Operation: Rathuum

Operation: Rathuum event splash

29 April 2016 – 09 May 2016


On Friday (29 April 2016), the event began with the release of Update 18.10 and was set to run for 10 days. Upon logging in, Tenno would receive a video message from Cressa Tal of Steel Meridian in their inbox:

Inbox message:

I need your help.

Cressa Tal (video message): "Listen up, Tenno. I don't care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help. An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela de Thaym. Now they face Rathuum – trial by combat. Of course, the fight's rigged: a show of force to Grineer everywhere, meant to scare off future defectors. But there's a way we can turn this thing back on Kela, an obscure rule. All you need to do, Tenno, is take their place in the arena and defeat the Grineer champions. You game?"

Mechanics and Missions

The Rathuum arenas were on the nodes of Undine, Nakki, and Yam on Sedna. These missions were of the new game mode Arena. In Arena mode, Tenno fought on Conclave maps against a team of Grineer Executioners, who would always outnumber the Tenno by one. All gear items and companions were disabled during Arena battles, and a random modifier would be applied to each round: speed boost, half energy, half health, half shields, scaling enemies, no gravity, quick respawn, or health drain. Arena matches are team battles where the first team to score 25 kills wins. Tenno and enemies have unlimited lives (except with in Endless Rathuum).

There are three arenas on Sedna to participate in Rathuum:

  • Undine: Level 20 enemies, no entry requirement, rewards 1 judgement point
  • Nakki: Level 40 enemies, requires 3 points to enter, rewards 5 judgement points
  • Yam: Level 60 enemies, requires 10 points to enter, rewards 10 judgement points

During the battles, Rathuum broadcaster drones would hover around the map, projecting large holograms of Kela de Thaym as she berated both the Tenno and the Executioners, interspersed with shots of her live audience.

(when starting Tier 1 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "Mongrels, blood-starved morons – are you ready?" [crowd cheers] "Let the Rathuum begin!"

(when starting Tier 2 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "Grineer, you sweet belligerent savages, are you hungry for justice?!" [crowd cheers] "Is that…? Looky here, the Tenno are back? My, my, these snakes crave sunshine today."

(when starting Tier 3 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "It's Round 3, the accused still live, and the Tenno still fight. Colour me disappointed." [crowd boos] "Executioners, show these genetic rejects how to kill."

(when starting Endless Rathuum) Kela de Thaym: "Executioners, pass judgement!"

Kela de Thaym: "Grineer, look! Today's Executioners are more brutal than you are ugly. They love their Queens." [crowd cheers]

Kela de Thaym: "Today's accused are coward deserters. They hate their Queens so much, they're using Tenno to defend them." [crowd boos] "What more do you need to know?"

Kela de Thaym: "They abandoned their Queens – why?" [crowd boos] "Maybe they're too smart for their own good. Not something you maggot-minds will need to worry about."

Kela de Thaym: "Do you one-thought-wonders want to see the traitors cry?" [crowd cheers] "Do you want to see them torn to pieces?" [crowd cheers] "Oh, I knew it, Grineer, that's exactly what you genetic rot-bags are gonna get!"

(upon Executioner death) Kela de Thaym: "The Executioners have fumbled. Typical."

(upon Tenno death) Kela de Thaym: "Ouch, that can't feel good."

(upon Tenno death) Kela de Thaym: "What a performance. I can feel your hunger, like you want to rip that contender's throat with your teeth."

(upon Tenno death) Kela de Thaym: "Down you go. I'd say better luck next time, but you's dead."

(upon Tenno death) Kela de Thaym: "Too easy."

(when Tenno are winning) Kela de Thaym: "This isn't basic training; this is Rathuum. Get out there and deliver your judgement."

(when Tenno are winning) Kela de Thaym: "The snakes lead."

(when Tenno are winning) Kela de Thaym: "Come on, Executioners, you're flopping 'round like dying skates out there. It's embarrassing. Are you going to make me do this myself?"

Kela de Thaym: "That Executioner's a mean one, downright brutal. Makes me smile."

Kela de Thaym: "Our Executioners near their final judgement."

Kela de Thaym: "All you Grineer are sick in the head. I do respect that."

