Cephalon Cy Dialogue

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Cephalon Cy is the entity responsible for operating the Tenno's Railjack ship and assisting them in Empyrean missions. He acts as mission control, due to his comprehensive understanding of the ship and space warfare in general.

Cephalon Cy is discovered in the Rising Tide quest, which sees the Tenno salvage and rebuild a Railjack ship. Cy aids them during the quest and is subsequently installed in the Railjack as its Ship Cephalon.

Boarding ship (Dry Dock)

"Welcome aboard."

"I am glad you are back. Cephalon Ordis certainly has many, many… opinions."

"Fission tanks scrubbed, grounded, and flushed. Ready for service."

"Cogitators defragged and optimised. Warfighting algorithms iterated and updated."

"Crew: I have fine-tuned the confluence aggregator. Expect an uptick in orgone efficiency."

"Crew: pressure within catalytic arteries has been optimised."

"Crew: carbon accretion cleared from nacelles. Control surfaces recalibrated."

"Crew: orgone accumulator has been resealed. Negentropy risk at safe levels."

"Crew: I am ready."

"Crew: ready when you are."

"Permission to board, granted."

"Ready to depart, on your order."

"All systems functional."

"Systems check: complete. Ready to launch."

"All hands, make ready."

"Meditation: War is a lifetime's scholarship. The enemy, no finer teacher."

"Meditation: That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be."

"Meditation: The opposite of a small truth is a lie. The opposite of a great truth is another great truth."

"Meditation: It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet."

"Meditation: If we do not control the enemy, the enemy will control us."

"Meditation: If we make our opponent flinch, we have already won."

Boarding parties

(ramsled launch, variant) "Incoming ramsleds about to ring the doorbell."

(ramsled launch, variant) "Unwelcome visitors inbound. Prepare to repel."

(ramsled launch, variant) "Ramsleds inbound. Prepare to repel boarders."

(ramsled launch, variant) "Ramsleds inbound. Roll out the welcome mat."

(ramsled launch, variant) "Ramsled launch. Optimists inbound."

(ramsled launch, variant) "Ramsled launch detected. Looks like a party."

(when boarded, variant) "Crew: we have been boarded. Tell them we're not buying."

(when boarded, variant) "Visitors: your short lives are about to become crap dipped in misery."

(when boarded, variant) "A clumsy breach. Our invaders possess more enthusiasm than talent."

(when boarded, variant) "We have been boarded. This is our home. Defend it."

(when boarded, variant) "We have been boarded. And here is the B Team."

(when boarded, variant) "Intruder alert. Full squad, small arms. I want those amateurs off my ship."

(when boarded, variant) "Oh look. A boarding party. Crew, if you would."

(when boarded, variant) "We are boarded. Aim for the head, and may the saints look away."

(when boarded, variant) "Boarding party intends to sabotage this ship. Stop them."

(when boarded, variant) "Crew: boarding party is packing explosives. Neutralise them."

(when boarded, variant) "Intruders have entered the Railjack."

(when boarded, variant) "Intruders on board."

(when boarded, variant) "Repel boarders."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Return to stations. We can clean up later."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Boarding party eliminated. Ship secured. Back to work."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Shelve the bloodlust. Boarders repelled. Back to work."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Cannot blame them for trying. Ship secured."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Ship secure. Good work."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Ship secure. Everyone in one piece? Good."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Ship secured. De-escalating."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Ramsled teams neutralised."

(when boarding party is dead, variant) "Boarders neutralised."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "Crew: intruders have planted a timed explosive device."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "Crew: a timed explosive has been placed. Find and deactivate it."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "Crew: a section of hull has been rigged to explode. Prevent this."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "I detect airborne cyclohexanone. There is an explosive device aboard this ship."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "Sabotage alert: defuse explosive."

(if a bomb was planted, variant) "Bomb aboard. Defuse."

(30 seconds remaining, variant) "Time is short. Find that bomb."

(30 seconds remaining, variant) "We are wasting time. Defuse that bomb."

(30 seconds remaining, variant) "Explosive timer down 50%. Hurry."

(30 seconds remaining, variant) "Crew: our time is half up. Defuse that bomb."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "Timer down to 25%. Hurry."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "We are out of time. Neutralise that explosive now."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "You are cutting this fine. Defuse that explosive."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "Countdown has almost expired. It is now or never."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "All hands: brace for decompression."

