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Kela de Thaym is the leader of the Grineer on the dwarf planet Sedna, and presides over the trial by combat known as Rathuum, providing both justice and entertainment – to the extent the Grineer understand either. In Rathuum, accused Grineer defectors – or their defenders – face off against Kela's hand-picked Executioners in a fight to the death. She was the main antagonist of Operation: Rathuum and the Dog Days Tactical Alert. Her Assassination mission can be found at Merrow, on Sedna, but costs 25 Judgement Points to enter. Judgement Points can be earned in Rathuum arenas at Nakki, Yam, and Vodyanoi.

Mission taunts

The Assassination mission takes place in the context of Operation: Rathuum, so dialogue is specific to the events of that operation. The Lotus does not give any character background, but Kela de Thaym will taunt the Tenno as they approach her arena.

"Tenno, you really want this? Fine! Let's do this!"

"Wake up, you gutsacks! The Tenno cheaters have decided to disrespect the rules of Rathuum, and come after me directly. [crowd boos] Should I show them what we do to cheaters?" [crowd cheers]

"I can tell you understand what an honour this will be, to have your tiny necks snapped by the Kela de Thaym! That's why you're so eager. I can appreciate that, and so does my audience!" [crowd cheers]

Large holo-screens can be seen in the arena and leading up to it. When not broadcasting her messages or crowd shots, they read "ALL H THE SIST" – implied to mean "ALL HAIL THE SISTERS".

Battle taunts

(during intro cutscene) [crowd cheers] "Snakes, you can be part of my story, but I don't think you'll like the ending!" [crowd cheers]

(when summoning orbital strike, variant) "Come now, Tenno can't hit harder than that?" [crowd cheers]

(when summoning orbital strike, variant) "I'll be back, right after these missiles!"

(after orbital strike) "Let's pick up where we left off!"

(when summoning orbital strike at low health) "No, you will not…." [crowd laughs]

(after orbital strike at low health, variant) "I'm losing my patience, Tenno. No more playing!"

(after orbital strike at low health, variant) "This is my show, my audience! I call the shots! Who do you think you are?"

(throughout the fight, variant) "The Tenno, [yawns] I was expecting… I don't know. More."

(throughout the fight, variant) "Ooh, snake, a couple more hits to the face and you'll look just like my audience!"

(throughout the fight, variant) "Where do you think you are, your Dojo? This is Rathuum!"

(throughout the fight, variant) "Really now, Tenno. My roller balls are sharper than you!"

(throughout the fight, variant) "Come on, Tenno, you're like a Corpus drone with a dead battery: you ain't getting no air time."

(when at low health, variant) "You can't kill me! I'm Kela de Thaym, dammit!"

(when at low health, variant) "Tenno… listen… I can help you! Become an Executioner! You can kill all the Grineer you want!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) "Aaagh… stop…Tenno… I can make you famous!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) "NAAAAAAAHH!" [crowd cheers]

(when at low health, variant) "You maggot-minded mongrels, they're the enemy, not me!" [crowd boos]

(when at low health, variant) "Silence! Who said you could boo me?" [crowd boos]

(upon defeat) "No, no, no! AHHHH!" [crowd cheering]

After defeating Kela de Thaym, Cressa Tal will congratulate the Tenno on their way to extraction.

Cressa Tal: "Nicely done, Tenno. Defeating Kela in front of her audience will show all Grineer that there is another way."

Kela de Thaym had additional lines, as well as character background by the Lotus, in her pre-rework version, before Update 18.10.

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