Kela de Thaym: "Come on, Tenno, you're like a Corpus drone with a dead battery, you ain't getting no air time."

Kela de Thaym: "Hear that, Executioners? They're cheering for you."

Kela de Thaym: "You're wasting the court's time, Tenno."

Kela de Thaym: "No, no, no. Just stop and die. You're wasting this court's time."

Kela de Thaym: "Where do you think you are? Your Dojo? This is Rathuum."

Kela de Thaym: "Oh, you should've all been strangled in your tubes."

Kela de Thaym: "Hear that, snakes? You got an audience and they wanna see you bleed."

Kela de Thaym: "Watching this one fight is like watching a fly trying to swat a lion."

Kela de Thaym: "Come one, Executioners, this is all you've been good at, don't mess it up."

(upon Tenno winning Tier 1 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "Not good enough. We need proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Try again, snakes."

(upon Tenno winning Tier 2 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "Another win for the Tenno. THAT'S BAD, you…! Do I have to do every damn thing myself?"

(upon Tenno winning Tier 3 Arena) Kela de Thaym: "Another Tenno win…." [crowd boos] "No, no, no! This is not what was supposed to happen. The Steel Meridian have not been pardoned. This is not over!"

After the Tenno had acquired 3 judgement points, they would receive an inbox message from Steel Meridian containing a Rathuum event badge:

Inbox message:
Don't Stop Fighting

The look on Kela's face when you won was priceless. Your defence is working and the trial is moving to the next phase. Keep it up.

After the Tenno had acquired 10 judgement points, they would receive an inbox message from Steel Meridian containing a Rathuum event sigil:

Inbox message:
You Have This

Kela is growing nervous. She never expected you to get this far. Grineer everywhere can see that the Executioners are not invincible.

You can win this. You can set the defectors free.

If the Tenno had more Standing with another Syndicate besides Steel Meridian, they would also send an inbox message to the Tenno at this time.

Arbiters of Hexis:

Inbox message:
Do What You Must

Pay attention:

Arbiters of Hexis (video message): "We know you must right the imbalance caused by Kela de Thaym and her disgusting trial. This is clear. We also know your alignment has not drifted toward another Syndicate. A fact you will prove to us when the time is right."

Cephalon Suda:

Inbox message:
Regarding Your Research

An important note:

Cephalon Suda (video message): "Most interesting. What would cause a Grineer clone to turn against his prescribed nature? To abandon his Queens? I am certain your activities with Steel Meridian are borne out of a desire to study this phenomenon and are not a sign of your own shifting allegiances. Correct?"

Perrin Sequence:

Inbox message:
Do Not Forget Your Obligations


Ergo Glast (video message): "Tenno, we are in bitter competition with Steel Meridian. Defectors to their cause are not our allies. By all means, battle de Thaym and her Grineer horde, but do not forget who your partners are. You will be given the opportunity to make this right."

Red Veil:

Inbox message:
We Are Watching

Listen carefully:

Red Veil (video message): "We see that you have gone to great lengths to help those who wish to join Steel Meridian. We want to see all Grineer purged, but we recognise that you have found another way. Just know, when this ordeal is over, you will be asked prove your loyalty to Red Veil."

New Loka:

Inbox message:
A More Pure Fate Awaits

Be mindful:

Amaryn (video message): "Trial by Rathuum is a disgusting farce. How can any being be judged by one as impure as Kela de Thaym? In time, you will help us give these defectors the fate they deserve."

Final Stages

After the Tenno had acquired 100 judgement points, they would receive an inbox message from Kela de Thaym.

Inbox message:

The Tenno have cheated!

Kela de Thaym (video message): "Grineer, you always knew it and now there's proof. The Tenno are cheaters and I hold them in contempt. The accused will be executed the old-fashioned way, bound and shackled. And don't worry, I'll let all you phlegm-stained sadists watch that too."

The Tenno also received a message from Steel Meridian containing a Furax Wraith.

Inbox message:
Take Out Kela

Your cephalon has been given her location.

Cressa Tal (video message): "I knew Kela would never respect the rules of Rathuum. That's a crime that I'm gonna let you punish. I'm sending your cephalon her coordinates. Take her out before she can execute my recruits. Some very brave Grineer are counting on you, Tenno."

