Chains of Harrow

A strange transmission leads deep into the dark world of Red Veil mysticism. What evils will be found there and what do they want?

Previous story quest: The War Within

Starting the quest

The tie-in webcomic Rell was revealed on the Warframe website shortly before Chains of Harrow was released.

After completing the War Within and the Survival node on Mot in the Void, this quest can be initiated in the Codex.

(upon starting the quest) Ordis: "Receiving an all-call on our Syndicate frequency. It's a Red Veil encode but… it seems truncated. I will play back what I have…."

The audio transmission – a young male voice and an adult female voice – will play in the Orbiter. As it progresses, the Tenno's vision will become red-tinged and progressively darken until almost nothing is visible. Names in brackets indicate that the speaker is not identified in the scene, but their identity is revealed or inferred later.

[Rell]: "Rap. Tap. Tap."

[Palladino]: "Speak to us. We're listening. What is your name?"

[Rell]: "Mmm. R-r-r-ellllll."

[Palladino]: "Good, you remember. We want to help you, Rell. Tell us where you are."

[Rell]: "Mmm. (whispered) Can't. He's listening."

[Palladino]: "Who? Rell, who is listening?"

[Rell]: "Rap. Tap. Tap. Rap. Tap. Tap."

Ordis: "Sorry, Operator. The message appears haunted— halted. It originated from a Steel Meridian ship near Earth. Will you investigate? I hope not."

First Mission: Investigate the message (Pacific, Earth)

Chains of Harrow key art

The mission takes place on the Grineer Galleon tileset, with no enemies. The lights are off.

Lotus (whispering): "Emergency power. Not detecting any crew. I don't like this. Search the area."

The Tenno is waypointed to an open room with many bloodstains and several bodies. The corpses are Steel Meridian soldiers – similar to Grineer, but with the pale white armour of the Syndicate. Some still have crimson blades lodged in their flesh – Rakta Dark Daggers, upon close inspection.

Lotus: "Blades. Too refined for a Grineer kill-squad. Is there anything else?"

In an adjacent room, the swooping logo of the Red Veil can be seen, splashed large across the wall, painted in blood.

Lotus: "Red Veil. Could they have done this? The Veil have been Meridian allies for years. Search for survivors."

In another room, a message is painted on the wall in blood: YOU CAST HIM OUT.

The Orokin text reads "CAST OUT"

Lotus: "Tenno? I lost you for a second. What did you see?"

The Tenno will receive a scrambled transmission, with garbled video and a slightly distorted audio, although the voice is recognisably female and is the same voice heard on the Syndicate distress call.

[Palladino]: "Holy child of Zariman, please help me. I serve the Veil, but the flock has been driven mad. I humbly beg for the protection of you and your vessel."

Lotus: "I'm marking the area. Stay alert. It may be an ambush."

As the Tenno moves to the waypoint, they will be attacked by Red Veil Fanatics wielding Rakta Dark Daggers and Red Veil Operatives wielding Rakta Cernos's, Rakta Ballisticas, and red Tetras. The individual in distress will communicate again, this time with a clearer signal, which identifies her as Palladino.

Palladino: "Great, blind queen… help me reach the safety of Iron Wake. Our sacred muse has abandoned the temple, leaving our people in chaos."

Lotus: "Tenno, if the Red Veil is in chaos, we must intervene. Get Palladino to Iron Wake."

Palladino can be found with her kavat, Rook, surrounded by dead Red Veil.

Palladino: "Oh holy child, I am grateful for— [kavat growls] What is it Rook? Are they back?!"

A voice will be heard – the other one from the Syndicate transmission, Rell – but there will be no visual indication of his presence.

Rell: "Rap. Tap. Tap."

Palladino: "Brothers of blood, sisters of fire, resist the muse!"

Red Veil Fanatics will attack, and the Tenno must protect Palladino for 50 seconds. These enemies are weaponless and zombie-like, and are much easier to dispatch, although there will be many of them. Palladino herself is not helpless, having her kavat and being armed with a Rakta Ballistica.

(if Palladino dies) Lotus: "You were supposed to protect her. This mission is a failure."

(upon fending off the attack) Palladino: "Blessed star child, I owe you my life. Will you meet me at Iron Wake? Only you can right this wrong."

Afterwards, the Tenno can proceed to extraction, with Palladino in tow.

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Steel Meridian has received Palladino. You've been granted access to enter their base, Operator."

