover. The interior of the capsule is shrouded in Void energy, much like the Reliquary drive. The Shadow stands before the lifepod, which begins broadcasting glyphs.]

Lifepod: "I wait for the shadow."

[The Shadow broadcasts its own set of glyphs in response.]

Shadow: "Your shadow has come."

[The lifepod opens to reveal the Sevagoth warframe.]

Cephalon Cy: "Sevagoth. A warframe believed lost to the Void forever. His energy almost extinct. With his last spark of life, Sevagoth embraced his Shadow once again. And both were at peace."

[The Shadow moves towards its warframe and becomes one with it once more. The lifepod is then seen being shot out of the Tempestarii's Archwing slingshot for a burial at sea.]

[Within the Granum Void, Vala stumbles against a bulkhead embedded in the rock, falling to her knees. She tries unsuccessfully to stand up again, then falls to a sitting position. She opens her eyes to see Parvos Granum standing before her (only Parvos' hand and part of his distinctive robe are visible). Parvos holds out his golden hand to help her up as the scene cuts to black.]

Parvos Granum: "Sister…."

The Tenno finds themself back on their own ship again, on the way to the Dry Dock. As they arrive, the quest is marked complete, awarding the blueprint for Sevagoth. The Tenno will receive an inbox message from Cephalon Cy containing the Tempestarii skin for the Railjack, the Sevagoth Prex card, a Sevagoth statuette Orbiter decoration, and the Captura scene for The Cold Below (the area where Sevagoth's Shadow fights the Corpus).

Inbox message:
To honour the memory

Transmission from the Tempestarii.

Sevagoth reconstruction is possible. A task not to be undertaken lightly.

Old warriors do not forget their debts.

Prediction: we have not seen the last of the Tempestarii.

—Cephalon Cy

Sevagoth's component blueprints can be obtained from Void Storms in Neptune, Pluto, and Veil Proxima.

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