At this point, the Tenno would be directed to engage Kela de Thaym directly at Merrow. Entering the Assassination mission required 100 judgement points, and would consume 50 points.

The dialogue lines and gameplay for this mission are identical to the standard Kela de Thaym Assassination mission, but the dialogue is specific to the context of Operation: Rathuum, so it is reproduced here:

Kela de Thaym: "Tenno, you really want this? Fine! Let's do this!"

Kela de Thaym: "Wake up, you gutsacks! The Tenno cheaters have decided to disrespect the rules of Rathuum, and come after me directly. [crowd boos] Should I show them what we do to cheaters?" [crowd cheers]

Kela de Thaym: "I can tell you understand what an honour this will be, to have your tiny necks snapped by the Kela de Thaym! That's why you're so eager. I can appreciate that, and so does my audience!" [crowd cheers]

(during intro cutscene) Kela de Thaym: [crowd cheers] "Snakes, you can be part of my story, but I don't think you'll like the ending!" [crowd cheers]

(when summoning orbital strike, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Come now, Tenno can't hit harder than that?" [crowd cheers]

(when summoning orbital strike, variant) Kela de Thaym: "I'll be back, right after these missiles!"

(after orbital strike) Kela de Thaym: "Let's pick up where we left off!"

(when summoning orbital strike at low health) Kela de Thaym: "No, you will not…." [crowd laughs]

(after orbital strike at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "I'm losing my patience, Tenno. No more playing!"

(after orbital strike at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "This is my show, my audience! I call the shots! Who do you think you are?"

(throughout the fight, variant) Kela de Thaym: "The Tenno, [yawns] I was expecting… I don't know. More."

(throughout the fight, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Ooh, snake, a couple more hits to the face and you'll look just like my audience!"

(throughout the fight, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Where do you think you are, your Dojo? This is Rathuum!"

(throughout the fight, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Really now, Tenno. My roller balls are sharper than you!"

(throughout the fight, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Come on, Tenno, you're like a Corpus drone with a dead battery: you ain't getting no air time."

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "You can't kill me! I'm Kela de Thaym, dammit!"

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Tenno… listen… I can help you! Become an Executioner! You can kill all the Grineer you want!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Aaagh… stop…Tenno… I can make you famous!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "NAAAAAAAHH!" [crowd cheers]

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "You maggot-minded mongrels, they're the enemy, not me!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) Kela de Thaym: "Silence! Who said you could boo me?" [crowd boos]

(upon defeat) Kela de Thaym: "No, no, no! AHHHH!" [crowd cheering]

(after Kela is killed) Cressa Tal: "Nicely done, Tenno. Defeating Kela in front of her audience will show all Grineer that there is another way."

Inbox message:
Bring the Defectors Home

Bring the coordinates of the defectors' ship to us in the Relay.

Cressa Tal (video message): "I see you found the coordinates of our defectors' ship? Bring them to me in the Relay, I'd like to thank you in person."

If the Tenno had more Standing with another Syndicate besides Steel Meridian, they would also send an inbox message to the Tenno at this time.

Arbiters of Hexis:

Inbox message:
Will You Seek Justice?

Bring the coordinates of the defectors' ship to us in the Relay.

Arbiters of Hexis (video message): "Let true justice be served. Turn over the Grineer defectors to the Arbiters. With us, they will receive a fair trial and, if necessary, punishment. War crimes will not simply be forgotten. Do this and we will reward your integrity."

Cephalon Suda:

Inbox message:
Turn In Your Research

Hand over the defectors to us in the Relay.

Cephalon Suda (video message): "These defectors present a fascinating case for study, don't you think? Prove to me your commitment to knowledge. Come to my visage in the Relay and hand over their ship's coordinates. Systematic dematerialisation of the crew should reveal many secrets, wouldn't you agree?"

Perrin Sequence:

Inbox message:
About Your Bonus

Bring the coordinates of the defectors' ship to us in the Relay.

Ergo Glast (video message): "Loyal partner, if you wish to continue our relationship on favourable terms, you will turn over the defectors' ship to us. The criminals must answer for their sabotage of Perrin property. Meet us in the Relay to fulfil our request. Do this and you will be eligible for a bonus."