The location of Iron Wake on Earth will be revealed, and the Tenno must go there. It turns out to be a Steel Meridian base hidden in the jungles of Earth. Cressa Tal is present, and the Tenno can engage in the usual Syndicate activities by talking to her.

[in Iron Wake]

Lotus: "Iron Wake. Steel Meridian has built an impressive base of operations right under the nose of the Grineer authority. The Veil's Speaker will be here, under guard. Find her."

Palladino is in a small room off to the side.

(upon approaching Palladino's room) Palladino: "Leave your vessel at the door, sacred child. Come."

Activating Transference at the door will initiate a cutscene.

[Palladino is seated at a round table, her hands folded in her lap. Flickering fires beside her illuminate the room. Palladino, with her hood on, is inscrutable. Rook growls off-screen.]

Palladino: "Hush, Rook, this is our sacred guest! I am Palladino. Holy Speaker of the Veil, like my mother, and hers before…. We speak to the other side, to him. Without his focus, I pray… I pray he answers."

[A bell chimes, and Palladino bows her head and holds up her hands. As she speaks, the fires dim slightly and the room will shake, intensifying as the ritual proceeds.]

Palladino: "Righteous Rell, of harrowed stars, of hallowed chains. Speak. For an age you've guarded the divide between Dust and Void. Speak. From within your everlasting sacred vessel, you've held the Lidless Eye. Speak!"

[The rumbling crescendos and dies down. Palladino returns to her normal pose.]

Palladino: [sigh] "I cannot reach holy Rell from here. I will need his sacred focus: a relic stolen from the temple. I beg of you to find it and return it here. Only then, will he speak to us. Only then will we truly understand."

The cutscene will end, and the Tenno will return to their warframe in Iron Wake.

Lotus: "Veil rituals will incite fanaticism, but don't be drawn in. I'm not convinced this 'Rell' even exists. I fear we'll have to play Palladino's game to find out. Ordis has been tracking Red Veil disturbances… that's the best place to start."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator! A Red Veil séance! How… delightful? I have marked a possible Red Veil disturbance but… perhaps you would prefer to— brew some leaves and— Sorry. Navigation is bleeding, Operator. Uhh… waiting. Navigation is waiting. Oh my."

Second Mission: Find Rell’s relic (Hydra, Pluto)

The mission takes place on the Corpus Ship tileset, with no enemies. The lights are off.

Palladino: "Find Rell's object of focus, child. You are close to this sacred relic, I am certain."

The Tenno eventually finds a message written in blood on the wall: HE SUFFERS WHILE YOU DREAM.

The Orokin text reads "HE SUFFERS"

Palladino: "These messages, they express Rell's suffering. He's lashing out. I should have seen the cracks forming…."

Lotus: "I don't understand. How would Rell know about the dream?"

Palladino: "Great Sentient queen, forgive me, but what you are, what you've made of yourself… is merely drawn from the dreams of these divine children. You are not she. You are not… Margulis."

Lotus: "What are you saying? That Rell is a Tenno? Impossible. All Tenno are known to me. I protect them, as she did."

Palladino: "Oh, but not Rell. Margulis cast him out, for he was different. Our foremothers took him in and studied his teachings. We became the Veil. The shroud of his blessed existence."

Lotus: "Cast out… I don't believe you—"

Rell: "Rap. Tap. Tap. The Man in the Wall."

Palladino: "The Man in the Wall! That is what he called it. Hush… try to follow his voice!"

The Tenno will hear unintelligible whispers around them, growing louder when moving the right direction. A shadowy figure can sometimes be seen, sitting in a meditation position, floating in midair, moving throughout the ship, though easy to miss. By following either the shadow or the whispers, the Tenno will find themselves in a large room. Many Red Veil cultists lie dead on the floor, holding Heat Swords and Heat Daggers, and in the centre of the room is a golden object that spins with a quiet hum.

Rell: "Mmm. Mmm."

Palladino: "The Donda! His mother gave him this. Holy Rell was not like other children. Sound, colour, touch… it overwhelmed him. The Donda's hum let him focus."

(upon taking the Donda) Rell: "Mmmmm— No! MINE!"

Rell: "Rap. Tap. Tap. Rap. Tap. Tap."

Rell will appear as a shadowy apparition, wreathed in smoke, with glowing red eyes, surrounded by chains. He will begin to reanimate the Red Veil corpses as hostile shadows. Rell himself cannot be damaged and is immune to all abilities and effects.