(15 seconds remaining, variant) "Explosion imminent."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Good job. None of us were ready to get spaced just yet."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "That would have done serious damage. Good work."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Hm. Poorly made. Whoever put this together is lucky to still have fingers."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Hm. Rush job. Improvised. This thing would have barely scratched the paint."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Hm. Flaked 3-hexokoltan wired to a mechanical timer. Cute."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Explosive defused. Good work."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Neutralised."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Clear."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Crisis averted."

(if the bomb is disarmed) "Done. Back to business."

Crewship appearing

"Reading large translation signature: crewship. The enemy have reinforced."

"Alert: enemy crewship has translated into the sector."

"Alert: enemy crewship on scope."

"They called some friends. Enemy crewship has punched in."

"Enemy crewship has arrived. They are powering weapons."

"The enemy have called in a crewship. Situation evolving."

"Crewship reinforcement has arrived."

"Crewship on scope."

"Looks like we kicked the nest. Grineer crewship has punched in."

"Gatecrasher. Grineer crewship."

"Heads up. Grineer crewship."

"We have company. Grineer crewship on-scope."

"Grineer crewship has translated in-sector."

Crewship captured

"Crewship captured. Drive it like you stole it."

"Crewship captured. Tenno in the saddle."

"We have captured the enemy crewship."

"Enemy crewship under our command."

"Grineer crewship has a Tenno at the helm.  Watch your fire."

Crewship destroyed

"Crewship has gone bye-bye."

"Boom. Crewship eliminated. Focus on remaining targets."

"Crewship reactor has detonated. Pretty."

"Scratch one crewship."

"Crewship down. That clears up some space."

"We have one less crewship to be concerned with. Direct attention to remaining targets."


(hull rupture, variant) "Hull rupture. Breach risk. Omnis needed."1

(hull rupture, variant) "Rupture. Explosive decompression imminent. Seal."

(hull rupture, variant) "Repair order: hull rupture. Omnis, go."

(hull rupture, variant) "Hull integrity alert. Hull rupture. Catastrophic decompression imminent."

(hull rupture, variant) "Priority repair order: hull ruptures. Decompression risk."

(hull rupture, variant) "Hull rupture. Seal before we suffer a full blowout."

(hull rupture, variant) "We have a hull rupture. Full-on breach imminent. Repair."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breached!"

(hull breach, variant) "We have a breach!"

(hull breach, variant) "Hull: breached. Life support: failing. Equip an Omni and patch that leak."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breach. Immediate repair required."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breached. Venting atmo. Situation critical."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breach. We are breaking apart. Immediate repairs."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breach. Repeat: hull breach."

(fire, variant) "We have a fire."

(fire, variant) "Alert. Fires. Alert."

(fire, variant) "Crew: fire on board. Location marked."

(fire, variant) "We are burning. Deal with it."

(fire, variant) "Fire crew: attention needed."

(fire, variant) "Fires."

(electrical short, variant) "Electrical fire. Shield strength kneecapped."

(electrical short, variant) "Shield systems shorting. Omnis required."

(electrical short, variant) "Electrical hazard. Shield strength compromised. Repair."

(electrical short, variant) "Omni crew required: electrical damage."

(electrical short, variant) "Shields weakened. We are shorting out. Repair the electrics."

(electrical short, variant) "Repair order: electrical systems. Shield integrity compromised."

Continuing hazard

(hull rupture, variant) "Hull ruptures persist. Seal those cracks before we implode."

(hull rupture, variant) "I need someone patching those hull ruptures. Move it."

(hull rupture, variant) "Reminder: hull ruptures pose an implosion risk."

(hull rupture, variant) "Hull ruptures persist. Omnis onsite, stat."

(hull rupture, variant) "Repair order: seal those hull ruptures."

(hull rupture, variant) "Increasing risk of hull breach. Omnis needed. Seal those ruptures."

(hull breach, variant) "Crew. Patch that hull breach, immediately."

(hull breach, variant) "Hull breach ongoing. Equip your Omni and rectify this."

(hull breach, variant) "Patch that breach or this Railjack is a memory."

(hull breach, variant) "Not to nag, but in short order everything that is inside this ship will be outside this ship."