Red Veil:

Inbox message:
Now Is Your Chance

Bring the coordinates of the defectors' ship to us in the Relay.

Red Veil (video message): "We question the honour and integrity of these Grineer defectors and demand you turn them over to Red Veil for interrogation. If we find their honour is true, we will release them freely to Steel Meridian; if not, they will be purged accordingly. See us in the Relay to complete the prisoner transfer. Tenno, you have been an incorruptible ally to us. We trust this will not change."

New Loka:

Inbox message:
Show the Defectors a New Purity

Bring the coordinates of the defectors' ship to us in the Relay.

Amaryn (video message): "Your presence is requested in our sanctum on the Relay. New Loka desires to show these Grineer defectors a new purity. Deliver them to us, so that our acolytes may perform cleansing and judgement. If they survive that test, they may join us. Fulfil our desire and we will know that our bond of friendship has not been broken."

The Tenno could take the coordinates to either Steel Meridian or the other Syndicate that contacted them. Upon travelling to a Relay and delivering the coordinates to the medallion representative for the Syndicate, the Tenno would receive 10.000 Standing, accompanied by the usual changes in Standing for allied and opposed Syndicates. Despite the harsh wording of the Syndicate requests, there were no additional consequences for ignoring a request and giving Steel Meridian the coordinates.

Cressa Tal: "There you are. Do you have the coordinates to the defectors' ship?"

Cressa Tal (upon redeeming the coordinates): "Good. My marines are on their way as we speak. The defectors are safe and that's thanks to you, Tenno. You've done more for our cause than words can say. Steel Meridian thanks you."

Arbiters of Hexis: "Well, Tenno, have you decided to give the Arbiters the location of the accused?"

Arbiters of Hexis (upon redeeming the coordinates): "We will pick up the prisoners immediately. Their trial will be swift and just, as all trials should be. Tenno, we salute you for what you have done."

Cephalon Suda: "Have you decided to hand the Grineer specimens over to me for study?"

Cephalon Suda (upon redeeming the coordinates): "Splendid. I never doubted your curiosity, Tenno. Together we will learn much from the data this dematerialisation provides."

Ergo Glast: "Do you wish to fulfil your end of the contract?"

Ergo Glast (upon redeeming the coordinates): "Well played, Tenno. You managed a propaganda coup against the Grineer, nullified Kela de Thaym, and secured the saboteurs for our punishment. We think you deserve a bonus that matches your cunning. May our partnership continue to be a long and profitable one."

Red Veil: "Have you brought us the coordinates of the Grineer defectors' ship?"

Red Veil (upon redeeming the coordinates): "Good. With this, interrogation will begin immediately. Tenno, we never doubted your commitment to Red Veil. Thank you for showing us your honour yet again. We are in your debt."

Amaryn: "Have you brought us the coordinates of the ones to be cleansed?"

Amaryn (upon redeeming the coordinates): "Good. Our acolytes will intercept the ship and prepare its crew for the cleansing ceremony. Those who survive will find a purity they never thought possible. You have chosen the correct path today, and you will be rewarded for it."

After defeating Kela de Thaym, a final Rathuum arena was unlocked: Endless Rathuum. Endless Rathuum had both the scaling enemies and health drain modifiers, and Tenno had 1 life. There was no win condition; once all Tenno were dead, the round was over.


Rewards were given out during the progression of the event. Tenno who earned 3 judgement points received a Rathuum event badge. Tenno who earned 10 judgement points received a Rathuum event sigil. Tenno who earned 100 judgement points earned the Furax Wraith, with a weapon slot and installed Orokin Catalyst. In addition, killing at least 25 enemies in Endless Rathuum rewarded the Tenno with an Orokin Reactor. Killing Kela de Thaym, which had to be done at least once to complete the event, gave the typical rewards for the boss fight; namely, a Saryn warframe component, a chance for a Twin Kohmak blueprint, and an Executioner mod: Electromagnetic Shielding, Acid Shells, Fomorian Accelerant, Harkonar Scope, Hunter's Bonesaw, Nightwatch Napalm, Rift Strike, Vulcan Blitz, or Medi-Ray. All participating clans earned a trophy for their Dojo, with the quality of the trophy (terracotta, bronze, silver, or gold) determined by the combined Endless Rathuum score of all clan members.

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