Palladino: "Rell! What evil is this!? Sacred child, forgive me. I should have known the weight of the Void would one day crush the light from you."

Palladino: "Rell has become the very thing he warned us of. You cannot kill this, Tenno. Run! You can only run!"

Rell will continue to spawn shadows as the Tenno runs for extraction.

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, what was that… thing? Lotus, can you explain this? Lotus?!"

Lotus: "Transference energy, fractured. It was so… cold, indifferent, inhuman. If Rell was Tenno, what did he become without Margulis?"

The Tenno must travel back to Iron Wake to speak to Palladino.

[in Iron Wake]

The Tenno will again be urged to approach in Operator form.

Palladino: "I have served Rell my whole life. Studying Rell's teachings of the Void, the dire consequence of travelling by and through it. Now I see that it is true: he alone, in his harrowing sacrifice, has guarded us. What a price he has paid."

[A bell chimes, and Palladino bows her head and holds up her hands. As she speaks, the fires dim slightly and the room will shake as whispers echo throughout, intensifying as the ritual proceeds.]

Palladino: "Righteous Rell, outcast of sacred Void, hear my voice. Speak. You have been driven from the vessel by your suffering. You have swallowed the poison stars so we would not…. Holy Rell, speak! The Tenno who rejected you have come to your aid!"

[The Donda, lying flat on the table, suddenly springs upright and begins spinning. Palladino returns to her normal pose.]

Palladino: "He's here… the Donda, it's working, giving him humanity. We are listening, Rell… speak!"

The screen dims to black as voices can be heard speaking: Rell, and a woman, identified as Kay.

Rell: "Mmm… shy?"

Kay: "No, try again."

Kay: "This one?"

A card appears with a face drawn on it, depicting sadness. Four emotions appear around the face, and the Tenno, through Rell's memories, must pick the correct one.

(if Rell chooses angry) Rell: "Mmm… angry?"

(if Rell chooses confused) Rell: "Mmm… confused?"

(if Rell chooses incorrectly, variant) Kay: "No. Try again."

(if Rell chooses incorrectly, variant) Kay: "Close…"

(if Rell chooses correctly) Kay: "Very good."

The card moves off to the side, and another one appears, this one embarrassed.

Kay: "And this one?"

(if Rell chooses sleepy) Rell: "Mmm… sleepy."

(if Rell chooses surprised) Rell: "Mmm… surprised."

(if Rell chooses correctly) Kay: "Good, Rell!"

The card moves off to the side, and another one appears, this one nervous.

Kay: "And how about this one?"

Rell: "Momma."

Kay: "Yes, Rell—"

Rell: "Momma!"

Kay: "Go ahead, Rell."

(if Rell chooses sleepy) Rell: "Mmm… sleepy."

(if Rell chooses correctly) Rell: "We're in a ship."

Kay: "Yes?"

Rell: "Impossible speed, beyond the Brankle Gap constant."

Kay: "Uh, I think so… you're better with that stuff. But it's amazing, isn't it?"

The card moves off to the side, and another one appears, this one confused.

(if Rell chooses correctly) Rell: "So why don't they fix me?"

Kay: "Rell. You know why."

Rell: "Mmm."

The card moves off to the side, and another one appears, this one grumpy.

(if Rell chooses correctly) Kay: "Rell. Why?"

Rell: "Mmm. Because I'm not broken."

Kay: "That's right. Different, so I love you even more."

The card moves off to the side, and another one appears, this one happy. This time, all four emotion choices are happy, and selecting any of them will advance the dialogue.

Rell: "Happy."

Kay: "Yes Rell! You make me so happy."

[The sequence ends and the Tenno's vision returns to the séance with Palladino. The Donda stops glowing and spinning but remains upright.]

Palladino: "This memory – his humanity still remains, buried in these emotions he so often failed to grasp. Could they be the key to saving him from this?"

Lotus: "Tenno, I have a theory. Return to your Orbiter and I'll explain."

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: "These disturbances, they are Transference energy, split apart from a single mind. If we could capture them, send them back…."

Ordis: "Operator! Simaris may have a tool for this task. I wonder if his Kinetic Siphons could be repurposed to— bust— capture these manifestations?"

The Tenno must equip Kinetic Siphon Traps in their Gear Wheel. If needed, they can be obtained from Cephalon Simaris on any Relay.

