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The Red Veil is one of the six factional Syndicates interacting with the Tenno, espousing a violent approach to ridding the Origin System of corruption and evil. The Red Veil are secretive and cult-like, and unapologetic in their methodology. Red Veil operatives are trained in stealth and assassination in order to eliminate those who pose a risk to the System, and they reward like-minded Tenno with boons of similar nature. Although two named individuals from the Red Veil have called upon the Tenno's aid in crises past, the rest of their leadership – both its structure and identity – is unknown.

Syndicate information

The Red Veil representative who deals with the Tenno is so far unnamed. The Red Veil is described thusly:

The Veil see corruption all around them. They are honour-bound to heal the System through a great and violent purge. No cost too great, no blood too precious.

Change is a sudden, violent, and necessary force to ensure the System can return to a state of balance. Red Veil see themselves as merely the instrument of this change.

Red Veil sells the Rakta line of weapons: the Rakta Cernos, Rakta Ballistica, and Rakta Dark Dagger. They also carry weapon augments for the Embolist, Dark Dagger, Mire, and Kunai, and warframe augments for Ash, Atlas, Ember, Garuda, Harrow, Khora, Loki, Mesa, Nekros, Saryn, Titania, Volt, and Zephyr. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are Corrupt, Suspect, Neutral, Respected, Honoured, Esteemed, Revered, and Exalted. The names of their sigils, in ascending order of importance, are Blades, Cull, Threat, Maelstrom, Legion, Ruin, Viscera, Malevolent, Covert, and Assassin. The Red Veil sell Captura scenes for the Infested Ship Bridge, Red Veil's Binding (their headquarters in the Relay), Hunhow's Chamber (from the Second Dream quest), and Harrow's Temple (from the Chains of Harrow quest).

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is Neutral rank) "The old ways speak of a cleansing fire. We of the Red Veil must burn away this corruption to begin anew."

(if the Tenno is Esteemed rank or higher) "You are a fire. As feared as you are respected."

(if the Tenno is Suspect rank) "You've become part of the problem."

(if the Tenno is Corrupt rank) "An enemy in any form is still a target."


[Pledge to purge corruption alongside the Red Veil.]

"Let the purge begin."

Requesting sacrifice

"We await sacrifice."

(after a successful sacrifice) "The fire spreads."

Browsing offerings

"With these, you may punish our enemies."

"These may help the flow."

"These will feed the fire."

Purchasing an item

"Use it to spread our way."

"Our enemies will fear you with that."

"Very well."

Beginning Syndicate mission

"It is time for those against us to pay."

When sending death squad

"You are part of the corruption and we are forced to act."

"How dare you turn against us. You will be purged."

The Red Veil were involved in Operation: Spectres of Liberty, where they first appeared, and the Avalanche Offensive event. In both events they were represented by an individual named Cantis. The Red Veil played a minor role in Operation: Rathuum and Operation: The Pacifism Defect, where they represented by the unnamed individual from the Relays. They are mentioned by a Grineer enforcement leader heard over the Radio Scanner. The Red Veil takes a prominent role in the quest Chains of Harrow, which reveals information about their origin and nature. It is unclear if they are linked to the region of space known as Veil Proxima. Red Veil members can be hired by the Tenno to crew their Railjack.

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