Cressa Tal Dialogue

Cressa Tal is the leader of the Steel Meridian Syndicate. She represents them in all their dealings with the Tenno.

Syndicate information

As the leader of Steel Meridian, Cressa Tal represents the Syndicate in its dealings with the Tenno. Steel Meridian is described thusly:

Led by a battle-hardened Grineer deserter, the Steel Meridian fight a guerrilla war against a vast enemy. They are sworn protectors of what little remains of the colonies.

The Grineer are not often seen as valorous individuals, but time and again members of their leadership have displayed a certain code of honour. Members of Steel Meridian set aside their former allegiances to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Steel Meridian sells the Vaykor line of weapons: the Vaykor Hek, Vaykor Marelok, and Vaykor Sydon. They also carry weapon augments for the Hek, Sobek, Dual Cleavers, and Miter, and warframe augments for Atlas, Ember, Excalibur, Frost, Garuda, Khora, Mesa, Nezha, Nidus, Nova, Oberon, Rhino, and Saryn. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are Enemy, Outcast, Neutral, Brave, Valiant, Defender, Protector, and General. The names of their sigils, in ascending order of importance, are Defiance, Armada, Vigilance, Uprising, Protectorate, Freedom Fighter, Armoured, Rebellion, Unyielding, and Champion. Steel Meridian sell Captura scenes for the Grineer Settlement Reactor, Cressa's Garrison (their headquarters in the Relay), and the Kuva Throne (from the War Within quest).

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is Neutral rank) "This war's chewin' up the weak and innocent. No one stands up for them but Steel Meridian."

(if the Tenno is Defender rank or higher) "I was wrong about you. You're a hero to these people… and to me."

(if the Tenno is Outcast rank) "Do not underestimate us."

(if the Tenno is Enemy rank) "You've turned your back on a lot of innocent people, Tenno, but what do you care?"


[Pledge to defend the defenceless with Steel Meridian.]

"Alright, you're in. I hope you prove me wrong; I've been burned before."

Requesting sacrifice

"Hey, are you gonna help these people out?"

(after a successful sacrifice) "Alright, I'm impressed. You might make a difference in people's lives after all."

Browsing offerings

"Anything you need, Tenno?"

"Here's what we can do for you."

"All right, what can we help you with?"

Purchasing an item

"I hope you put it to good use."

"All right, but you owe us!"

"Hope it helps."

Beginning Syndicate mission

"Okay, Tenno, a lot of people are depending on you to get this done."

When sending death squad

"Maybe this will change your mind."

"You've forced our hand today."

As the prime organisation rehabilitating Grineer defectors and protecting the colonies, Steel Meridian has been involved in a number of events in the Origin System. Cressa Tal has dialogue in Operation: Rathuum, where she was named for the first time, as well as Operation: The Pacifism Defect and the Pyrus Project. Her name can turn up on a randomised clue during a Nightwave: Glassmaker crime scene. Steel Meridian is mentioned in the quest Chains of Harrow, and their home base of Iron Wake is a prominent location in the quest, but neither Cressa Tal nor any other Steel Meridian operatives have quest-specific dialogue. Steel Meridian is mentioned in the Emergency Exit Tactical Alert, in one of the Ghoul Purge bounties, by Cephalon Cordylon in his 6th, 9th, 12th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd blog posts, and is possibly mentioned by Helminth in an ambiguous dialogue line. Cressa Tal and Steel Meridian are discussed by Kaelli and Kahl in their conversations in the Garrison. Steel Meridian members can be hired by the Tenno to crew their Railjack.

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