Third Mission: Capture Rell’s manifestations (Orokin Derelict)

The mission takes place on the Orokin Derelict tileset, with no enemies. The lights are off (although that is characteristic for this tileset).

Palladino: "Holy Rell, let us bring you the peace you have earned…. Guide this Tenno so you can return to the harrowing vessel… so that you might rest."

Lotus: "Rell's warnings… those dire consequences… he was talking about Void exposure, wasn't he? The effect it has on human minds is well understood…."

Palladino: "But it's… not. This isn't some kind of deep pressure bends as Margulis suspected. Rell saw what it was, truly. An entity, indifferent, old as stars."

The Tenno will find a message written on the floor in blood: BLINDED SHE CAST HIM OUT.

The Orokin text reads "BLINDED"

When they find the message, Rell's voice will be heard.

Rell: "Mmm. My fault. Touching is too much noise. It makes me… makes me… angry."

Black shadows appear over the bloody message, and coalesce into an ephemeral dark figure, with an exaggerated angry expression, resembling the faces on the emotion cards seen in the séance.

Palladino: "There! An emotion, manifest from the game Rell played as a child!"

Lotus: "See if you can stabilise it with a Kinetic Siphon."

The emotion manifestation will flee. The Infested will arrive, and the Tenno must pursue the apparition while avoiding the enemies. The manifestation has the ability to teleport large distances, even rooms away.

(upon spotting the manifestation) Lotus: "There, Tenno! Trap it!"

The Tenno must deploy a Kinetic Siphon Trap near the manifestation to trap it, then damage it while it is suspended. Once it has been damaged sufficiently, it will disintegrate.

(if the manifestation escapes the Siphon, variant) Lotus: "It's too strong for the Siphon. Try and weaken it."

(if the manifestation escapes the Siphon, variant) Lotus: "The manifestation is fighting the Siphon. See if you can damage it."

(if the manifestation escapes the Siphon, variant) Lotus: "Tenno, you need to capture it!"

(if the Tenno runs out of Kinetic Siphons at any point in the mission) Lotus: "You've run out of Kinetic Siphons. I'm sorry; there is nothing more you can do here."

(upon destroying the Anger manifestation) Rell: "Angry: Someone takes the thing you love."

Lotus: "I'm detecting other manifestations. Defend yourself and try to trap them."

Rell: "Rap. Tap. Tap. I don't want to go back!"

After capturing the first emotion manifestation, Rell will appear, as he did in the mission before, and will summon intangible shadows with golden eyes that possess a variety of abilities to impede and hurt the Tenno, possibly even killing them. If the Tenno gets too close to one of the shadows, they can be heard whispering "Rap. Tap. Tap."

(upon spotting another emotion manifestation) Lotus: "Another, don't let it escape!"

Another emotion manifestation, this one with a happy face, can be found, and must be trapped and killed.

(upon destroying the Happiness manifestation) Rell: "Happy: Momma has a stretchy smile."

Rell: "He's listening. He knows what you're doing. It makes him stronger."

The last emotion manifestation has a bored expression.

(upon destroying the Boredom manifestation) Rell: "Bored: Waiting too much. There is nothing fun to look at."

Lotus: "Good. You've captured the manifestations here. Now get out, before Rell's disturbance catches up with you."

Fourth Mission: Capture Rell’s manifestations (Stephano, Uranus)

Grineer Sealab concept art, DevStream 37

The mission takes place on the Grineer Sealab tileset, with the lights off. Multiple Red Veil Operatives and Fanatics are present and will attack the Tenno with their weapons, along with the shadowy, zombie-like variant.

Palladino: "I don't know if you can make Rell whole again, but whatever you're doing, this disturbance is growing stronger, resisting you. Don't let it stop you. Bring Rell home, to the temple."

Lotus: "Is that where Rell is? Has the Veil preserved him in cryosleep as the other Tenno were on Lua?"

Palladino: "No. We didn't have that option."

The Tenno will find a message written on the floor in blood: YOU REJECTED HIM HE SAVED YOU.

The Orokin text reads "REJECTED"

Rell: "He's listening but I'm so…. Help me."

Lotus: "Rell… it's just you, alone and trapped in a Transference loop. Don't give into these delusions of Void exposure. There is no Man in the Wall."

Rell: "Don't say that!"

At this point, Rell and his unkillable shadows will appear, and the Tenno will be directed to another emotion.

