Ambulas Dialogue (Outdated)

Ambulas underwent a substantial rework on date with the release of Update 20.4, as a part of Operation: Ambulas Reborn. The pre-rework dialogue from the Assassination mission is reproduced below.

Note: this information is of dubious canonicity and may no longer apply as far as lore is concerned. Operation: Ambulas Reborn implies that this is simply an older model that was replaced by the current Ambulas in a discrete historical event, but this cannot be verified. For more up-to-date information on Ambulas, visit the Operation: Ambulas Reborn event page.

Target background

Lotus: "The newest entry into the Corpus AI security arsenal is a deadly biped dubbed Ambulas. We have tracked the prototype to this location. Locate and eliminate it."

Lotus: "Ambulas likes to play with fire. Try not to get burned."

Lotus: "Ambulas possesses a devastating kick for those who get too close. Long range attacks are advisable."

Lotus: "Corpus robotics technology is reaching grave proportions. Destroying this archetype is imperative."

Lotus: "Obliterate the prototype. We need to be certain it does not make it to the manufacturing stage."

Lotus: "Destroying Ambulas will be a blow to Corpus robotics research. Stay the course."

Mission and battle taunts

Ambulas: "Offensive System Classification: conflagration."

Ambulas: "Offensive System Conclusion: enemy combustion."

Ambulas: "Incursion probability: negligent. Tenno mortality probability: inevitable."

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