Tactical Recall Bonus Weekend

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10 December 2015 – 14 December 2015

The Tactical Recall Bonus Weekend was a series of prior Tactical Alerts that were available for a limited time in December of 2015.


The Tactical Recall Bonus Weekend took place on the second weekend of December 2015, starting on Thursday. For the entire weekend, a Double Affinity booster was in effect. During the weekend, four previous Tactical Alerts were available for 24 hours each, one per day.

  • 10 December (Thursday): Pack Mentality. Reward: Orokin Catalyst and 10.000 credits.
  • 11 December (Friday): Toxic Terrors. Reward: Orokin Reactor and 10.000 credits.
  • 12 December (Saturday): Fleet Footed. Reward: Exilus Adapter and 50.000 credits.
  • 13 December (Sunday): Fight or Flight. Reward: 25 Rare rank 5 Fusion Cores (equivalent to roughly 2.000 Endo) and 10.000 credits.

The four Tactical Alerts that constituted Tactical Recall were previously released during the month of December 2014, one weekend after another. Each of the Tactical Alerts consisted of a special mission in which the Tenno had to kill specific enemies, with the number of enemies tracked cumulatively as the Tenno ran the mission repeatedly (the exception was Fleet Footed, which rewarded points for just completing the mission). The first reward was given at the first tier of points earned, and a Stratos emblem at a higher tier of points earned. The Tactical Alerts were presented exactly as they had been the year prior, with the exception of the first-tier reward (eg Nistlebrush sigil) being replaced with a new one as listed (eg Orokin Reactor). The Stratos emblem was still rewarded for achieving the higher point tier.

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