Lotus: "They are here – the Transference pieces. Track down these manifestations and capture them."

Three emotion manifestations are present.

(upon destroying the Embarrassment manifestation) Rell: "Embarrassed: Talking and everyone looks at you."

Rell: "Why are you helping me? You hated me."

(upon destroying the Excitement manifestation) Rell: "Excited: All the spider eggs are starting to hatch!"

(upon destroying the Sadness manifestation) Rell: "Sad: Why did the babies eat the mother?"

Lotus: "Alright, no more to be found here. Get to extraction."

[on board Orbiter]

Ordis: "Operator, there is no evidence of any… thing… in the Void. By my calculations, Rell has lost control of his Transference. If we can gather these emotions, I hope he will be himself again. You will need Kinetic Siphons to trap Rell's emotions. Simaris will have some for sale in the Relay."

Fifth Mission: Capture Rell’s manifestations (Everest, Earth)

Grineer Forest tileset remaster, DevStream 85

The mission takes place on the Grineer Forest tileset, with Red Veil enemies. The map is shrouded in fog.

Lotus: "How could Rell have lived this long? Without the long dream?"

Palladino: "In a way, he didn't. He knew his mortality would undo his purpose, so he gave up his humanity, forever. He committed his soul to the undying vessel—"

Lotus: "His warframe."

Palladino: "Yes. He commanded we chain it within the depths of the sacred temple. An eternal vigil against the Indifference."

Lotus: "And you believed him. You helped him do it."

Palladino: "Yes. After everything you've seen, wouldn't you?"

Inside one of the Grineer buildings, the message WHAT IS EVIL BUT INDIFFERENCE will be written in blood on the wall (in several places).

The Orokin text reads "WHAT IS EVIL"

Upon seeing the message, the emotion manifestations, as well as Rell's shadows, will appear and begin to attack.

(upon destroying the Shyness manifestation) Rell: "Shy: Meeting someone new and can't say hello."

(upon destroying the Scared manifestation) Rell: "Scared: You look around and Momma's not there."

(upon destroying the Tired manifestation) Rell: "Tired: You run and run until you can't run anymore."

Palladino: "Blessed Tenno, Rell has returned to his sacred vessel. I will join him there at once. Please, come, for I fear… I haven't got the strength to do what must be done next…."

[on board Orbiter]

Lotus: "If Rell's been caught in a Transference loop for this long… the psychological effects could have been catastrophic. This 'Man in the Wall', these delusions – symptoms of the Void exposure all Tenno experienced. I hope that Palladino can find peace for Rell so this never happens again."

Sixth Mission: Enter the temple (Tiwaz, Void)

The mission takes place in the Orokin Derelict tileset, with no enemies.

Palladino: "Our temple. Our home. His tomb. Come. Meet our guiding light."

Palladino: "This is why you're here, Tenno. It is time for holy Rell to rest. But I cannot bring myself to do it… to let him go. He's kept us, all of us, safe for so long and it's time for you to carry on. Release him, Tenno. Destroy the chains that bind the harrowing vessel. He's earned his rest."

The Tenno will come to a large open chamber where a massive tree, of those commonly found overgrowing in the Orokin Derelict, rises from the centre of the room. Sections of the tree are on fire, and the flames give the room a red glow. Within the mass of roots is a passageway, allowing the Tenno to drop down into a tunnel that runs horizontally away from the tree, under the floor. The passage opens out into another chamber, carved out of rough stone, with smouldering embers coating the floor. Red banners with the Malevolent insignia hang on the walls, and braziers along the sides of the room give illumination. A large golden ring, encircling a stone disc, is set in the floor of the chamber.

Palladino: "You may enter here, but only as your true, sacred form."

Once the Tenno is in Operator mode, the stone disc will recede and allow the Operator to descend into another tunnel. After a pair of gateways, the tunnel will open out onto a large, circular platform of Orokin construction. In the centre of the platform is a large, black tree, growing out of the floor and into the ceiling, surrounded by torches and braziers. A Harrow warframe is tied with chains and bound to the tree.

Palladino: "Holy Rell. You have sacrificed enough. Pass on your burden and rest. Tenno. Destroy the chains… only your sacred power will damage them."

One of the chains is glowing blue, signifying it as a target. It must be destroyed by the Operator's Void beam or Amp.

(upon destroying the chain) Palladino: "Tenno – something's wrong. That's not Rell, that's—"

Rell's voice can be heard, interrupting Palladino, though no visual manifestation is apparent.

