Kela de Thaym Dialogue (Outdated)

Kela de Thaym underwent a substantial rework on 29 April 2016 with the release of Update 18.10, becoming the most recent Grineer boss to do so. Her pre-rework dialogue from her Assassination mission is reproduced below.

Note: this information is of dubious canonicity and may no longer apply as far as lore is concerned. For more up-to-date information on Kela de Thaym, visit her current dialogue page.

Character background

Lotus: "Kela de Thaym holds a position of influence in the Grineer Court. Eliminating Kela should create a power vacuum inside the Grineer leadership and weaken Grineer influence in this System."

Lotus: "Kela is a product of the Sisters. She is built for combat. Much of her body has been replaced with combat augmentations. Approach her with caution."

Lotus: "All Grineer females undergo mandatory military training. Kela in particular revels in combat. She extended her term for more than a decade before returning to the Court. Do not underestimate her."

Lotus: "Kela keeps an entourage of highly-trained Grineer marines with her. We suspect that they are as much for her entertainment as they are for protection."

Lotus: "Intel suggests Kela is armed with explosive weaponry – her personal modification of the Bombard design. Take any necessary precautions to ensure this mission's success."

Lotus: "I'm detecting a bio-mechanical signature nearby. Be ready for anything."

Mission and battle taunts

"Tenno, in my domain…. No matter… they shan't survive long…."

"Be warned… I will not abide your intrusion, Tenno…."

"I know your name, [name]…. There is little you can hide from me…. Run… while you can…."

"You have forced my hand, [name]…. Know that it was Kela de Thaym who ended your existence…."

"Come, [name]… your end awaits you…."

"First… I will kill you, [name]… then… I will eradicate every last member of [clan]!"

"The Sisters… they will reward me well… when I present your head to them…."

"This Tenno… it continues to mock me with its insolence…."

"This Tenno lives…. This interests me…. I must learn more…."

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