(hull breach, variant) "Omni required at hull breach. This is not a drill."

(fire, variant) "Crew: fires continue to burn."

(fire, variant) "So, about those fires."

(fire, variant) "We continue to burn. This is sub-optimal."

(fire, variant) "Fires continue."

(fire, variant) "Fires will render this Railjack non-functional."

(fire, variant) "Fire alert still in effect."

(fire, variant) "Fires threaten hull integrity."

(electrical short, variant) "Repair order remains in place: repair the electrics."

(electrical short, variant) "Shield levels remain low. Repair electrical damage."

(electrical short, variant) "Electrical hazards continue to give us grief. Ground them."

(electrical short, variant) "Alert: Shield capacity low. Repair electrical faults immediately."

(electrical short, variant) "Our shields remain weak. Electrical hazards must be contained."

Fixing repairs

(hull rupture, variant) "Hull ruptures sealed."

(hull rupture, variant) "Ruptures sealed. Good job."

(hull rupture, variant) "Compression levels stabilising. Ruptures sealed."

(hull rupture, variant) "Breach risk contained. Ruptures sealed."

(hull rupture, variant) "Sealant applied. Hull integrity stabilised."

(hull rupture, variant) "Normalising interior pressure. Ruptures sealed."

(hull breach, variant) "Breach sealed. Railjack integrity restored."

(hull breach, variant) "Astroframe integrity preserved. Good job. Return to duty."

(hull breach, variant) "Crisis averted. Mission continues."

(hull breach, variant) "Repressurising."

(fire, variant) "Fires extinguished. Oxygen levels normalising."

(fire, variant) "Fires extinguished. Scrubbing atmosphere."

(fire, variant) "Fire alert: resolved."

(fire, variant) "Fire crew, stand down."

(fire, variant) "Flames extinguished."

(electrical short, variant) "Electrical hazards grounded."

(electrical short, variant) "Electrics returning to full strength."

(electrical short, variant) "Cancelling repair order. Shields energising. Good work."

(electrical short, variant) "Subsystems repaired."

(electrical short, variant) "Shield strength returning."


"Missiles en route. Evade."

"Missile launch detected."

"Missiles incoming."

"Missile impact imminent."

"All hands: brace for missile impact."

Exiting ship

"Dropping Tenno out of airlock."

"Tenno deployed."

"Tenno disembarking."

"A Tenno has exited the Railjack."

Boarding ship (during mission)

"Tenno, on deck."

"Welcome back."

Ability kinesis

"Deploying remote support."

"Team. Stand by for offensive support."

"Team. Stand by for air support."

Mission failure

"You were unprepared. This is on me."

"We have lost the day. Mission logged as failure."

"Your efforts proved inadequate. Reflect upon this. Mission aborted."

"Our losses can be replaced. You cannot. I am pulling you out."

"I was unprepared. I will consider this and improve. Come on home."

"Failure. Aborting mission. This performance must be examined."

"Get out of there. We can try again later."

"Mission failed. This is… sub-optimal."

"I am scrubbing the mission. We are done here."

"I am pulling us out. We have lost the day."

"I am pulling you out. There will be other days."

"Aborting. Better to fail the mission, than fail you."


(examining Reliquary drive, variant) "Attempting to perceive: cognition algorithms fail to prove a negative. Something touches me. Impossible."

(examining Reliquary drive, variant) "Paradox. You behold an absence. Describe it."

(examining Reliquary drive, variant) "Crew. A colour you have never seen – imagine it. That is where you are."

(when given Omni for the first time) "You are now equipped with an Omni. The Omni is a combination tool. Use it to extinguish fires, seal hull breaches, and for a fast recall to the Railjack."

(entering Archwing slingshot) "Archwing slingshot: loaded. Tenno in the barrel."

Mission control

Cephalon Cy acts as mission control for the following game modes:

Cephalon Cy plays a large role in the Rising Tide quest, which introduces him and explores his past. He is also active in Operation: Scarlet Spear, coordinating Railjack attacks on the Murex. He has dialogue during the Call of the Tempestarii quest, as well as a handful of lines in the New War. Cephalon Cy is mentioned by crewmembers from Cephalon Suda and New Loka.

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  1. Hull ruptures no longer occur as of Update 29.10.

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