Rell: "Let's have a little quiet. It's my turn to ask the questions."

The scene briefly fades, and the card game from before appears, along with memories of Rell's mother.

Kay: "Well, love, I told you. You can't pet her that hard, be gentle or she'll bite. Are you okay, Rell?"

The Tenno has a choice between Happy, Sad, and Embarrassed, though the choice does not matter. The card game disappears, and the red, shadowy manifestation now appears, floating above the Harrow warframe.

Rell: "I won't let you take me… from me."

Palladino: "What have you done to Rell?"

Seven Red Veil Fanatics with Rakta Dark Daggers will appear, and the Tenno Operator must kill them with their Void beam or Amp while fending off their attacks. The red shadow will teleport around the room, occasionally attacking the Operator with red homing projectiles. Once all the Red Veil Fanatics are dead, two more of Rell's chains will be glowing, and must be destroyed.

(upon killing all the Red Veil Fanatics) Palladino: "Tenno! You need to save him from this…. Destroy the chains!"

Destroying the chains will immediately transition back to the card game.

[sound of children laughing]

Kay: "How dare you laugh at him! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Don't look away. Look at him. He's not invisible!"

The Tenno has to choose between Excited, Embarrassed, and Proud, though once again the choice does not matter.

(after the card game) Rell: "Rap. Tap. Tap. You'll let me in, little piggy."

More Red Veil Fanatics will arrive. This time, some will have Rakta Cernos's, able to engage at a distance. The Tenno must kill eight of them before two more chains become vulnerable. Destroying them will lead to another card game.

Kay: "Momma's… not… herself, Rell. I don't think…. I think you should wait with the other kids, until they fix the ship. I love you but… you have to go! Go!"

The choices are Nervous, Scared, and Confused.

(after the card game) Rell: "But the in-kids don't care about the invisible outs. If you were alone in that drift… you'd need a friend… even like me."

This time, some of the Red Veil Fanatics wield the Dark Split-Sword, in its Heavy Blade configuration, and can cast Condemn on the Operator. Ten of them must be killed before the last three chains are vulnerable. Once they are destroyed, the Harrow warframe will crumble into dust and dissipate.

Palladino: "By sacred shadow and righteous blood – blessed Rell! Your aged vessel is dust and your chains are broken. Be free!"

Rell will be visible as a faint outline, standing at the base of the tree.

Rell: "Mmm. But the Man in the Wall. Who will…?"

Palladino: "They will have to. All of them. They owe you this. We all do."

Rell: "Mmm. Yeah. I feel…."

The card game appears one last time.

Kay: "Go on Rell, which one?"

All three of the cards are Sleepy. Choosing one will exit the card game as the dialogue continues.

(once a Sleepy card is chosen) Rell: "This one, Momma. I feel… tired."

Kay: "Good Rell! You're learning! Well? Why don't you have a little rest then?"

Rell: "Okay… okay, Momma."

Rell will disappear, and the mission will end immediately, without the Tenno needing to find extraction.

Upon arriving in the Orbiter, the quest will be complete, and the Tenno will receive an inbox message from Palladino containing a Harrow blueprint.

Inbox message:
An Offering of Gratitude

With Rell at peace, we will rebuild in his honour. We will do what we have always done: take the outcasts, the ones that don't fit in, and prepare them. Thank you to you and your great Queen for setting Rell to rest. Take this offering, it's the thing of greatest value I can give you.


If the player bought the Harrow warframe from the Market with platinum before playing the quest, they will receive another message from Palladino containing a melee Riven mod.

Inbox message:
A More Adequate Offering


With the clarity that Rell's passing has given me, I now see that you have already communed with the warframe Rell called Harrow.

In this light, a secondary offering must be made. Take this Riven. May it provide you with strength in your battle for those who cannot protect themselves.

Faithfully yours,

Immediately after the quest, a doppelgänger of the Tenno Operator can be seen, sitting on either the Market console or the Codex console. When approached, it will say "Hey, kiddo." in a distorted voice. Once the Tenno looks away, it will vanish. From that point on, the Operator doppelgänger will periodically appear in the Orbiter, always displaying the same behaviour.

Iron Wake will remain open to the Tenno following the quest, and can be visited at any time. Palladino will also remain in her room at Iron Wake, and can be visited after the quest, where she sells a small number of wares.

Next story quest: Apostasy Prologue

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